What Part of “Slay All The Infidels Where You Find Them” Do You Not Understand or Refuse to Accept As The Reality Of Islam?

Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, the 24-year-old Kuwait-born terrorist who massacred five military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the personification of Islam, of course uttering such truthful insensitivities causes the self-loathing brainwashed faint of heart to pass out.

Abdulazeez was a practicing Muslim, he followed Islam, his family adhere to the religion of war, murder, death, rape, and did exactly what Islam and its holy book the Koran commands all Muslims to do: “Slay all the infidels where you find them.”

Terror is what all Muslims are commanded by Mohammad to commit:

And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers. (Sura 2, verse 191).

What part of Islam is evil and not peace do we not understand?  Why do we continue tolerating these people and opening our immigration doors to Muslims versus rejecting them? Because we refuse to admit the truth. Actually we have been commanded to never admit the truth, but accept and tolerate the lies perpetrated by the Left that agrees with Islam.

That stupidity enabled the latest terrorist to call Muslims to act through his Facebook page, while the FBI ignored his rhetoric as harmless:

Brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by your desires, this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to Allah may pass you by

If you make the intention to follow allahs way 100 % and put your desires to the side, allah will guide you to what is right.

Following Allah means waging jihad against all, infidels, not hanging out with us and talking about Bruce Jenner’s sex change.

Every Muslim is a potential terrorist, not some idiot-termed “lone wolf” with emotional problems caused by too much education and money. If Muslims do not leave the religion of Islam and become ex-Muslims, they are either terrorists or terror enablers, because a bad Muslim is a Muslim who renounces Islam and leaves that religion because they reject its evil.

Islam requires slaughtering human beings like cattle, burning gays alive, terrorizing humanity into submission and slavery.

All Muslims are commanded to wage jihad against all non-Muslims, 9/11 was the act of obedience to Islam. After 9/11 Muslims should have been deported and banned from the United States. Instead, we were told to tolerate Islam, because to think negatively toward Muslims is bigoted. Say that “B” word and Christians will crucify themselves so they are never called bigot by terrorists or bleeding-hearted useless idiots.

We accept and tolerate Muslims because we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Left (that sides with Islam because the Left despises life and liberty) to foolishly assume Islam is peace.

We are afraid to admit the truth.

Islam has been attacking the world non-stop for 1400 years, Christians have been preaching peace, love and Christ’s redemption for all for 2000 years, but Christians are condemned as vicious and Muslims are depicted as the most peaceful people since Hitler was considered a jolly good chap!

Islam is not peace or Muslims would not be torturing and murdering gays all over the Middle East, taking away rights of human beings to live by slaughtering innocent men because they chose a lifestyle Islam hates.

Christians don’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle, but we never murder gays, nor do we allow such a heinous crime. We forbid murder, because God calls murder evil, and to kill (beyond self-defense or accidental killing) anyone because you dislike their lifestyle or beliefs or who they are in general is vile. Islam does exactly that on a daily basis and gets away with it on the grounds of religion.

It is lawful in Islam to rape victims of rape, because Muslim rape victims are considered adulteresses. It is lawful for Muslim men to rape women if they feel sexual urges, because rape in Islam is equal to sex.

Christians do not commit those heinous acts, Christians wont kill gays, Muslims do, but are Christians are condemned as hateful for disagreeing with and not accepting homosexuality.

Islam is permitted to shout “Death To America,” but it’s considered immorally detestable, and just plain bigoted, to say “Death To Islam.”

Why would anyone think it wrong to destroy the movement of death, murder, rape, and war? Why wouldn’t any moral person see that destroying a movement of full-blown evil is just? Why wouldn’t anyone want a movement that slaughters and rapes stopped, ended, snuffed out?

Why would anyone embrace death? Why wouldn’t anyone want destruction brought upon murder? Think about it? If you answer, “but its mean to hate Islam”  you are saying its mean to hate evil and we must embrace it with love in order to change its evil heart and wicked mind.

Why allow that murderous movement to stay in this country founded on Judeo-Christian principles when the followers of Islam are plotting to destroy this country from within through violent attacks? If we allow that we say there is nothing wrong with Muslims attacking us, after all, we deserve it for being American and they deserve to do it to us for our being American.

That’s exactly what we are doing.

The result is more attacks: Fort Hood (that was just workplace violence, so stop being a bigot!) Times Square (that terror attempt may have been simply traffic road rage, so stop being a racist bigot!)  The Shoe-Bomber (hey, it was a long flight and he’s French, so he has a really good excuse to be nasty, but you don’t!)  Boston Marathon Bombing (they were refugees and you bigoted Americans have no idea what its like for a terrorist to have to go through our easy immigration process that welcomes anyone interested in destroying the United states!)  Oklahoma beheading (workplace violence. Besides, that woman offended that Muslims freak by telling him she did not want to convert to his violent religion! How dare she!), the list goes on but I would hate to sound like an anti-Islam bigot.

If you believe leftist indoctrination then I wonder if 9/11 bothered you. I wonder if massacring thousands of innocent lives really matters to you, unless they are violent black thugs killing cops for killing violent criminals. Oh yes, then lives matter!

Give me one, good reason why evil can and should remain in the United states? Give me one, good reason why all Muslims should not be deported. Tell me why the U.S. should not have been deported all Muslims after 9/11 and banned Islamic immigration in the USA forever?

And do not tell me all Muslims are decent people and a small handful of radicals hijacked a peaceful religion, and Muslims are not bothering anyone, they come here for a better life, because that thinking ingrained in Americans is getting this country attacked. Not to mention its a load of bull manure that could fertilize the Sahara!

America rejected God, but embraces Islam. Americans have been retrained to hate peace and embrace evil. We have been trained to rejected Christianity that preaches peace and love and accept violence by calling it peace. We are forbidden to say the name of Jesus in public because it offends Muslims, taught from birth to murder all non-Muslims, but we tolerate Muslims and their violent religion.

That makes as much sense as Bruce Jenner’s makeover that looks like Sandra Bullock morphed into Betty Davis’s “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

Don’t Americans want peace instead of death to America? Why wouldn’t we say death to that evil?

I hate murder, I hate rape, I hate torture of human beings, I hate that which massacres human life in order to conquer life and force it into slavery. Doesn’t that sound right to feel, think and believe that way? No, it’s socially just to embrace an evil that commits unthinkable horrors upon human beings, and is on our American soil plotting and committing jihad here in the U.S.

When are we going to reject Islamic immigration?

When will we Americans stop embracing evil?  How many more attacks will we endure? How many more Americans have to die at the hands of Muslims before we reject them and their religion? How much more will we Americans put up with before we push Islam off our shores, out of our country, deport them all so they know they are not welcome in the United States, because we will not allow our country to be overtaken by violence?

To tolerate Islam and its followers is to say we embrace war, murder, rape, death. What part of “slay all the infidels” don’t we understand?

CNN Republican Debate: The Real Housewives of the GOP Reunion Part 2: Keep JEB and Trump Fighting, Ignore Issues

If you watched the three hour long CNN Republican debate, you may have thought you were watching CNN’s version of Reality TV Housewives Reunion: “The Real Housewives of The GOP Reunion Part 2.” It resembled one of Bravo TV’s Housewives debacles with host Andy Cohen engaging wealthy, foul-mouthed women in F-bomb infused fights for ratings.

The only thing missing were the F-bombs (or someone with the guts to say “bomb the sh*t out of Iran!”), but make no mistake, last night’s debate was reality TV at its worst thanks to CNN and Jake Tapper (there were two more hosts, but they may were merely props to make you assume the debate was serious) who had no intentions of engaging the Republican candidates with authentic question based on real issues: Illegal immigration, Muslim refugees and Iran.

