What Part of “Slay All The Infidels Where You Find Them” Do You Not Understand or Refuse to Accept As The Reality Of Islam?

Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, the 24-year-old Kuwait-born terrorist who massacred five military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the personification of Islam, of course uttering such truthful insensitivities causes the self-loathing brainwashed faint of heart to pass out.

Abdulazeez was a practicing Muslim, he followed Islam, his family adhere to the religion of war, murder, death, rape, and did exactly what Islam and its holy book the Koran commands all Muslims to do: “Slay all the infidels where you find them.”

Terror is what all Muslims are commanded by Mohammad to commit:

And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers. (Sura 2, verse 191).

What part of Islam is evil and not peace do we not understand?  Why do we continue tolerating these people and opening our immigration doors to Muslims versus rejecting them? Because we refuse to admit the truth. Actually we have been commanded to never admit the truth, but accept and tolerate the lies perpetrated by the Left that agrees with Islam.

That stupidity enabled the latest terrorist to call Muslims to act through his Facebook page, while the FBI ignored his rhetoric as harmless:

Brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by your desires, this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to Allah may pass you by

If you make the intention to follow allahs way 100 % and put your desires to the side, allah will guide you to what is right.

Following Allah means waging jihad against all, infidels, not hanging out with us and talking about Bruce Jenner’s sex change.

Every Muslim is a potential terrorist, not some idiot-termed “lone wolf” with emotional problems caused by too much education and money. If Muslims do not leave the religion of Islam and become ex-Muslims, they are either terrorists or terror enablers, because a bad Muslim is a Muslim who renounces Islam and leaves that religion because they reject its evil.

Islam requires slaughtering human beings like cattle, burning gays alive, terrorizing humanity into submission and slavery.

All Muslims are commanded to wage jihad against all non-Muslims, 9/11 was the act of obedience to Islam. After 9/11 Muslims should have been deported and banned from the United States. Instead, we were told to tolerate Islam, because to think negatively toward Muslims is bigoted. Say that “B” word and Christians will crucify themselves so they are never called bigot by terrorists or bleeding-hearted useless idiots.

We accept and tolerate Muslims because we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Left (that sides with Islam because the Left despises life and liberty) to foolishly assume Islam is peace.

We are afraid to admit the truth.

Islam has been attacking the world non-stop for 1400 years, Christians have been preaching peace, love and Christ’s redemption for all for 2000 years, but Christians are condemned as vicious and Muslims are depicted as the most peaceful people since Hitler was considered a jolly good chap!

Islam is not peace or Muslims would not be torturing and murdering gays all over the Middle East, taking away rights of human beings to live by slaughtering innocent men because they chose a lifestyle Islam hates.

Christians don’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle, but we never murder gays, nor do we allow such a heinous crime. We forbid murder, because God calls murder evil, and to kill (beyond self-defense or accidental killing) anyone because you dislike their lifestyle or beliefs or who they are in general is vile. Islam does exactly that on a daily basis and gets away with it on the grounds of religion.

It is lawful in Islam to rape victims of rape, because Muslim rape victims are considered adulteresses. It is lawful for Muslim men to rape women if they feel sexual urges, because rape in Islam is equal to sex.

Christians do not commit those heinous acts, Christians wont kill gays, Muslims do, but are Christians are condemned as hateful for disagreeing with and not accepting homosexuality.

Islam is permitted to shout “Death To America,” but it’s considered immorally detestable, and just plain bigoted, to say “Death To Islam.”

Why would anyone think it wrong to destroy the movement of death, murder, rape, and war? Why wouldn’t any moral person see that destroying a movement of full-blown evil is just? Why wouldn’t anyone want a movement that slaughters and rapes stopped, ended, snuffed out?

Why would anyone embrace death? Why wouldn’t anyone want destruction brought upon murder? Think about it? If you answer, “but its mean to hate Islam”  you are saying its mean to hate evil and we must embrace it with love in order to change its evil heart and wicked mind.

Why allow that murderous movement to stay in this country founded on Judeo-Christian principles when the followers of Islam are plotting to destroy this country from within through violent attacks? If we allow that we say there is nothing wrong with Muslims attacking us, after all, we deserve it for being American and they deserve to do it to us for our being American.

That’s exactly what we are doing.

