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Dear Americans: No Matter Who We Are, Where We Come From, We Are All Capable of Standing Up For America


Every American who wants this country restored is capable of standing up and speaking out for restoration. It doesn’t matter who you are, it matters not if you are a politician or professional speaker, what matters is whether or not you love this country enough to take a stand for liberty and not sit by while progressives move to destroy that.

Example: Dr. Ben Carson. Dr. Carson is not a politician, he’s a brain surgeon, his job is healing the sick, but Dr. Carson is a man who loves God and America more than his career and is willing to speak up to defend God and country no matter the consequences to his career.

Dr. Carson has been lambasted for his criticism of president Obama and Obamacare and big government. He’s has been trashed for saying Americans need privatized healthcare, between doctor and patient only, on the state level, keeping Federal Government out of people’s healthcare lives.

Dr. Carson received national attention when he spoke at a dinner honoring the president. Dr. Carson was invited to speak about healthcare because of his best-selling books on neurology. He was given a pre-written speech praising Obamacare and was told not to inject his own opinions. Dr. Carson ignored the pre-Witten speech by the Obama Administration and spoke honestly, pointing out the disastrous consequences Obamcare will incur on this nation.

As a result, Dr. Carson was trashed by the media. At one point he was told by conservatives to stop speaking out so much, that it was making him an easy target for the left. When I heard this, I thought, “You conservatives wanted this guy on your radio and TV shows, now you’re saying he’s been too exposed and that’s why he’s being trashed?” No, Dr. Carson was trashed because he’s a black conservative and he violated the Democrat order that all black Americans stay on the plantation and live as the government commands.

Thank God this American patriot did not listen and shut up or this country would have lost a great voice for liberty.

The other day, Dr. Ben Carson spoke to the nation, warning Americans what could happen if we elect another left-wing president:

Our country is in critical condition right now. If we don’t do something about it in a relatively near future, it’s going to be over. I want you to think about the fact that if we get another progressive president in place, and they get a change to appoint three more Supreme Court justices – that’s the end of the United States, as we know it. So, this is the most serious situation we’ve had in a very long time.

I agree with Dr. Carson. We Americans must think about the future of this nation, we must think about our votes, and we must not sit by idle and assume life will just pass us by nicely and we won’t feel the repercussions of Obama or the Democrats and progressives, because we all will.

Also: We cannot a ssume we incapable of doing anything for our country because of who we are or who we are not.

I say this to all of you: How about we all stand up for America, defend her with whatever abilities God gave each of us, and use those abilities to restore this country back to the Constitutional Republic.

Every one of us has gifts, some military, some local law enforcement, others local or national politics. Some of you are shop owners, others teachers sick of unionized government schools and education, you may be doctors, nurses or pastors–yes, men of God should stand up for this country with their voices. After all, it is God Almighty who created liberty.

And don’t forget most of our founding framers and signers were theologians and many fought the Revolution for liberty. The men who were first in the battle of Concord, the start of the War of Independence, were a group of pastors, men of God, who took up their guns and faced the British head on in battle to the death for the colony’s liberty.

Perhaps some of you are writers, but never thought your writing talents could be used outside of the area you normally write. Guess what, there are fiction writers of mystery, espionage, writers of thrillers, motivational writers, financial writers, etc., who also write columns, editorials, commentaries and blogs speaking out for this country’s restoration.

Perhaps you have a gift for speaking, maybe you can debate: Have you considered Internet radio? It’s the new thing and a great place to speak publicly about this country’s issues and what we need to do to restore. And it reaches millions nationwide via the web.

Speaking is needed at rallies where people can inspire their towns, city, county and state. And yes, even nation.

We all have voices, we all have gifts needed to stand up for this nation in whatever way we were born to do it. And all are born to do something great. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not, because you are not a politician or brain surgeon. That doesn’t matter. Look at Dr. Carson: He’s being trashed for standing up for Constitution restoration and he’s a highly educated doctor.

If you choose to stand for America, even the most prominent person will be slammed as a lunatic.

What we must realize is God created us each with gifts and talents and equips each of us for the battle we face. In this case, fighting for America’s restoration.

No one is nothing or a nobody, rather, everyone has what it takes to do something great, and that greatness is vital to this nation’s future, it is vital if we are to win the battle against progressives and their socialist agenda to control our lives.

You see, it’s time to re-found this nation by restoring her back to America, back to the United States, back to what we really are: A Constitutional Republic.

Let’s look at another example of anyone can stand up for America: Joe the Plumber. His job as a plumber does not matter.  Vocation does not have a say on whether or not you can be politically active as a political pundit or radio host, or, even as Joe the Plumber has done–run for Congress.

No matter who you are, what you do for a living, where you come from–rich, middle class, low income, stand up and stand for this nation’s future in the best way you can, but do it, because we Americans cannot afford to let progressives have more control.

We must take this country back from 101 years of Wilson’s disgraceful enactments and fight to restore this country.

The old saying many lived by and honored was “for God and country.” People used to mean that as well as a handshake used to mean an agreement of honor.

Furthermore: God blesses, and He has greatly blessed this nation, but we must choose God and choose to follow Him, we must make our walk with Him and remember that our forefathers got on their knees and consecrated this land to God Almighty as the Shining City on the Hill. God does not take back what we gave Him–our nation and its posterity, but He is waiting for this nation to get back on its knees and repent of our sins, we claim as rights, and ask God to lead us to victory and restoration of America. And He will. We just have to put God first.

When we do that, we start putting our families and country and liberty first, and in doing that, we choose victory.

Also: We are not government-created, grouped people, God created us independently as individuals.

We are not to be slaves to man, but Free in God. We are to be self-sufficient, but that also means leaning on God, not government, for our individual needs. When we do that, we have God going before us, blessing everything we need, including restoration of our nation.

Does it take the entire country to restore the Republic? No. It didn’t take everyone to agree to found the Republic, or loyalists would have tossed their powdered wigs for muskets and taken up the fight for liberty over monarchy.

Let’s do that and not let this country end.

We don’t have to let America end. We do have a choice: Win America back or let her go. But it is up to us and how we vote.

When we vote, let’s stand up for God, family, Liberty, and Country first, not ourselves, and we will  see our country and ourselves blessed.

And to Obama; Yes, we Americans can, and we will take this country back form progressives, because progressivism is not American, it’s European and has no place in America.

We are a Constitutional Republic based on Judeo-Christian principles that are life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, created and given by God, not government. Government is to uphold that, not destroy it for control of human life for power and wealth.

Do you want America back? Do you want the Constitutional Republic restored? All it takes is enough voices and votes to say, “Change America back to America!” and we will win America back!

  1. July 27, 2014 at 7:35 pm

    Well said……..will reblog this this evening…….if you do not mind.


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  3. Jonathan
    July 28, 2014 at 2:21 am

    Lisa – Excellent. Much to think about, and well said.


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