The debate started off with Jake Tapper setting up a Reality TV-style verbal brawl between Trump and JEB. What better way to ignore the real issues angering Americans and Republican voters completely disgusted with the GOP. It was far more important we voters (who won’t get a say in 2016 since the GOP already has its delegates lined up to put the big government enabling JEB on the ticket instead of a candidate who will serve the people) know where Trump and JEB stand on each other’s insults.

The row between Trump and JEB reminded me of the scene in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie and Scut Farkus square off and Ralphie bloodied Scut’s nose. All that was missing was Barbara Bush rushing in to pull her overgrown baby off Trump so he could go home and confess to his father, now in his nineties and barely able to walk and beat the crap out of him for acting like a Rand Paul voter.

Of course we had a reenactment of “Hairspray” with Trump v Christie. Trump being Debbie Harry and Christie being Divine. Jake Tapper starring as Corny Collins!

By-the-way, there were other candidates, but the GOP intends for JEB to be the nominee, so you can forget hearing your favorite talk.

Ted Cruz, the one authentic conservative candidate was barley given time because of where he stands: He’s opposes illegal immigration and refugees entering the U.S., and he really knows how to rip the nuclear burqa off Iran. CNN was quick to move away from Cruz and back to JEB so CNN could ramp up the war between JEB and Trump: Trump’s insulting George W. Bush, Trump insulting JEB’s Mexican wife, and JEB speaking Spanish to Hispanic students.

I’ll vote for any candidate who agrees to deport JEB.

Note to women concerning Trump insulting Carly Fiorina’s face: If Mrs. Fiorina cannot handle Donald Trump’s insults, she has no business running for president. Being president brings far worse crisis than Trump’s insults.

CNN further wasted time on marijuana (Want to wage a war on drugs, legalize the growing of hemp and marijuana in the USA for medical purposes), vaccines (I thought that was personal choice like abortion? How about vaccinating this country against all illegals and the Muslim invasion that has not stopped since before 9/11. These invaders bring high crime and terrorism, not to mention diseases), and climate change, three things so pressing that our economy, jobs, money, American heritage and culture may collapse if we don’t vaccinate our children and prevent the seasons from changing region-to-region.

Trump was able to point out, over loud shouts, that 40-50 million illegals receive $200 billion annually in welfare, but Jake Tapper cut Trump off, so I doubt uninformed CNN viewers even know what an illegal Alien is. That would have lead to discussing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees Obama is going to flood this nation with. But hey, think of all the really kool Muslim kids who will learn to make suitcase clocks that would never be used as jihad bombs.

We Americans are disgusted with everything big government, but foreign invaders are the biggest threat to this nation, they are destroying our heritage and culture and country. The other problems can be solved, but foreign invasion allows the other problems to grow in order to cater to those invaders destroying this country.

I hope the next debate stars Cruz as “Dirty Harry” and Trump as Don Vito Corleone and JEB as “My Idiot Brother.”

Government Will Give You The Sexual Immoral Laws You Want In Exchange for Government Control

Last week I discussed sexual immorality becoming all the rage in America. I pointed out that out that in order to have a Communist Revolution first there must be a Sexual Revolution to usher in that goal, but you can’t get away with that if the people are in their right minds and thinking clearly. People can’t be fooled and overcome by those seeking to control them if people are not overcome by sexual immorality. why? Sexual immorality causes sexual addiction and takes over the lives of people, making it easy to control them when they are enslaved by immoral desires.

Once the sexual immorality sets firmly into society and is viewed as normal ( it’s happened with many addicted to porn, many accepting all forms of sexual lifestyles once considered wrong), communism can take hold.

In a society where people are told that everything and anything goes and should be tried if it makes you feel good, is a society easily controlled by government. Once people are absorbed by their desires they don’t care about anything but their desires. They don’t even care that government is taking control as long as they can do what they want. Government needs those people to usher in control over the rest who are fooled into believing tolerance toward everyone and everything is a virtue.

How many Jews assumed Hitler would not go as far as he did and they stayed in Europe, despite rumors of rounding up Jews for mass execution, until it was too late?

People are already absorbed by false sexualities and addictions, while the rest accept such things they once knew to be immoral, wrong, unlawful.  How long before this society no longer sees reality and reality fully overtakes and controls them through government tyranny? As soon as we have an entire generation of boys and girls and men and women who believe they are not the gender they were born, but are anything they want to experiment with. As soon as enough people go along with those gender identity thieves. As soon as enough people believe that all sexual desires are only lifestyle choices. Then government will be able to experiment with them on any level it chooses.

That’s why government will give into any immoral rights people demand: Make immorality a law so the people can act out on anything they desire and they willingly become puppets to a government that says, “government will give you what you want in return for….” and, “Elect me and I’ll give you what you want.”

Satan had the gall to try and tempt Jesus with power, so why wouldn’t government tempt people?

Convince enough people they can be any gender, tell them they can experiment sexually, you will confuse a sufficient amount of people to reject good laws–Nature’s Laws and the Constitution upholding good laws and the natural order of things that include traditional marriage and children, the two things the Left wants absolved in order to usher in the Sexual Revolution that unleashes the Communist Revolution.

Example: The LGBT Movement openly declared they don’t truly want same-sex marriage, their true goal is the destruction of the traditional family through gay marriage. Lesbian activist Masha Gessen publicly declared:

Gay marriage is a lie. Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there. It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. … ‘Marriage equality’ becomes ‘marriage elasticity,’ with the ultimate goal of ‘marriage extinction.’ …I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three… And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.

And there we have it. Open families. That is part of George Soros’s “Open Society:” No rules, no boundaries, no borders. Allow all people from anywhere to come and go. Open Society must also permit all sexual lifestyles except the traditional one. Once we push the belief of a borderless society, we allow invasion by those who wish undo harm.

By-the-way: When was it morally acceptable for kids to choose anyone they want as mom and dad or dads and moms other than their actual parents? Never, but this new rule is for another purpose: It allows adults to sleep around with anyone by saying it’s technically not an affair, it’s just sexual desires being met in an unrestricted way.

An open society accepts the “do whatever makes you happy” belief. But an open society is not a free society. It is a society that must go along with those in charge, go along with whatever laws are enacted or go to prison, lose your job, lose respect, lose friends. Open society is not liberty, it is government control by a few over the rest it has trapped through their own selfish wants.

What harm can come with the destruction of traditional marriage and family? What harm can come when all sexual desires are permitted? What can go wrong when you give your life over to government in return for your whims being deemed lawful?

Once immorality is accepted the move to get rid of traditional families is accepted. Loss of traditional morals leads to chaos. Once that happens, government takes full control, because people will beg government to take control, to save them from themselves.

Let’s go out on the limb of chaos already growing with phony rights demands: Pedophiles have been demanding rights to their so-called sexuality: Raping children. I reported on this five years-ago for NewsReal Blog, noting that the Left declared it a violation of pedophile rights to ban the perverts from Halloween. Now child predators demand they be given rights to have sex with children under the guise of young love.

Pedophiles have advocates in the one place that should protect society from lunatics and perverts: The mental health arena. In 2013, the American Psychiatric Association went so far as to redefine to pedophilia:

To further define the line between an atypical sexual interest and disorder, the Work Group revised the names of these disorders to differentiate between the behavior itself and the disorder stemming from that behavior (i.e., Sexual Masochism in DSM-IV will be titled Sexual Masochism Disorder in DSM-5). It is a subtle but crucial difference that makes it possible for an individual to engage in consensual atypical sexual behavior without inappropriately being labeled with a mental disorder. With this revision, DSM-5 clearly distinguishes between atypical sexual interests and mental disorders involving these desires or behaviors.