The result is more attacks: Fort Hood (that was just workplace violence, so stop being a bigot!) Times Square (that terror attempt may have been simply traffic road rage, so stop being a racist bigot!)  The Shoe-Bomber (hey, it was a long flight and he’s French, so he has a really good excuse to be nasty, but you don’t!)  Boston Marathon Bombing (they were refugees and you bigoted Americans have no idea what its like for a terrorist to have to go through our easy immigration process that welcomes anyone interested in destroying the United states!)  Oklahoma beheading (workplace violence. Besides, that woman offended that Muslims freak by telling him she did not want to convert to his violent religion! How dare she!), the list goes on but I would hate to sound like an anti-Islam bigot.

If you believe leftist indoctrination then I wonder if 9/11 bothered you. I wonder if massacring thousands of innocent lives really matters to you, unless they are violent black thugs killing cops for killing violent criminals. Oh yes, then lives matter!

Give me one, good reason why evil can and should remain in the United states? Give me one, good reason why all Muslims should not be deported. Tell me why the U.S. should not have been deported all Muslims after 9/11 and banned Islamic immigration in the USA forever?

And do not tell me all Muslims are decent people and a small handful of radicals hijacked a peaceful religion, and Muslims are not bothering anyone, they come here for a better life, because that thinking ingrained in Americans is getting this country attacked. Not to mention its a load of bull manure that could fertilize the Sahara!

America rejected God, but embraces Islam. Americans have been retrained to hate peace and embrace evil. We have been trained to rejected Christianity that preaches peace and love and accept violence by calling it peace. We are forbidden to say the name of Jesus in public because it offends Muslims, taught from birth to murder all non-Muslims, but we tolerate Muslims and their violent religion.

That makes as much sense as Bruce Jenner’s makeover that looks like Sandra Bullock morphed into Betty Davis’s “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

Don’t Americans want peace instead of death to America? Why wouldn’t we say death to that evil?

I hate murder, I hate rape, I hate torture of human beings, I hate that which massacres human life in order to conquer life and force it into slavery. Doesn’t that sound right to feel, think and believe that way? No, it’s socially just to embrace an evil that commits unthinkable horrors upon human beings, and is on our American soil plotting and committing jihad here in the U.S.

When are we going to reject Islamic immigration?

When will we Americans stop embracing evil?  How many more attacks will we endure? How many more Americans have to die at the hands of Muslims before we reject them and their religion? How much more will we Americans put up with before we push Islam off our shores, out of our country, deport them all so they know they are not welcome in the United States, because we will not allow our country to be overtaken by violence?

To tolerate Islam and its followers is to say we embrace war, murder, rape, death. What part of “slay all the infidels” don’t we understand?

J.E.B. Bush Is a Nightmare That Will Continue Obama’s Destructive DREAM

Most leaders have been serving their self-interests and Obama’s blueprint to transform the country into a nation that serves the President, the Leaders, and illegals leaders import for votes.

No illegal alien can stay in this country long without the aid of leaders empowering them through government handouts and busing them all over this nation to live among us and take our jobs and rearrange our culture, heritage, language and nationalism.

If the majority of leaders stood against welfare to illegals and any form of status and placed heavy fines on anyone hiring illegals, Americas would be hired.

If the majority of leaders in the Federal Government demanded border agents arrest and deport anyone entering this country illegally we would see less border crashing.

If state and local governments placed heavy fines on anyone hiring illegals and refused to welfare to them, and the majority of federal, state and local government leaders commanded ICE to round up illegals everywhere, arrest and deport, eventually many illegals would self-deport before arrest and their numbers would cease to be in the millions, probably not even in the hundreds of thousands, because once government joins the people in rejecting these criminals, sanctuary anywhere will not matter. The “Dream” that belongs to Americans will terminate for illegals.

Note: Many illegals are Muslims, many third world immigrants are Muslims who enter this nation on the phony grounds of refugee status. They are not peaceful people, they are all potential terrorists as long as they remain Islamic and follow the Koran in any way, shape, or form. They are only here in order take over this country. Since 9/11, when George W. Bush refused to close borders, deport all Muslims and end Islamic immigration to the USA, NY Daily News reported in 2012 that:

 A new survey reveals the dramatically changing face of religion in America, with the number of Muslims in the U.S. soaring 67% in the decade since the 9/11 attacks…In the Midwest and parts of the South there are now more Muslims than Jews for the first time.

They are your neighbors and they hate you. How do you like that dream?

