It’s Time We Conservatives Run The GOP Out of the Republican Party!

GOP v Dont Tread 


If we conservative Republicans truly want to restore America we can do that by refusing to go along with the GOP Machine and never again vote for the most electable loser. It’s time we conservatives run the GOP out of the Republican Party and start thinking for ourselves.

Does the GOP like us conservatives? No, it hates us, trashes us, destroys conservative leaders, the U.S. and state Chambers of Commerce are out for our blood with the help of the GOP, so why do we conservatives keep voting for their losers when their losers are helping the Democrats win?

We conservatives  have voted for every, single one of the GOP’s “most electable” losers and in turn we elected Democrats to the House, Senate and White House because we Republicans actually believe that if we get the Republican in office, any Republican, as long as it’s a Republican, we will be able to work with that Republican to restore things.

Oh yes, we have proved voting Republican to keep the power works fabulously! We’ve had decades of Republicans fighting to give Democrats the tax and spend hikes they need to collapse the economy. And we really think that will change this year, or in 2016 if we vote for another progressive Republican loser?

Why don’t we just vote Democrat and admit voting RINO is helping Democrats win?

Republicans were told Bob Dole would defeat Bill Clinton. We voted for Dole and we helped reelect Bill Clinton. How sweet of us Republicans to help America’s favorite serial molester hold on to the Lincoln Bedroom and his accommodating interns for another four years.

We Republicans were told to elect John McCain in 2000, we chose George W. Bush instead, and though he protected the nation and his tax-cuts worked (so did Americans), Bush gave us TARP, enormous bail-outs to bailed out problem-makers, incurred more debt while not vetoing pork, wider open borders, No Child Left Behind to wreck education further by growing government education in order to kiss Ted Kennedy’s criminal butt, the NSA and Patriot Act, tolerance toward Islam in America, and more.

What’s done is done, but we conservative Republicans need to learn our lessons and stop repeating the crime just to keep the party in power when the GOP is aiding Democrats.

In 2008 we were told John McCain was the man because, after all, it was his turn, he’s waited years to be president. I had no idea anyone deserved to be president, I thought it was a duty one was called to, you know, to serve the country one is to protect. Not when it comes to progressive Republicans who have a waiting list for those who deserve to be president and ruin our lives with bigger government.

John McCain was not the man until he put the best man on his ticket as his running mate—Governor Sarah Palin. Palin was the best thing that happened to our party since William F. Buckley fought hard to get Reagan into the primary and on the presidential ticket. Palin was so good for the GOP (she put “the corrupt bastards” Republicans in prison, fought for limited government federal, state and local, as well as cutting regulations and abolishing the IRS) that the GOP and McCain threw Palin under Obama’s campaign bus and helped elect Obama as Secretary General of the United States.

In 2012 Republicans were told vote Mitt Romney because “he’s the most electable candidate,” he will win the election! Yeah, For Obama!

Those of us who said, “no he won’t, he is a progressive Democrat who will not fight Obama, he guided Obama in ObamaCare via RomneyCare,” were trashed for our wanting an authentic conservative. We conservatives were told we had to stop going for the purity vote (we still are), we needed to move to the middle in order to restore the GOP and regain the House and Senate, and if we elected Romney we would be able to work with him. We conservative Republican voters caved and we helped reelect Obama. 

There were millions of Americans who refused to vote (or voted for Ron Paul even though he always campaigned for the presidency of Iran while blaming America for Islam’s violence against us and the world) because they knew Romney would never be a good president, but someone who worked with Democrats rather than fighting them as Reagan did, even if Democrats spent $3 dollars for every dollar Reagan cut. These voters are blamed for Obama’s reelection. We are all to blame for Obama’s reelection because we did not go with the conservative choices, we went for the most electable loser.

Before Governor Christie’s bridge scandal, Republicans demanded if it’s Christie, vote for him so we can keep the GOP in power and gain the White House. As long as we have a Republican in the White House, we Republicans have someone to work with. 

Yeah, just like all the other electable losers you can’t work with because they are too busy working for the Democrats.

Our voting to keep the Republican Party in power is not helping the country, it’s not taking down the Democrat’s purposeful destruction of America, our cave-in votes are helping leaders who have turned Washington D. C. into America’s Parliament with a House of Lords that stays in power for life. And we are funding them! 

If we conservative Republicans truly care about this country, if we want to restore the Constitutional Republic, we will stop acting like peasants in a dictatorship who do what they are told and we will start telling the government what to do by electing the most authentic conservatives to every Republican post.

We have choices but we have terrible habits: We listen to party control that gives us no choice. Who the hell died and made the GOP God? When did the United States Constitution become “We The Government” instead of “We the People?”

We’ve allowed the government to rewrite our Constitution, destroy our liberties and this nation that is on the verge of 100% socialism.

We allowed the GOP to destroy candidates we really wanted; because the GOP said it knows what’s best for us. The GOP is doing what’s best for the GOP: Electing Democrats because the GOP Machine is not Republican but progressive Democrats in cheap elephant skin. And we voters gave these frauds the power by electing and reelecting them just so we could keep the party in power.

Now America’s not the world super power! But at least Boehner and Reid are in power! And we have a black-skinned Marxist president, awe gee, how sweet.

What about America? What about the future? What about the Constitution? What about our liberties we gave up for no security so we can be spied on and taxed into bankruptcy?

We have choices but we haven’t been exercising our free will, we’ve been acting like downstairs servants to upstairs lords. We need to stop behaving like serfs and start acting like Americans and then we’ll see things turn around and watch America change back into America.

We have a choice: Liberty or tyranny. Fire the GOP, stop electing losers and vote to win America back.

  1. February 4, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Well said! Enough with the Establishment GOP/RINO’s, we need a true Conservative if we ever want to salvage whatever is left of our Country and I’m sorry to say I agree that Christie is not the one we need. Sorry because I live in New Jersey and I have to give him credit for following up on the promises he made to me personally when my folks lost their house during Hurricane Irene; I spoke to him personally and he did everything he said he would and did help cut through some red tape. BUT, I do not want him to run for President; we need a true Conservative and we need people to stop believing the lying media and start thinking for themselves.
    The Establishment GOP should be ashamed of themselves for deliberately causing division within the Party at a time we need to pull together more than ever. The treatment given to Sarah Palin is disgusting, don’t know if it’s because she’s a woman or because she’s smarter than the average politician, probably both, but whatever the reason, that really soured me on the GOP.
    It’s also embarrassing that most people are so lazy and blind to what is really going on in our once great Country, or what’s left of it.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing, hopefully people will start waking up before it’s beyond too late.


  2. Lee Gliddon
    February 4, 2014 at 4:35 pm


      Conservative Patriot



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