The so-called mental health experts are subtly telling us its possible to engage in sexual desires without actually harming children. What they are saying is, if we don’t label pedophilia a mental disorder or crime, its not really harming children. You don’t have to be a psychologist to read between the openly written lines.

Another organization, B4U-Act, refers to pedophiles as “minor-attracted people,” and is working to help pedophiles gain the same open sexual rights as homosexuals.

In 2011, PJ Media Rob Taylor reported:

The truth of B4U-ACT is made plain by the online activities of those involved in the group. In May of 2009 a “Richard K” working on behalf of B4U-ACT posted the following on a now defunct child molester forum called Boylove.net: For those of you who don’t know, B4U-ACT (www.b4uact.org) is a 501c3 non-profit organization started by Mike Melsheimer, an out BL [boy lover] who posts at Boychat. The goal of B4U-ACT is to promote communication between BLs/GLs and mental health professionals so they can learn about us and start to work with us to counteract stereotyping, stigmatization, and hatred. We also want to help them develop *humane* and ethical ways of working with those BLs who want therapy to deal with society’s hatred, or other issues related or unrelated to being BLs. (B4U-ACT does *not* believe BLs are “sick” and need to be “cured”.)

B4U-Act was founded 30 years-ago by a convicted child rapist. Notice society allows rapists to roam free. The same society jailed a county clerk for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses because it bothers her conscience.

Next you will be told pedophiles are an entirely new gender and county clerks must give them licenses to marry children.

Don’t be surprised if pedophiles demand rights to openly adopt children so they can live their life-style choice in a loving home environment. Why not? Our open society has many believing no one is born heterosexual, no one is truly born male or female, and everyone has a right to practice whatever sexual preference and they desire they want.

Next, pedophilia will a gender and homosexuals will become a race. They did just get the 14th Amendment, making homosexuality the new black.

How about this: We allow homosexuals to adopt under the guise that “it’s better to have children adopted by loving homosexuals than abusive heterosexuals.” Really? There are no loving heterosexual couples in existence who want children? You are supposed to believe that lie. How many of you have uttered that argument because you actually believe it to be true?

I’m throwing these scenarios out there because perverted lunatics are not just demanding rights, they are being given rights.

By-the-way: It’s intolerant and bigoted to call perverts and lunatics just that. It’s morally justified to trash a Christian woman for wanting to uphold God’s moral laws while asking only that her name not be on the licenses.

Convince enough people they were not born their gender and not only will we destroy traditional marriage and children, we will create an openly sexual society where anything and everything goes until whatever goes hits the fan and everyone’s lives in the worst way. When that happens society will rise up in a violet upheaval against all of this. So don’t assume rights will never be extended until everything becomes so bad it backfires.

If you don’t think this has serious consequences and people wont wage a war against government and society, ask yourself what you would do if your child is raped by a pedophile given rights to that violent lifestyle? Remember that pedophiles don’t just rape children, they murder their victims. How would you react to that if it happens to your child and you are told the pedophile has rights?

One county clerk refusing to file same-sex marriage licenses is an act of conscientious objection that harmed no one, impose unnatural lifestyles beyond the limits of moral law and people will do more than accept prison time, they will fight back and end the corruption.

What we are seeing today will in fact lead to corruption beyond just the taking of Christian moral rights to impose phony rights, the controlling tentacles of an Open Society will reach beyond the limits to our personal lives and individual liberties. When society loses liberty because a few are propped up with lawless immoral rights, the people will not stand by and allow government tyranny to continue before the people react violently against the government.

The Communist Revolution has been slowly growing through the Sexual Revolution, but how long it will continue is hard to say. No tyrannical government can withstand the force of the people when the people lose liberty. We know this from our American history. That background will eventually rouse the people to fight back and tear down this present government and society and restore what was trampled.

Post 9/11 New Normal: Obama Wants to Give Iran Weapons of Mass Destruction…What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Obama wants to provide the most violent regime on earth with nuclear warfare because giving your enemy what it wants to use against you is how you stop your enemy from destroying you. What could possibly go wrong?

14 years later the new normal is appeasing the enemy and laying yourself on the beheading black.

Remember when Weapons of Mass Destruction were the things of fairy tales?  Now we bestow them as appeasement gifts.

Remember when George W. Bush said Iraq had WMDs?  The media raged against the mere suggestion that Saddam had WMDs, demanding we should not go to war. Even when Media showed pictures of thousands of chemically gassed petrified corpses, even when the Media admitted Saddam committed those atrocities, that was not actual proof Saddam had used WMDS against human beings.

It’s sort of like, “I did not have sex with that woman!”  Even when Clinton’s affair was proven true, it was not wrong because a Democrat did it.  The same Democrat who, in 1992, told the country he would finish what George H. W. Bush did not finish–take out Saddam. then it was a good thing to go after Saddam…even though Clinton never did. He had aspirin factories to bomb and wars to wage against Milosevic, who in actuality retaliated against Muslims in his country because Muslims were mass murdering Jews. That’s a good thing in the eyes of the Left, fighting Muslims is a heinous crime against humanity that deserves less Jews controlling the banks!

Remember how Saddam didn’t have destructive weapons, nor did he use them against human beings? Saddam did have WMDs, our military found his WMD caches, it was been proven through military documents and to this day the Media still ignores the proof Saddam used chemical WMDs on mass numbers of human beings–even when the Media showed us all those photos of petrified corpses gassed by Saddam! Why? It was the fact Bush said Saddam had WMDs (meaning nuclear warfare) and there was no way Saddam had anything close to it, even though it was discovered.

Back then the Media ignored what the military found. If Obama found the WMDs they would have existed. Of course Obama would have handed them back to Saddam in exchange for never breaking another UN resolution or massacring human lives.

We don’t punish our enemies anymore, we reward them—with nukes.

Think about it: We went into Iraq, removed the regime, but we did not take out the real problem: Islam and its followers. We left that violent movement, as well as the entire Muslim world we have never retaliated against for the attacks it has committed against us prior to 9/11.

We were going to “change the hearts and minds” of psychopaths hell-bent on destroying the world for the Islamic Caliphate. Now that lie the Media believed and pushed.

The Media and the Left never pointed out where Bush was wrong on that phony “change” philosophy because the Left itself does not believe this: You can’t win the hearts and minds of seventh century psychopaths and you never will. If you go to war against Islam (or anyone), if you’re going to invade an enemy, you must take them all out. Destroy them the way we did to Japan or don’t bother going in or you will face decades of war.

Because we did not destroy Afghanistan or Iraq after invading, and we never destroyed Iran for its decades of violent threats, we now face mass horrors against the West aided by high powered weapons supplied by Russia.

Notice the anti-war media supported Obama’s violent Arab Spring that overthrew a government that protected Israel and was in good standing with the USA? Because Obama wanted to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood and usher Islam further into the world. That’s not an assumption, its fact. Everyone knows it but not enough have the guts to say it publicly. Fear of being called a racist and bigot.

If you are Christian or Jew, you are a racist and bigot by birth. in the eyes of the Left, so why try to appease them. Going along will get you nothing but conquered.

The Media supported Obama’s escalating the Iraq War, they stood behind Obama going into Libya (Kaddafi gave up his WMDs when he saw what Bush did to Saddam, he backed down, behaved) and ignored the four men who were slaughtered by Libyan Muslims. Even Mitt Romney allowed Obama to get away with the Benghazi Massacre during the 2012 Candy Crowley debate when Romney had the chance to expose Obama and the “stand down” orders to voters.