In 2007, the Washington Post wrote:

From 2000 to 2006, the [Diversity VISA] program allowed 3,703 people from Sudan, 3,164 from Iran, 2,763 from Cuba and 162 from Syria to enter the United States and apply for permanent legal resident status, the report said. That totals 9,792 new immigrants. (“U.S. admits nearly 10,000 from “terrorism” states Washington Post 9/21/070”)

Before the Diversity VISA, the U.S. had 3 million Muslims in this country. that was too many and they were not deported. The government opened the doors to 70,000 refugees from third world Middle Eastern, African and South American countries every year. Two of those refugees bombed the Boston Marathon three years-ago. Their family has not been punished.

Most third world immigrants, legal and illegal, are threats to the very existence of the United States, but J.E.B. Bush has no plans to deport any or stop refugee importation.

The Bush’s and many in power believe in diversity (because it makes politicians extremely wealthy and kept in office for life), not a culturally and traditionally America strong in American nationalism.

This country is overrun by Muslims bequeathed every say over what can and cannot be said religiously and culturally by Christians. We’re overrun by South-of-the-Border illegals controlling service jobs that once paid well to Americans: Construction, landscaping, and house cleaning, as well as low-skilled clean-up jobs once held by college students.

Republicans (with the exception of a silenced few) and Democrats want a culturally diverse nation because it keeps them in power.

Remember: Obama’s 2010 executive order pushed for 80,000 Muslims to enter the country under refugee status in 2011. Obama forbids this so-called status to Middle East Christians, only Muslims. Why? To destroy this country the Marxist Muslim-raised Obama hates with every fiber of his being.

In 2014, Investors Business Daily reported that, “Obama offers asylum to ‘minor’ terrorists providing ‘limited’ material support to terrorism.” As long as terrorists are not big Kahuna leaders over major terror organizations, but provide limited funds or limited action is needed to commit terror, he or she is welcome to live in the United States.

Do you hear J.E.B. Bush railing against this? No, and you will not, because Bush like every Democrat and amnesty supporting RINO will never slam the borders shut to imported enemies and culturally destructive and retrograde invaders.

Amnesty is not just for illegal Hispanics, it’s handed like Halloween candy to Muslims. It is forbidden to Christians suffering horrendously in the Middle East.  That should say everything about our government: Enriching and empowering votes are more important to leaders than the restoration and enrichment and empowerment of this country and American people.

If our leaders everywhere upheld immigration laws intact in the Constitution we would see third world legal and illegal immigration collapse.

The people want immigration halted, we want all illegals deported, we need a majority government in all three areas—Federal, State and Local—serving that demand, but “We the People” have to force those demands into reality. We cannot solve the problem by electing progressives whose only goals are power and money providing them everything needed to hold us down and control our lives.

Most candidates are amnesty whores who will have you believe illegal entry into this country is “an act of love.” I’ve never really considered gang-bangers, drug lords, human traffickers, and impregnated vessels loaded with anchors as benevolent visionaries! I certainly don’t consider jihading the USA to be anything but hate.

J.E.B. is nothing more than the white brother Obama would have if he had a white brother.

J.E.B. Bush knows how disastrous the illegal immigration is. He knows what his brother did to the country by not shutting down the borders, he knows what Obama has done by encouraging mass illegal immigration, but intends to legalize millions by-way-of amnesty. So do most Republican candidates except a few held down in the low polls because they spoke out against amnesty, illegals, and gallingly disagreed with John Boehner and Obama.

The Obama government has flown South American and Central American illegals into this country, granting these gang-banging, drug dealing, human trafficking threats and anchoring women refugee status. Why? Obama openly declared he does not believe in American exceptionalism, this is why he signed executive orders changing immigration laws into permits to illegals under age 30, as well as granting amnesty to five million illegals already here and releasing violent illegals by the tens of thousands into society to continue raping and murdering 12 Americans every day. Why do this unless you want to govern the ethnicity of the United States in order to accelerate the death of the West and the white majority in America?

J.E.B. knows this, he still supports amnesty.

Obama sought to divide American racially with black on white race wars and crush the American culture by importing violent Marxist Communist cultures. Obama has only been able to accomplish this with the help of both Houses elected by “We the People” who need to stop.

To assume amnesty and refugee policies are not racist policies against white America is dreaming. To think they are not racist policies against black America is to forget which party fought to enact segregation and minimum wage laws to hold blacks down in a permanent underclass.

If Obama’s immigration laws are not racist and America truly needs immigrant workers, why not import well-educated, well-skilled White Europeans who share the same values, heritage and culture as the United States that was founded by white Europeans? Illegal aliens and third world immigrants lack education and skills, they do not share our American culture, history, or values. They are importing their languages, violent and sexually immoral cultures and values into North America with the help of the present government that has been in power since the 1980s.

