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The Illegals Shall Bring Forth Babies, and Americans Must call them Immanuels

baby jesus hispnic

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, and I seem to be telling you this weekly, Nancy Pelosi opens up her face-lifted jaw and speaks the Progressive version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Pelosi’s latest epistle tells us that “Illegal children entering our country should be treated like baby Jesus,” who the Apostle Nancy says was “a refugee trying to be freed from violence.”


I’m not Catholic, but I really wish the Arch Bishops of this nation would tell that woman to shut her lying and Biblical-twisting mouth!

Of course, I would go a step father and tell Nancy, “Get behind me Satan!”

I just looked up all four Gospels to read the Angel of the Lord announcing the birth of Jesus, and all four Gospels read far different than the Gospel of Pelosi. For instance, Matthew 1:23 says the Angel of the Lord told Joseph, “The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel–which means, ‘God with us.'”

Not According to the Gospel of Pelosi, that declares, “Illegal South Americans and Mexicans shall come forth through our borders with illegal babies, and thus says the House of Democrats, you America, shall receive these illegal Emanuel’s as Immanuel’s, giving them your tax dollars through welfare as gifts at the point of an MS-13 knife.”

Even the prophets of old never foretold of an illegal Messiah crashing the gates of Jerusalem so he could set up a gang of 12 fishermen weaponized with nets and boats they would use to terrorize Galilee with an overflow of loaves and fishes while their leader, Jesús,turned the water into tequila.

The Gospels never speak of a Jesús, who, before ascending to Casa El Paradise, commissioned his amigos to “Go forth mowing and trimming every lawn and hedge in my name. And Lo, the welfare checks are with you until the end of America’s Republic!”

Notice Nancy Pelosi lied about Jesus’ status. I pointed this out last week when she forked her tongue claiming, “Jesus was a refugee.” Jesus was not a refugee, He was a legally born citizen of Nazareth, which made Him a legal citizen of Rome.

Also: When Christ taught in the area He was legally born in and He ever hid, not even when it came time for His arrest, He went willingly to die for all to fulfill prophecy. That’s not a refugee.

Nancy Pelosi knows this, the Catholic Church has taught this since the Church began. Not to mention the Catholic Church put the New Testament together, you know, those books that talk about the life of Jesus?

Nancy told another fib in this latest false profiteering: She said Jesus was “trying to be freed from violence.”

By what Bible? Nowhere in the Bible will you find Jesus trying to be free, because He is, “I am the truth, the way, and the life,” and “I Am the bread of life,” “I am the Good Shepherd,” He told the woman at the well He is the Messiah she was looking for, He walked on water, raised the dead, healed the sick, drove demons out of men (I wish He was on earth today, driving them out of Washington and into Sharpton’s big mouth), and said “Before Moses was, I Am.” You know, God.

Sorry to break it to the dumb (progressives, leftists), but God doesn’t have to be free from anything.

And Nancy, when Christ was in the desert fasting and Satan tempted Jesus at His lowest points–three times–Jesus NEVER gave in, rather, He constantly chastised the devil through the Word of God and it was Satan who fled Jesus.

As to falsely claiming Jesus tried to flee violence: He willingly let soldiers arrest Him, telling them they could have arrested Him anytime, because He never hid, but was always openly among them. That’s not a refugee.

Jesus went willingly to the Cross, never putting up  fight, rather forgiving His executioners.

He was not seeking to be free, because He is the freedom given to all through His death and resurrection.

By-the-way: Guess who acted violently inside the Temple when He saw money changers selling goods in the House of God? You guessed it: Jesus, whom the scriptures say became “violent,” “overturning tables” smashing the place, yelling at the crowds and condemning them. Jesus unleashed His wrath, He didn’t hide it and go cry over what they did.

I’ve heard lying false prophets in my time, and Jesus warned us many false prophets would come in His name to con us, but Nancy Pelosi takes the prize as the worst imitation of Christ since Hollywood’s “The Last Temptation of Christ.”

Even Satan is in awe of Nancy Pelosi’s ability to lie like a faux embossed snake! Then again, it’s the form of Nancy Pelosi Satan did NOT use to tempt Eve, because he knew that face would scare the sh** out of Eve and she would have fled and never eaten and shared the forbidden fruit with Adam and progressivism would never have taken hold and spread!

Get the Memo Madame Del Monte Foods: Illegal children are not Baby Jesus, that’s not a star that’s leading them, it’s Obama’s palm-greasing of foreign leaders, and smuggling Coyotes.

I’m not bringing the Emanuel’s gifts and welcoming them into this nation as Immanuel’s.

Illegal kids are not akin to the legally born Baby Jesus, they are illegal aliens, who, after given food and water, need to be deported back to where they came from!

Yes, Jesus would have fed the 65,000, but Jesus also obeyed laws, and after showing compassion, Jesus would say return to your homelands and “sin no more,” because breaking laws is sin.

And to Nancy and her Washington Pharisees: I will NOT cast my pearls to Washington swine, so get the behind me!


  1. July 31, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Illegal immigrant children are the tickets for their parents to cross over. That will be Obama’s next move.” Let’s reunite these poor children with their siblings and parents.”

    This whole thing is nothing but a plan to get about 15-million more votes for the Dems in 2016 (plain and simple.) The no ID vote will buy them the election. That’s why they are sending most of them to Blue states. Over 3,000 are already in California and Florida. The surge will continue.

    Obama will sign an Executive Order granting amnesty to every illegal in America very soon. Once he does this country is finished.

    Sad, but true.


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