Obama has helped Syria amass more power with Russia’s help by not stopping them. Now Obama wants to take thousands of Assad’s Muslims through the phony refugee status.

Think about this: The anti-war media supports giving WMDs to a war-mongering Iran intent on blowing up America, the UK, and Israel before taking over the West. It’s not just because Obama is masterminding this, the Left sides with Islam the way it sides with communism—because both are destructive anti-American forces and the Left hates the West and America.

In the post-9/11 “new normal” never accuse violent Muslim dictators or regimes of evil, that’s offensive. Give the violent enemy the nuclear warfare it wants to act on its threats against the United States and Israel, that’s wise diplomacy. Besides, the USA and Israel deserve it!

In the new normal it’s great that Obama escalates the wars, bad if we remotely consider ending wars by destroying the enemy.

President Obama wants Iran nuked to the hilt and ready to aim and destroy, but when George W. Bush accused Iraq of having WMDs and using them on people the United States was evil for such accusations.

When a Marxist hands weapons of any mass destruction to the enemy it’s fabulous, when a Republican tries to prevent that it’s really bad.

We truly learned nothing from 9/11 and all attacks since then. But the Left has, that’s why it goes along with a Marxist president negotiating with the Muslim World. And the problem is many Americans are brainwashed, they assume Muslims are peaceful and willingly go along with the new normal belief that Muslims have a right to be in our country.

Most American Rabbis and Hollywood Jews are supporting giving Iran nuclear weapons and taking in Muslim refugees.

That’s the new normal: Commit suicide by allowing the enemy to murder your country.

There’s nothing wrong with atrocities when they are committed by evil dictators. It’s considered immoral when the United States has no choice but to drop two atomic bombs on Japan (once the most violent regime on earth rivaling Nazi Germany in methods of mass murder) in order to save the entire world from Japanese terror.

How about this: To this day many Americans rail in anger against the United States weaponizing the Mujahideen under Reagan because they became the Taliban and Osama bin Laden was a Mujahideen in the late 70s and early 80s. We had to fight the Taliban years later. But how often do you hear outcries against Jimmy Carter, who armed those rebels first in the 70s? Reagan continued the fight because it was against the Soviets, but it was ruinous when Reagan carried out what Carter started.

Double standard? Yes. Left versus right. Whatever the Left does is okay, even if it means the mass slaughter of millions, but if the Right goes to war to stop mass slaughter, it’s despicable.

It was considered disgraceful when Reagan called the Soviet Union and “Evil Empire,” because the Soviets were communists, but when Bush called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea the “Axis of Evil” the Left went into convulsive head-spins. that’s because the Left is communist and anything that exposes their motherland of ideology is criminal.

Our government apologizes by arming one with WMDS and appeasing an obese Asian who wears Star Trek costumes with the diplomatic gift of Dennis Rodman.

How did we go from Kissinger to Rodman?

When Iran kidnapped Americans in Tehran in 1979 and chanted “Death To America” in front of TV cameras, telling the United States that Iran intended to destroy us while holding us captive, that ambush was not viewed by the Left as terrible. Nearly 40 years later, Iran still chants “Death to America” and threatens to bomb us in nuclear attacks.  Rather than send them a powerful message through military strength our Marxist-run government is giving Iran nuclear warfare.

Wake up America: Obama can’t do this alone, he has people on his side in government, Hollywood producers and directors (Jews who hate Jews and Israel), many Rabbis, our braindead allies ushering in a new anti-Semitism to rival 1930s Europe, and a lot of truly  ignorant voters who think the best way to achieve peace is nuke-up the enemy.

That makes as much sense as European Jews providing Hitler with oven factories. What could possibly go wrong?

It makes as much sense as giving Japan the Bomb in exchange for peace and good behavior. What could have possibly gone wrong if Japan was given the bomb?

Why don’t we just hand over Israel and the United States to Islam? Oh wait, we did by telling Iran it can have nukes and never deporting Muslims from this country.

The new normal is inviting your enemy to dwell among you while you hand over your weapons to them. What could possibly go wrong?

Muslim Refugees and Hispanic Illegals Are Not Like The Immigrants Of 1900: They Want to Tear America down, Not Build Her Up

How feel pity for Hispanic illegals and Muslim immigrants because your ancestors came to America during the large influx of European immigrants at the turn of the late 1800s/1900s? How many of you refer to the dislike of illegal Hispanics and Muslims as the same as Victorian America’s dislike of Irish immigrants? If you do, you’re fooled by Group Think leftists demanding you accept open borders and George Soros’s Open Society in order that they can destroy this American society, culture, and heritage.

Left wingers insist disliking Muslims and South-of-the-Borders illegals is akin to those who hated the Irish. You can’t compare Muslims and illegal Hispanics to the Irish who never immigrated to tear down this country and remake it into the Emerald Isle.

Muslims have been invading us under the phony guise of refugee since 1979. We willfully ignore what Iran did to the United States in 1979. Instead, we give them Visas.

Too many feel sorry for so-called refugees, comparing them to Europeans who not only came here legally, but none were members of a 1400 year-old terrorist movement that commands all followers to slaughter everyone.

Muslim refugees get rid of their identities before leaving their homelands, purchase false IDs claiming they’re Christian in order to gain entrance into Europe and American. Technically they don’t have to do that, they need only scream “Allah Akbar!” and gullible guilt-fed nations welcome them while laying everyone’s head on the chopping block to appease terrorists.

Muslim children are taught to wage jihad and “slay the infidels” by the time they can walk and talk.

Did your European ancestors come to the United States to murder Americans or become Americans? Were your ancestors taught to kill everyone not Christian or Jew? No. But many believe Muslims are peaceful people belonging to a religion hijacked by a few radicals because George W. Bush told you so after 9/11. He lied for political reasons or he never would have done that or allowed thousands of Muslims to enter this country after 9/11, while never deporting any.

They’re not refugees, they’re here to commit terror, but first they must live among us peacefully, conning us into assuming they’re peaceful, while plotting against us and our nation they intend on waging war against from the inside.

Europeans never did that or considered that, so don’t compare the two.

Too many are ignorant: Islam has a 1400 year-old doctrine in the Koran and Hadith commanded by Mohamad called Hijra, meaning migration. Muslims are instructed by Mohammad to immigrate into every non-Islamic country in order to form colonies in “enemy territory” and spread Islam through jihad. But they must do so first through covert actions that make us accommodate their religion and culture. The Qur’an says:

And whoever emigrates for the cause of Allah will find on the earth many locations and abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him, his reward has already become incumbent upon Allah. And Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful. (Koran, 4:100)

(To further understand, read Modern Day Trojan Horse: The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration)

The same immigration lie is used by illegals. The Left wants us to feel sorry for South Americans and Mexicans, they’re oppressed people. They’re not, they’re the worst of the worst and their countries don’t want them and send them here, going so far as to teach them how to invade our southern borders with a doctrinal guidebook created by their homeland governments teaching illegals how to invade and take from us.

Note that Mexico 

“welcomes only foreigners who will be useful to Mexican society” and “Foreigners are admitted into Mexico ‘according to their possibilities of contributing to national progress.’”

TD you believe this lie:  “They are hardworking people who are doing the jobs Americans refuse to do,” or, “they are hardworking people here for a better life.”