Note: When Reagan left office the Republican Party went to work with Democrats to restore the big government Reagan tore down.

We do need people filling certain jobs, so why not hire American college students white and black who desperately need money to pay down over $1 trillion in student loans? If race is such an important factor in filling jobs, why not hire the largest unemployed group in America: Black Americans? Because it’s all about destroying this country and that cannot be accomplished with Americans black or white working and earning. That will make this country strong, and then where will the Republican and Democrat Parties be? Controlled by We the empowered People!

The United States needs a president who believes all Illegals and criminal immigrants must be deported, including anchor babies, and immigration halted until this country regains strength or this country will collapse and become those countries being imported.

J.E.B. will never end the nightmare, he sees the threat as “an act of love.” I would love to give J.E.B. a Broadway play reenactment!

I don’t want Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration dream, it’s been a nightmare. I want my country back and the tens of millions of illegals and criminal immigrants and Muslims deported, because I don’t want the United States, our heritage, culture, and our history (all the above people hate) destroyed, and it will be if these people are allowed to remain on this soil.

Whether J.E.B. or another of the many RINO candidates, the American Dream will become a bigger nightmare if amnesty whores are allowed to continue leading this nation.

We can end the nightmare by first rejecting all of illegals and Muslim immigrants and then rejecting every, single leader who has screwed us over through Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act.

Why Being Christian Doesn’t Make One Qualified To Be President

I don’t believe being a Christ follower makes one qualified to be the President of the United States. If the President is a devout Christian, but lacks constitutional competency, his or her Christianity won’t do this country one bit of good.

Lack of constitutional competency will never protect the constitutionally protected rights of Christians. I want a president who is a staunch protector and defender of the Constitution. Being a Christian does not guarantee the person is.

Case in point: Ohio Governor John Kasich says he is a believer in Jesus Christ, and despite saying he “is disappointed” the Supreme Court voting in favor of same-sex marriage, Kasich insists, “The court has ruled, and I said we’ll accept it.”

Really? No matter what law the High Court rules in favor of or against we should just except it? The courts ruled that Dred Scott, a slave living for while with his owner in a free states as a free man, could forcibly be returned to slave states after his master died, many lawmakers and leaders said accept the inhumane ruling that was the catalyst to a bloody uprising that began in Kansas prior to the War Between the States.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of segregation and southern Democrats told black southerners, the court ruled, accept it.

A true Christ follower will not make Kasich’s statement, a fence-straddling politician who wants to be president bad enough to warm a church bench with his rear end for the Evangelical vote will.

Also, Kasich refuses to join Christians presidential candidates Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, all of whom signed the National Organization for Marriage pledge, “to take several specific actions as president to restore marriage to the law and protect people of faith from discrimination because of their support for traditional marriage.”

I don’t expect Donald Trump to sign the pledge, he’s not a Christ follower and admits as much. But Kasich makes such claims while going against what Christ proclaimed in Matthew 19:4-5, “And He answered and said, ‘Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE, and said, ‘FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH?’” is less trustworthy than an unbeliever and I cannot accept that.

The Gay Movement will use the Court’s recent same-sex marriage ruling against Christians, because they’ve been trampling the First Amendment rights of Christians refusing to cater same-sex marriages. Christians business owners never refused to serve anyone homosexual in their places of business, they only refused to cater homosexual events. With the Court’s ruling more Christians will see their First Amendment religious liberties trampled when they refuse to cater to or perform gay weddings. Kasich is not defending the Constitution when he says the court ruled, so accept it. Should Christians accept that kind of president? I cannot.

Any president, Christian, atheist, or secular, who signs any unconstitutional bill passed as law by both Houses, removes the individual rights of constitutionally protected citizens in order to protect the rights of a few, or, empower themselves as president.

The President must uphold the Constitution no matter what. We Americans have witnessed the opposite and the complete undoing of Christian liberty and rights within a very short span of time because the current president has utter contempt for the Constitution, this nation’s founding, its Constitutional Republican form of limited government set up to be controlled by the people who are now controlled by a socialist-style government quickly removing the rights of Christians, and turning white Americans and conservatives into the most hated people in existence for no reason other than abject hatred.

If an atheist is a true defender of my constitutional rights as an American, as a Christian and conservative, I would rather elect an Atheist president than a lukewarm Christian who will not go to all lengths to uphold and protect the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Americans have been subjected to an activist Marxist president who has removed First Amendment rights, as well as crushing the entire Bill of Rights by overstepping Congress and the Supreme Court.