  1. Americans were doing those landscaping and house cleaning jobs until illegal Hispanics moved in offering to do the jobs at a fraction of the American price. That took the jobs away from Americans so Americans cannot compete against cheap labor. What American would willingly want the lowest, third world pay possible? Only a stupid moron desperate to never get ahead!
  2. Of course illegal Hispanics are here for a better life: As noted, Mexican and South American governments tell them how to invade us and take welfare benefits by the hundreds of billions they send part of back to their homelands to enrich their homelands.
  3. Of course many come here for a better life: They work here, take the money, save it, and retire back to their homelands where our money allows them to live like kings while our country is left in shambles from their cultural destruction.

Not all intend to leave, they intend to conquer and force the United States to become one with Mexico.

Muslims have no plans on making money and leaving. Their intent is conquer the United States and turn it into a Muslim nation. Did you ancestors do that?  No, that’s why you are American and not your ancestral background.

Have you seen illegal and legal Hispanics assimilate to the United States culture, heritage, and our English language, or do you hear them speaking Spanish, even at work? That is because they demand we assimilate to them.

Did your ancestors work hard to shed off their old life and former country for America or force America to become a multi-lingual nation? How many of you speak your ancestors former languages?  If you’re like me, you studied foreign languages in high school because those languages were already forbidden in their homes by the time your ancestors American born children came along.

Europeans who came here wanted to be American and built this country to greatness. Muslims and illegal Hispanics are coming to destroy this nation through various means of war from violent gangs to jihad. And both demand we change and accommodate them.

If you move to Mexico and demand Mexicans absolve their language and culture for your American language and culture, they’ll plant cocaine on you and arrest you so you disappear in a prison.

That has invaded us and what they are doing? We’re inviting 10,000 Muslim refugees to join the tens of millions of Hispanic illegals.

The Muslim faith is about conquering the world for the Muslim religion and its caliphate (Islamic government worldwide as ushered through Mohammad’s rampage, the caliph being the Muslim leader they all follow) or they would not heavily populate outside the Middle East.

Pew Research says,

nearly two-thirds (62%) of Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region, according to the Pew Research analysis. In fact, more Muslims live in India and Pakistan (344 million combined) than in the entire Middle East-North Africa region (317 million).

Look at Britain. Muslims have their way with the laws. In 2008, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowen Williams, declared that adopting Islamic Sharia law in Britain “seems unavoidable and, as a matter of fact, certain conditions of Sharia are already recognised in our society and under our law, so it is not as if we are bringing in an alien and rival system.”

Williams said Britain needed to advocate “plural jurisdiction” for Muslims to live in areas governed only by Sharia and not Parliament. Williams felt Muslims had a right to live separate from the rest under their own laws:

“There is a place for finding what would be a constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law as we already do with aspects of other kinds of religious law. It would be quite wrong to say that we could ever license a system of law for some community which gave people no right of appeal, no way of exercising the rights that are guaranteed to them as citizens in general. But there are ways of looking at marital disputes, for example, which provide an alternative to the divorce courts as we understand them. In some cultural and religious settings they would seem more appropriate.

Islam demand everyone adhere to Sharia and Islam, not the other way around.

You don’t think that can come to America? It’s already here and it’s called “Stealth Jihad.”

Stealth jihad came to America after 9/11 under the disguise enabled through George W. Bush—“tolerance” toward “the religion of peace.” Muslims cleverly invaded us through nonviolent schemes. If people invade through violence, those attacked will wise up and fight. Your initiative must be seemingly peaceable. This is what stealth, i.e., “soft,” “covert,” jihad is: Impose Islamic Law, i.e., Sharia, across the entire nation and region, and earth, through non-combative amicable means—“tolerance,” “religion of peace.”

America deemed one group  “peaceful” and another “hardworking.” Both are violent and destructive. But they work hard at it.

After 14 years of marketing the “Islam is peace” propaganda as cleverly as Hitler marketed Jews as monsters, Muslims are able to smear everyone in the United States (the way Hitler smeared Jews) who sees through Islam as “Islamophobic,” “intolerant,” “Bigoted,” “racist,” and now they demand civil rights as oppressed victims. Had Bush never pulled the “Islam is peace” and we must tolerate Islam and its followers rubbish, the America that had a huge wakeup call and was awake on 9/11 would never have fallen back into the slumber we’re in toward Muslims.

Muslims and illegal Hispanics are the new black and Joan of Arc and Americans the witch hunting fire starters.

We are thanks to political leaders, schools and universities, the media and Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) all convincing Americans that Islam means peace (it means submit) and jihad does not mean what you read in the Koran or Hadith. You’re misreading Mohammad. Jihad is actually the inner quest for spiritual serenity and moral purity.

The fact is Muslims believe they gain spiritual tranquility and moral purity when they wage jihad (war) against the world and rid the world of non-Muslims.

And we go along by doing this: How often do you hear this, “Look how we once hated the Japanese, now we are friends. We once interned them after they attacked us and now we love them, so we need to change our views toward Islam and Muslims.” Or, “we used to mistreat blacks, we are doing the same toward illegals when we say deport them with their American born children.” Their children are not American citizens, because the parents came here illegally. They broke the “jurisdiction” laws.

So, as we allow ourselves to be conquerors by Muslims invading by the tens of thousands, we have surrendered ourselves to tens of millions of illegal Hispanics who are not here for a better life, but to invade and conquer. And we are going along because we don’t want to be racist bigots.

If only we were bigoted toward evil as we once were.

Yes, I would be in full support of ending Islam and the Muslim world the way we did the old Japan, but today’s Americans feel it’s cruel to annihilate evil in order to save billions of innocents on the planet.

It’s Time to Take Our Gender Back from Gender Identity Thieves!

The Left wants a genderless society doing whatever makes us feel good and I’m not going along!

I’m a woman, a girl, a female, my gender is just that: Feminine! I’m Not male or homosexual or anything else, nor do I want anything else, because I’m not one of those leftist psychopaths who decided to rearrange everyone’s genitals.

I am a woman, hear me roar that! I don t have a man’s hoo-hoo because God did not create me that way. Bruce Jenner may have breasts now, because they were implanted, and that crazy looking face may have been rearranged to try and look like a woman (he looks like a UPS driver in a dress) but he is not a woman and HE never will be, even if he lops it off!

If Jenner goes the mile and lops off has boys he will be nothing more than a eunuch dressed as Betty Davis’s “Baby Jane.”

Get a grip people: You are what you were born whether you like it or not. For you men who want be women and women who want to be men, your problem is not a physical one, your problem is you’re either mentally unbalanced and need a psychologist, as proven by John Hopkins Hospital, or you are a selfish, leftist bastard who thinks you can everything and anything you want and society should cater to your every whim.

If you’re a man you can’t be a woman and you have no right to try. For you men trying to pull that bull, we women should rip your boys off and drive our cars over them…until they become part of the pavement!

The gender identity thieves insist on remaking the natural rights of the rest in order to force us to watch them pee the wrong way and it’s getting pretty tiresome. Especially when I see men shopping for makeup in Blue Mercury who are NOT makeup artists! If you’re not picking up a holiday gift for your wife, or you’re not in the business, get your hands off the Estee Lauder or die!

Leftist progressive pricks have been invading schools long enough that too many children assume they were born the opposite gender. Some mentally insane parents are going the rout of letting their kids be whatever gender they think they are, but most will not go along so it’s really coming from public schools and leftist teachers indoctrinating children so the Government can recreate life in its image.

Frankenstein is a far prettier image than this extreme makeover.