Americans have an activist High Court that for decades now has been removing the rights of the majority in favor of rights for a protected few who have complete disregard for the rest. We have been told to accept all these rulings from Roe v. Wade to Obamacare to same-sex marriage because “it’s the law.”

All leaders and Supreme Court justices are prohibited from being activists for personal or party politics. All leaders must serve the people and uphold the Constitution.

Remember: Obama claimed to be a Christian. Those who believed that allegory need to open a bible and read the definition of what a Christian actually is. It’s not a guy who warns us that “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

As a free individual who believes in the right to speak freely about anything, I make it a habit to slander everyone and everything that promotes brutality and Mohammad not only did that, he commanded all Muslims to murder all non-Muslims. Jesus commanded all human beings to love one another. I want a president who will defend my right to say the name of Jesus and slander Mohammad, not allow bans against one for the other. The same applies to those who want to trash Christians: They have a right to say what they want against me and others like me, but not silence conservatives and Christians.

Note: The majority Catholic Supreme Court wouldn’t know the Bible or their Catechism if both hit them in the face, and have proven so. But how did we get these good Catholic Justices? Chief Justice John Roberts, the tyrant who upheld Obamacare as a law, despite Obamacare violating the Constitution, was appointed by the Born Again Christian George W. Bush.

If Roberts is a devout Catholic Christian, I’m the Pope, which would make me Marxist who hates capitalism despite gladly taking it to enrich the Church!

Bush did not fight hard enough for the authentic constitutional protector and defender—Justice Janice Rogers-Brown. Both Houses and most so-called Christian leaders flipped their wigs to the left when they saw the name of the Judge with an impeccable public record of upholding the law. Rogers-Brown was shoved aside for Roberts’s, whose appointment was quickly pushed through despite no one, except Bush, knowing anything about him. We do now!

I find Roberts utterly unacceptable!

George W. Bush, who professed Jesus as his Lord and Savior throughout his governorship of Texas and eight years as president is evidence a Christian does not always serve the country well when that Christian opens the nation’s borders wide, not only to illegal Hispanic immigration, but Islamic immigration after this country was attacked on 9/11 by Muslims in the name of their religion and god. The Christian Bush stood inside a mosque, falsely promoting Islam and its holy book that calls for the murder of all non-Muslims, a religion of peace.

Look how many accepted that insane tolerance preaching still attacking this country.

As a result of George W. Bush’s disastrous foreign and national policies toward illegal Hispanics and Muslims, Democrats took over both Houses in 2006 and borders opened wider to illegal and legal immigration from culturally violent third world countries.

George W. Bush may have defended Christian’s rights, but he lacked the one thing Christ followers need: Wisdom. Power is an intoxicating drug to anyone, even a Christ following Christian, and if that person doesn’t have the strength to listen to God in all areas and seek Wisdom first, don’t expect their presidency to be one that saves the country and upholds constitutional liberties and laws.

What about Christian hypocrite John McCain? He threw the authentic Christian Sarah Palin under the bus as soon as Palin gained the attention McCain needed to win the election. Just because someone prostrates themselves at the altar of Rick Warren does not mean squat if they burn the country at the altar of Baal. And many so-called Christians have and always will for power.

And NO to those wondering if I believe America should ever have a Muslim president, because all Muslims are forbidden to abide by the Constitution. Muslims pretend to uphold the Constitution while using it as a weapon against Americans in order to push forth their caliphate against the West and conquer the world. Muslims only follow Sharia, and all Muslims who continue following Islam are potential terrorists because they protect Islam above anything. They are never qualified to hold any position in American government.

If you cant accept that bit of truth I wonder how you’ll feel without your head attached to your body!

Speaking of Christians, our majority of conveniently Christian leaders (who wouldn’t know Jesus if they tripped over Him, and if they did would plot to arrest Jesus for fear He might rouse the people to rise up and tear the government down when they realize its Jesus whom they are free in and government by which we are enslaved) have used the Constitution to empower themselves while allowing Obama to trample Religious Rights and the First Amendment as hateful views that must be banned.

I do not trust any leader who tells me to accept bad laws.

What has the Republican Party done since 2008 to protect the First Amendment and Religious Liberty? Nothing. They’ve fallen in line with the demands of Muslims, secularists, leftists, and illegal aliens.

The fight against Obamacare and its disastrous consequences on Christian liberties has not been fought well or the last election promises would have been aggressively acted upon. They were not and Republican leaders, with the exception of a few pushed to the far end of the presidential candidate polls, have proven their Christianity is worthless.

The people have suffered because of progressive policies driven by Democrats and permitted by Republicans.