Note: If your kid is actually experiencing gender dysphoria, John Hopkins has proven that to be a mental disorder that needs psychological treatments, not sex change surgery, which is proven to cause suicide. But maybe that’s the idea: Tell those who think they are the opposite sex to have sex changes so they will eventually kill themselves and save the planet from over population.

You transgenders are a bunch of gender identity thieves! You’re worse than the bi-sexuals who think they have rights to equal opportunity sex. Transgenders want to rearrange the biology process by turning sexuality into a lab experiment: “Let’s create man in Liza Minelli’s image!”

In the case of Bruce Jenner it might be Sandra Bullock.

The Left telling everyone they can choose their sexuality and gender is nothing new, they’ve been pushing this agenda for decades, but now it’s taken hold and we have a society of boys using girl’s restrooms and girls trying to pee standing up.

The Gay Movement has been trying to convince everyone that all have homosexual tendencies and it’s okay to experiment while they cover up for the next thing coming: Telling people its okay to desire children.

The gender equality goons are not in this for anyone’s rights, rather, the removal of everyone else’s constitutional and natural rights in order to tear down society in order that moral laws keeping us from committing acts of violence (that are the result of immorality run amok through the complete removal the Judeo-Christian culture) are completely eliminated.

Leftists want decency eliminated in order to usher in chaos.

Many falling for the lies don’t see this, they think rights for all and anything is good if it makes people happy. They don’t realize that natural rights are the good laws, all else are man-made for the corruption and destruction of what’s good. Why? You cannot control people until they’re under the control of unnatural desires that lead to addiction and self-destruction.

Once that happens, government can control and remove liberty while you are absorbed by your addictions.

On the other hand, how many do see this immoral corruption for what it is but don’t care because they want what they want no matter the cost? Lately too many.

Our children are being told to be any gender they want or no gender at all. You will see them entering the wrong bathrooms and dressing rooms because leftists have convinced this generation that they can. And state governments are passing laws to accommodate the gender identity thieves.

Note to Transgenders: Enter the Lady’s Room or Dressing Room I’m in and be prepared to have your head make contact with my large and heavy handbag. I have no problem sending transgenders to the hospital.

The true agenda is government control through a sexual revolution. My next post will discuss this further with quotes from the Gay Movement admitting that Same-Sex Marriage and Gender Equality is not about anyone’s rights, but tearing down society and morals and traditional values.

Trump Is A Mouthpiece Conservatives Should Use To Our Conservative Advantage

I know, I’ve been bombarding readers with Trump thoughts for weeks now, but he and his hair aren’t going away so why not use his voice as a conservative means to exposing the GOP end and push forth a conservative revolution?

I’m serious. And no, I’m not on board with Trump, he supports tax hikes on the rich, which affects everyone in a negative way, he supports a single payer healthcare system affecting everyone in an unhealthy way, as well as Common Core that’s defecting your children’s brains.

I’m a Republican who hates the GOP, they’re exactly what Governor Sarah Palin called them before she arrested Alaskan GOP leaders: “The Corrupt Bastard’s Club.”

Why is Donald Trump wildly popular with conservatives when he’s not a conservative? It’s simple: The GOP merged itself years-ago with the Democrats and birthed a incestuous party that refuses to retire because they are “intoxicatingly” wealthy tyrants.

We Republicans foolishly reelected the Corrupt Bastards for one reason: They’re Republicans! We must keep the Party in power! After all, isn’t that how you keep conservatism? No, and now we are suffering our folly!

Most of our reelected ilk were first elected when Reagan was in office.

Many are angry and supporting an Obama supporter and Clinton donor: Trump.

I didn’t think it would be Trump, I assumed it would be Sarah Palin, but if Trump’s what it takes to destroy the modern-day GOP, so be it. That doesn’t mean I’m on board with Trump for President, but I’ll gladly take advantage of his him truthful rhetoric (whether or not he means it)  to rip open the can of worms that unleashes conservatism.

I remember 1979, the GOP threw the tax-cutting, regulation crushing, supply-side economics, anti-communist Reagan under the bus and hoped conservatives would forget Reagan and put George H. W. Bush on the ticket. We did not forget thanks to a voice of National Review and PBS’s “Firing Line,” demanding it was time to stop government control over our lives, jobs, businesses, printing excess paper money that caused inflation, hiking prices, taxes, and regulating our lives while not stopping the Soviet Union: William F. Buckley.

Trump is no Buckley! Please! Buckley was an authentic conservative who lived and breathed constitutionalism. Trump’s is jumping on the bandwagon. I have no idea if it’s because he finally gets it and despises both party’s lies and will do anything to call them out on it, or he just wants to be president and give us a new reality TV show that might makes us look as obnoxious as the French and Italians.

Buckley knew how to expose lies, he knew how to use the Left’s own words against them. He knew how to use the GOP’s lies against itself to usher in Reagan, so why shouldn’t we conservatives do the same with Trump?

If he keeps voicing the truth, I’ll use him and other conservatives should as well. Push the message out there that illegals are destroying our country, taking our jobs, killing wages, are 42 million reasons why taxes are higher and crime is rising.

As long as Trump opens obnoxious fire with his big mouth against offensive leaders allowing all of this, and it wakes up enough people to realize conservatism and constitutionalism are the only things that work and the only things that will restore this nation, let him bark to our advantage.

Buckley always said put the most conservative person on the ticket. That’s not Trump, however, Buckley would have let Trump talk long enough that it riled up enough Americans to demand the most conservative candidate.

The GOP wants Trump to shut up and go away and they will tell everyone the uncouth Trump is simply too slovenly to rub elbows with sane Americans who should ignore every other candidate and vote for J.E.B. Bush. This is the same party that felt Governor Sarah Palin was too unqualified for the VP office and her accent too folksy for the intelligent voters. In the GOP world of thinking, that is only North Easterners and Palm Beach liberals.

A J.E.B. win will compensate the GOP further, a Reagan conservative will be their demise.

Power compensates well when the power is corrupt. Power seems to be compensating the Bush family far better than old money ever could. Trump knows all about that, he bought politicians, Democrat and Republicans.

Old money is a good thing: It was earned by families and handed down to those who deserved to continue the family legacy. Political money beyond a limited time salary is not earned, it’s taken by force and creates tyrants who bequeath a legacy of controlled people.

At the rate we’re going with the Clintons and Bush’s, if J.E.B. is elected, we should prepare ourselves for Chelsea v Prescott 2024. The Kennedy’s will moderate, naturally.

Limited power pays low and upholds good laws that empower the people. the United States used to be that way. When that free market system was not hindered by unconstitutional government control the majority of the country rose to middle class and many rose to the upper echelons. When the powerful few realized they and their corporate donors would not be the wealthiest if the American people were allowed to continue working, creating, and earning through a competitive free market, the elites absolved our rights. Trump understands this, he’s made money through free markets, he also uses his money to prop up politicians, some Republicans, to get what he wants in business.

Donald Trump is a threat to the GOP, because he’s voicing what the people think, feel, and despise about government and the GOP and his words are riling people up, they are turning against the GOP.  Washington is scared to death this will cause a conservative to rise up, or, Trump will gain the ballot and win. If either happens the modern-day GOP is finished.

The GOP’s actions created angry, disgusted people, and Donald Trump. That right there is THE reality TV show that can tear down Washington: “Angry, Disgusted People, and Donald Trump,” and it better not end with a new season of “J.E.B. and the GOP” or this country will be overrun by illegal Hispanics and Muslims.

The Republican Party despises Donald Trump, he called out the “Corrupt Bastard’s Club” he has funded, but unlike Palin, whom the GOP tried to destroy with John McCain’s help, Trump can’t be silenced. His hair would talk if he were physically gagged. Not that Palin was ever silenced, McCain’s back-stabbing Palin helped fuel the Tea Party that made Palin its lead voice.

None of this makes Trump the man, but conservatives should use his voice to their advantage. Republican conservatives such as myself despise the GOP, but we have no intentions of leaving the Party, we are staying because we intend on tearing the Party down, with our bare hands if it comes to that, because the GOP has been disastrously progressive since Ronald Reagan left office and the Party finally got the man they wanted elected in 1980 (the progressive George H. W. Bush) and focused on ridding this country of conservatism long fought for and held down by the Party.

We intend on extracting revenge. If it has to be done in an uncouth fashion, so be it.

The Tea Party Movement was great, it woke people up, but not enough to stop reelecting the problem, most of whom have been in power since Reagan.

Trump is part of that problem, like stated above, he wants a single payer healthcare system. It’s already a disaster. Trump admits insurance companies are gauging people, but he still wants government involved in the healthcare of many Americans struggling to pay for healthcare. Problem: Trump’s analysis includes the Middle class being hit with massively high premiums because the single-payer system costs too much to fund—taxes and heavy fines.

Trump believes the wealthy should pay higher taxes because they’re rich. I vehemently disagree. Taxing wealth does not make the country wealthier, nor does it improve the lives of the poor or the poor would no longer exist considering the massive taxes heaped on the wealthy and big corporations paying nearly all the taxes in this country that is enriching the government and leaders, not the people.

Tax hikes on the rich do not make the country more competitive. Republicans hiked taxes after Reagan left office and the only reason we continued to prosper was Reagan’s supply-side economics policies and tax cuts that took hold in 1983 continued through the Clinton years because of the Republican Revolution.

Tax hikes hurt everyone because no one keeps what they earned. Government forcibly confiscates income and property taxes to pay itself. How long can everyone wealthy remain wealthy if continuously taxed by a government that constantly borrows money and over prints money while digging itself deeper in debt?

Note: Consumption taxes alone support the government richly, there is no need for income and property tax, because consumption on all goods provides needed government revenues while the earner is able to save. The government doesn’t want you to know that, Trump isn’t telling you that, but you can read about it here at Fairtax.org and see why the 16th Amendment is not only a violation of the Constitution, it’s a bogus money grab created by Woodrow Wilson and the Democrats to enrich government and leaders and punish the rich and everyone else if they try to get rich.

Further Note: 23% tax on consumption the Fair Tax calls for would not break anyone, not even the poor, because it’s the only tax Americans would pay, and, there cannot be hidden taxes confiscating more than 23% in consumption taxes right now. (Look at the excessive hidden taxes you paid before Obama hiked taxes here, and what you pay in hidden taxes as of 2013).

The American people are not as wealthy as they once were. Trump knows it, he’s right about China getting richer. China manufactures the majority of American products because high taxes and regulations on manufacturing force companies to outsource to cheaply taxed countries lacking regulations.

We have wealthy Americans, but not the type of wealth this country was gaining during the 1920s and again after WWII when more inventions and manufacturing ramped up and in the 1980s and 1990s. Republicans despise wealthy individuals as much as Democrat do. Conservatives want people prospering because it makes the country stronger when people are individually empowered.

We have few conservative Republican leaders because the Republicans elected in the 1980s, who hated Reagan and wanted Bush and big government, are still in power–because we reelected them!

We conservatives have been reelecting RINOs for two and three decades, so we’re technically no better than Trump who supported the Marxist Obama and Hillary. Why? We keep reelecting Republicans who have consistently supported Democrat policies and bills we hate, because we refused to put the most conservative candidates on ballots. We said conservatives cannot win!

Hello! Yes conservatives can win if we elect them!

Republican leaders helped Democrats wreck this country and damage the American people financially, culturally, and sovereignly, and they did it purposely for power we gave them with every election.

How often has the GOP actually carried out conservative ideas? You must to go back to Calvin Coolidge who said,

Government cannot relieve from toil. The normal must take care of themselves. Self-government means self-support…. Ultimately property rights and personal rights are the same thing…. History reveals no civilized people among whom there was not a highly educated class and large aggregations of wealth. Large profits mean large payrolls.

Then jump ahead to Eisenhower who enacted Operation Wetback and deported every illegal alien and handed those jobs over to our WWII veterans, and then jump forward to Ronald Reagan, because the GOP made sure Senator Goldwater would not win the 1964 election.

Corrupt bastards!

The Democrats destroyed the majority of the competitive free market with the help of Republicans after Reagan left office and the Republicans wed the Democrats. As a result, the two parties gained immense, long-term power to hinder the people and enrich government. But who reelected them?

Now we’re angry. So lets use someone who will raise the roof and expose the damage, even if it’s a liberal Republican who votes by-way-of deal making.

The Republican Party does not want another Reagan-style Republican, it will be their defeat. William F. Buckley helped unfurl a conservative movement in 1964 with Barry Goldwater, but Party helped the Democrats crush the conservative Goldwater into defeat.

The GOP wants Republicans focusing solely on J.E.B. Bush, but Trump won’t let that happen and that’s a good thing, because the GOP doesn’t care that nearly 100 million Americans are out of work, the people do, that’s why they’re angry and supporting Trump. So again, why not use this for a conservative movement that push’s forth an authentic conservative.

Remember: Reagan’s poll numbers were terrible for a long time, and then he exploded and it was “Morning again in America.”

William F. Buckley was Reagan’s loud mouth. Of course Buckley was far more polished than Trump, because Buckley was far more polished by-way-of upbringing and education, yet Buckley unleashed the most condescending insults upon the Left and the GOP when he interviewed them on “Firing Line” and exposed the people’s anger toward government elites:

I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.

Buckley exposed the Left and the GOP and in the most debonair fashion,

Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.

The GOP and so-called conservative pundits are appalled to discover Americans have opposing views from their superior views!

Buckley worked tirelessly for 30 years to get a constitutional conservative on the presidential ballot. He used National Review as a platform to inform Americans with the truth.  Buckley constantly reminded us of what elites did to us.

Buckley knew Reagan was the man and had no intentions of letting the GOP do to Reagan what they did to Goldwater in 1964: Throw him under the bus.

Trump is not Buckley and never will be, but Trump’s vocal ability to bully the bullying media and GOP can help conservatives if we use his voice to our advantage over the GOP. Use it to usher forth a conservative by letting Trump expose the worst threat to this nation:

  • Illegals and their soiled children anchored and ready to fill our prisons.
  • Many illegals are so-called Muslim refugees importing terror that has not ended since attacking us in 1979 in Iran.
  • Expose job loss to China, what China is doing to our markets.
  • Russia and its siding with and aiding Iran, the Iran nuclear deal that if fully enacted will bring about mass destruction.

The GOP will fight conservatives as they did in 1979. They want us to believe we’re better off under a parliamentary-style system with a few elites ruling the rest through high taxes, high prices, regulations and bans on everything.

If conservatives want this country restored we better rise up bigger and stronger than we did in 2009 with the Tea Party. This time we have tear the GOP and DC apart, not help it, we have to take it down and restore our nation with conservatism and a new GOP. That means not letting any of the RINOs get the ticket or we will continue down the road like kicked cans covered in bus exhaust.

It means using everything to our advantage, even if its wrapped in the worst hair worn by anyone since French Revolution.

J.E.B. Bush Is a Nightmare That Will Continue Obama’s Destructive DREAM

Most leaders have been serving their self-interests and Obama’s blueprint to transform the country into a nation that serves the President, the Leaders, and illegals leaders import for votes.