Many candidates claim to be Jesus followers, a few are, but too many candidates and leaders support the non-existent 14th Amendment rights of illegals over the existing rights of Americans.

Some laws are bad and the United States needs a president who will undo and repeal bad laws.  I’ll vote for a constitutional atheist before I vote for anyone who protects illegitimate liberties and illegitimate people. If a Christian does not have what it takes to reverse this catastrophe, I would rather not have a Christian president.

Attention All Target Shoppers: Target Will Now Remove Your Child’s Unnecessary Gender for A More balanced Society Of Brainless, Ball-less Lunatics

Target stores is now rearranging its shopper’s children’s gender.

Target has been terribly offensive to parents whose daughters might have been born boys hidden inside girl’s bodies, struggling inside a body forbidding her to pee standing up, or girls inside a boy’s body forcing a possible generation of Bruce “Caitlin” types to not have the pleasure of botching their faces and bodies into something out of a sci-fi horror movie. Worse, boys born boys have to pee standing up, and we cant have that now, can we!

Target will help save the children removing the gender from their gendered areas in Target stores. Target’s toy section will be scrubbed clean of pink for girls and blue for boys or any signs announcing that the girl’s and boy’s sections are just that.

Children will no longer have the right to be what God created them as. Why not when we can have an even crazier society living on a diet of anti-depressants psych meds?

How did Target make this decision? They said parents complained. Yeah right! A few told a multi-billion dollar corporation what to do!

We all know it has nothing to do with a few complaints, its has everything to do with those 1% LGBT rights-aholics who have had the same rights as the rest (with the exception of marrying the same gender), but feel if they can’t corner the market on everyone’s personal rights by taking everyone’s personal rights, while whining they have been persecuted, then it’s just not fair.

Don’t tell me that Target isn’t playing leftist progressive politics via the Gay Movement. Don’t tell me the Gaystapo is not involved and this was not done through a few non-negotiable threats.

On August 7th, Target announced that the children’s toy sections will be keep up with the changing times that insists on changing your child’s gender to a genderless, thoughtless, lock-stepping nobody, because you really want your daughters to grow up looking like Supreme Court Justices…or Janet Reno and Janet Napolitano. According to the retailer of hideous low-end style:

 [W]e never want guests or their families to feel frustrated or limited by the way things are presented. Over the past year, guests have raised important questions about a handful of signs in our stores that offer product suggestions based on gender. In some cases, like apparel, where there are fit and sizing differences, it makes sense. In others, it may not. Historically, guests have told us that sometimes—for example, when shopping for someone they don’t know well—signs that sort by brand, age or gender help them get ideas and find things faster. But we know that shopping preferences and needs change and, as guests have pointed out, in some departments like Toys, Home or Entertainment, suggesting products by gender is unnecessary. We heard you, and we agree. Right now, our teams are working across the store to identify areas where we can phase out gender-based signage to help strike a better balance. For example, in the kids’ Bedding area, signs will no longer feature suggestions for boys or girls, just kids. In the Toys aisles, we’ll also remove reference to gender, including the use of pink, blue, yellow or green paper on the back walls of our shelves. You’ll see these changes start to happen over the next few months. We thank guests all the time for challenging us to get better at what we do and take the shopping trip to new levels. We’re always listening, and your thoughts and ideas help us make Target, your Target, a better place.

You have got to be kidding me! I wouldn’t waste my money on Target since the mere sight of those ugly interiors and nauseating clothing causes a reactive blindness trip scarier than LSD taken in the presence of the Kardashians!

Target is what I refer to the fashion challenged.

Now Target wants to take your children to the level of being nobodies in order to placate the few who are angry with their own selves and need the rest of us to conform so they can wallow in their hate their bodies by making us just as miserable.

No more persecuting your daughters for being born girls with a terrible propensity for liking girly, pinky, pretty things. Well kill that! Pink is for the boys, Teamsters is for girls!

The name Target suits the chain, it’s targeting your children’s thinking.

Misery does love company and those miserable Gaystapo are forcing children to be just as miserable, after all, who wants a society with happy, carefree children when we really can have Children of The Corn.

Stop telling boys they can play with trucks when they should collect Barbie Dolls and dream of being her!

Target doesn’t want to insult children indoctrinated by lunatic parents and progressive psycho teachers who hate normal children, so they will pink up Johnny’s Tonka truck, it just wont be sold as a boy’s toy. Would that mean selling it as Janet Reno’s accessories for girls.