No illegal alien can stay in this country long without the aid of leaders empowering them through government handouts and busing them all over this nation to live among us and take our jobs and rearrange our culture, heritage, language and nationalism.

If the majority of leaders stood against welfare to illegals and any form of status and placed heavy fines on anyone hiring illegals, Americas would be hired.

If the majority of leaders in the Federal Government demanded border agents arrest and deport anyone entering this country illegally we would see less border crashing.

If state and local governments placed heavy fines on anyone hiring illegals and refused to welfare to them, and the majority of federal, state and local government leaders commanded ICE to round up illegals everywhere, arrest and deport, eventually many illegals would self-deport before arrest and their numbers would cease to be in the millions, probably not even in the hundreds of thousands, because once government joins the people in rejecting these criminals, sanctuary anywhere will not matter. The “Dream” that belongs to Americans will terminate for illegals.

Note: Many illegals are Muslims, many third world immigrants are Muslims who enter this nation on the phony grounds of refugee status. They are not peaceful people, they are all potential terrorists as long as they remain Islamic and follow the Koran in any way, shape, or form. They are only here in order take over this country. Since 9/11, when George W. Bush refused to close borders, deport all Muslims and end Islamic immigration to the USA, NY Daily News reported in 2012 that:

 A new survey reveals the dramatically changing face of religion in America, with the number of Muslims in the U.S. soaring 67% in the decade since the 9/11 attacks…In the Midwest and parts of the South there are now more Muslims than Jews for the first time.

They are your neighbors and they hate you. How do you like that dream?

In 2007, the Washington Post wrote:

From 2000 to 2006, the [Diversity VISA] program allowed 3,703 people from Sudan, 3,164 from Iran, 2,763 from Cuba and 162 from Syria to enter the United States and apply for permanent legal resident status, the report said. That totals 9,792 new immigrants. (“U.S. admits nearly 10,000 from “terrorism” states Washington Post 9/21/070”)

Before the Diversity VISA, the U.S. had 3 million Muslims in this country. that was too many and they were not deported. The government opened the doors to 70,000 refugees from third world Middle Eastern, African and South American countries every year. Two of those refugees bombed the Boston Marathon three years-ago. Their family has not been punished.

Most third world immigrants, legal and illegal, are threats to the very existence of the United States, but J.E.B. Bush has no plans to deport any or stop refugee importation.

The Bush’s and many in power believe in diversity (because it makes politicians extremely wealthy and kept in office for life), not a culturally and traditionally America strong in American nationalism.

This country is overrun by Muslims bequeathed every say over what can and cannot be said religiously and culturally by Christians. We’re overrun by South-of-the-Border illegals controlling service jobs that once paid well to Americans: Construction, landscaping, and house cleaning, as well as low-skilled clean-up jobs once held by college students.

Republicans (with the exception of a silenced few) and Democrats want a culturally diverse nation because it keeps them in power.

Remember: Obama’s 2010 executive order pushed for 80,000 Muslims to enter the country under refugee status in 2011. Obama forbids this so-called status to Middle East Christians, only Muslims. Why? To destroy this country the Marxist Muslim-raised Obama hates with every fiber of his being.

In 2014, Investors Business Daily reported that, “Obama offers asylum to ‘minor’ terrorists providing ‘limited’ material support to terrorism.” As long as terrorists are not big Kahuna leaders over major terror organizations, but provide limited funds or limited action is needed to commit terror, he or she is welcome to live in the United States.

Do you hear J.E.B. Bush railing against this? No, and you will not, because Bush like every Democrat and amnesty supporting RINO will never slam the borders shut to imported enemies and culturally destructive and retrograde invaders.

Amnesty is not just for illegal Hispanics, it’s handed like Halloween candy to Muslims. It is forbidden to Christians suffering horrendously in the Middle East.  That should say everything about our government: Enriching and empowering votes are more important to leaders than the restoration and enrichment and empowerment of this country and American people.

If our leaders everywhere upheld immigration laws intact in the Constitution we would see third world legal and illegal immigration collapse.

The people want immigration halted, we want all illegals deported, we need a majority government in all three areas—Federal, State and Local—serving that demand, but “We the People” have to force those demands into reality. We cannot solve the problem by electing progressives whose only goals are power and money providing them everything needed to hold us down and control our lives.

Most candidates are amnesty whores who will have you believe illegal entry into this country is “an act of love.” I’ve never really considered gang-bangers, drug lords, human traffickers, and impregnated vessels loaded with anchors as benevolent visionaries! I certainly don’t consider jihading the USA to be anything but hate.

J.E.B. is nothing more than the white brother Obama would have if he had a white brother.

J.E.B. Bush knows how disastrous the illegal immigration is. He knows what his brother did to the country by not shutting down the borders, he knows what Obama has done by encouraging mass illegal immigration, but intends to legalize millions by-way-of amnesty. So do most Republican candidates except a few held down in the low polls because they spoke out against amnesty, illegals, and gallingly disagreed with John Boehner and Obama.

The Obama government has flown South American and Central American illegals into this country, granting these gang-banging, drug dealing, human trafficking threats and anchoring women refugee status. Why? Obama openly declared he does not believe in American exceptionalism, this is why he signed executive orders changing immigration laws into permits to illegals under age 30, as well as granting amnesty to five million illegals already here and releasing violent illegals by the tens of thousands into society to continue raping and murdering 12 Americans every day. Why do this unless you want to govern the ethnicity of the United States in order to accelerate the death of the West and the white majority in America?

J.E.B. knows this, he still supports amnesty.

Obama sought to divide American racially with black on white race wars and crush the American culture by importing violent Marxist Communist cultures. Obama has only been able to accomplish this with the help of both Houses elected by “We the People” who need to stop.

To assume amnesty and refugee policies are not racist policies against white America is dreaming. To think they are not racist policies against black America is to forget which party fought to enact segregation and minimum wage laws to hold blacks down in a permanent underclass.

If Obama’s immigration laws are not racist and America truly needs immigrant workers, why not import well-educated, well-skilled White Europeans who share the same values, heritage and culture as the United States that was founded by white Europeans? Illegal aliens and third world immigrants lack education and skills, they do not share our American culture, history, or values. They are importing their languages, violent and sexually immoral cultures and values into North America with the help of the present government that has been in power since the 1980s.

Note: When Reagan left office the Republican Party went to work with Democrats to restore the big government Reagan tore down.

We do need people filling certain jobs, so why not hire American college students white and black who desperately need money to pay down over $1 trillion in student loans? If race is such an important factor in filling jobs, why not hire the largest unemployed group in America: Black Americans? Because it’s all about destroying this country and that cannot be accomplished with Americans black or white working and earning. That will make this country strong, and then where will the Republican and Democrat Parties be? Controlled by We the empowered People!

The United States needs a president who believes all Illegals and criminal immigrants must be deported, including anchor babies, and immigration halted until this country regains strength or this country will collapse and become those countries being imported.

J.E.B. will never end the nightmare, he sees the threat as “an act of love.” I would love to give J.E.B. a Broadway play reenactment!

I don’t want Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration dream, it’s been a nightmare. I want my country back and the tens of millions of illegals and criminal immigrants and Muslims deported, because I don’t want the United States, our heritage, culture, and our history (all the above people hate) destroyed, and it will be if these people are allowed to remain on this soil.

Whether J.E.B. or another of the many RINO candidates, the American Dream will become a bigger nightmare if amnesty whores are allowed to continue leading this nation.

We can end the nightmare by first rejecting all of illegals and Muslim immigrants and then rejecting every, single leader who has screwed us over through Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act.


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