Again, who complained to Target? What percentage of parents in the United States want to rearrange their children’s gender? Half the percent of the one percent homosexual along with its other half? The Gay Movement does not speak for Americans, so its obvious its this entitle-demented fraction is assuming rights to control children as they do the rest of us they demand conform or sue us into bankruptcy.

Before shopping for someone’s son or daughter’s birthday I find out from the parents what they want their child to receive, and most often, if parents desire intellectual children who will succeed in school, versus helpless morons who spell in text and do not know the difference between an App and application and will grow up to be useful government communists, parents ask for books, drawing and painting sets and paper. Furthermore, depending on gender, I throw in a Tonka truck or Barbie doll along with every kid’s favorite: Pick, shovel, and bucket for building sandcastles—pink and yellow or blue and green depending on gender.

If a parent ever asks me to give little Johnny a Barbie doll, they’re not getting anything from me but the number to John Hopkins Medical Center psychiatrists who have proven that this leftist gender retraining is causing severe mental disorders.

Dr. Paul McHugh, the former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins says,

[T]here is the subgroup of very young, often prepubescent children who notice distinct sex roles in the culture and, exploring how they fit in, begin imitating the opposite sex. Misguided doctors at medical centers including Boston’s Children’s Hospital have begun trying to treat this behavior by administering puberty-delaying hormones to render later sex-change surgeries less onerous—even though the drugs stunt the children’s growth and risk causing sterility. Given that close to 80% of such children would abandon their confusion and grow naturally into adult life if untreated, these medical interventions come close to child abuse. A better way to help these children: with devoted parenting.

Don’t worry, Target will help sterilize every child’s mind from a natural life.

Target is another social weapon against American children in an effort by the LGBT Movement to sexually change everyone. Since the Gay Movement cannot fool or change all adults, unless they are mentally ill, they must attack the minds of children, who cannot understand sexuality until a certain age. Since all toddlers play with dolls and trucks (because they are toys) until a certain age, the LGBT Movement is taking full advantage of innocent behavior by pushing children beyond the ages of three and four to not play with toys created for their genders and make children believe they are not boys or girls, but both.

Attack the psyche and you can retrain the thinking and beliefs of innocents when they are very young and completely screw up all children until we have a society of boys in dresses and girls in boys clothing… that be dresses since the LGBT Movement wants boys in dresses? Girls will be trained to shop at the UPS Driver’s uniform shop.

If you’re not bothered by this you do not see the cruel intentions hidden beneath—remove who the individual person was born as, destroy them and their true character nd identity until they become what progressives want, not what God created.

There is no freedom or liberty here, this is mind control.

This is an attempt to further enforce Group Think into our society and remove God and Biblical principles so natural behavior and thinking can be eradicated by-way-of a sexual revolution so the Left can usher in the Communist Revolution.

Only you the parent scan stop this by not shopping in stores that cater to leftist philosophies marketed through psychological sales pitches that are emotionally dangerous and will have serious consequences on a new generation of millions.

The War on Human Life: Protect Animals And Illegal Thugs, Harvest Human Beings!

During the Roman Empire human beings were put inside the Roman Coliseum pit, forcing them to fight lions and tigers as a blood sport for the Roman aristocracy that loved watching animals tear human beings apart. They didn’t have TV back then to watch animals and Kardashians behave like animals.

Fast forward to today: Animal Rights Activists who hate the hunting of animals have no problem with Planned Parenthood hunting human life in the womb or partially birthing 8-9 month old babies, killing them and harvesting their bodies like plantation cotton. And given that fact most aborted children are black, the plantation cotton correlation is notable.

Animal Rights people are more upset over the hunting of big game in Africa than the blood sport of harvesting unborn children.

Animal Rights people care more about animal lives than human life. They are no different than the Romans since they don’t care that abortion doctors at Planned Parenthood tear children from mother’s womb for profit.  And drink wine while gloating over the baby blood sport to boot!

It’s okay to murder babies, very bad to hunt lions!

What about violent criminals murdering Americans and Washington and the Media referring to those criminals as “hard-working people?”  Most illegal aliens are violent rapists and murders, but lions are more important than human life mauled by illegal alien brutes, so just ignore the immigration crisis.

By-the-way, if wild beasts savagely rip human beings apart, its considered deserved, because no one has a right to hunt, not even God, who performed the hunt in order to cloth Adam and Eve.

See, even God has fabulous fashion taste!

I don’t honor or feel any pain for Cecil the Lion, I feel for the many American families of people murdered by illegal aliens, not lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

According to Joseph Farah,

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That’s 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001…While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That’s 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001. While no one – in or out of government – tracks all U.S. accidents caused by illegal aliens, the statistical and anecdotal evidence suggests many of last year’s 42,636 road deaths involved illegal aliens.

Would these be your valedictorians America Ferrera, because as Rep. Steve King correctly pointed out,

For everyone who’s a valedictorian, there’s another 100 out there who weigh 130 pounds — and they’ve got calves the size of cantaloupes because they’re hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act.

I love animals but not more than human beings. Human beings are being raped and murdered by illegal aliens who  kill more Americans than military men and women killed in the Iraq War and studies show us,

A Pew Hispanic Center study found that, of those sentenced for federal crimes in 2007, non-citizen Hispanics were 74 percent of immigration offenders, 25 percent of drug offenders, 8 percent of white collar offenders, and 6 percent of firearms offenders. Non-citizen Hispanics are 5.1 percent of the nation’s adult population.

And idiots cried over the death of a lion. Animal Rights phonies prostrated in outrage at the altar of Baal (where they would have no problem with abortionists burning babies alive if society further continues its journey back to Canaan) this summer because Cecil the Lion was killed by a hunter. What about a woman gunned down on Fourth of July weekend, shot in the back by an illegal thug! She fell in her father’s arms and her last words were, “dad, help me!”

I don’t give a flying fart in space about Cecil unless he’s a rug on my living room floor!

I feel pain and sadness for human life loss and I hurt for the families of murdered innocent human beings. They could be any of us. But idiotic brainwashed morons who think hunting kills off the planet (the same losers who think America should arm Iran with nuclear warfare so they don’t attack the United States and Israel) are walking around holding signs reading, “I am Cecil.”

Don’t worry my darling progressive, if Iran completely gets its nuclear way you leftist jackholes will be Cecil.

I have news for you idiots who mourn the death of an animal that eats human beings, with 50 million illegal thugs in this country and 35 million third world thugs who are mostly violent criminals, we could all be Kate Steinle!

Our mentality has become Rome with its brains eaten out by lions! Wake up America!

No Greta, Trump is NOT the Tea Party, But He’s Waking the People Up to Fight The Party Machine

Donald Trump is not the Tea Party but he has definitely hit the nerve of the conservative Republican base that is fed up with the Party Machine and wants the United States of America back.

Even if Trump doesn’t make the GOP presidential ticket (if Trump wins the primary the GOP will put J.E.B. Bush on the ticket regardless) he needs to continue making so much noise, the people are riled up to the point of tearing DC apart with their bare hands.

The Conservative base is mad, but the rest, the moderate GOP voters are not mad enough to say they won’t reject J.E.B. Bush. Seriously, what’s it going to take to not vote for another RINO, your son or daughter being raped and murdered by a filthy scumbag illegal alien who will get a short stint in prison before being released to a sanctuary city near you to rape and murder again–safely of course since its done under sanctuary.

What will it take for all of you whining Americans to stand up and call all illegals filthy scumbags? Your son or daughter raped and murdered by one before you demand your state stop giving these invaders refuge in our country going down the tubes faster than Drano on hair balls?

We need America to rise up against Washington and tear down the big government system that has taken over the Constitutional Republic and has taken our income, our property, and our jobs, screwed up our minds through socialist indoctrinated educations that has told us people we are to bless the government, that is to be lord over us, with our private property and earnings, while forbidding us to bless and praise the name of the Lord.

And how many Christians are going along with that? Too many.

Note: It was gun-toting pastors who met the British face-to-face in Concord and began the Revolution with their muskets. they knew they would most likely die, but God nd Country were worth fighting for, getting rid of tyranny for liberty was worth it all.

Yes, I would take Trump over a phony Christian who wont call illegals and black gang-bangers and the Black Lives Matters groups the thugs they are.

The Tea Party’s goal is and always has been restore America by restoring the Constitution by tearing down this present system that is socialist and bringing back the Constitutional Republic. But we cannot do that as long as the people think government is the answer and we shouldn’t question the government.

We should do to the government what it does to so many people: Run it off, take form it, destroy it.

The Republican Party used to stand for limited taxation according to the United States Constitution, you know, that law that still stands but is being used as toilet paper by our crooked scummy leaders, who actually have the power to abolish the Internal Revenue System, but won’t because they would have to serve the people on a low-income salary while holding down a real job on the side.

If elected crooks had to work for a living and had their salaries taxed, they would abolish the agency after burning every IRS building in every, single state to the ground.

Trump is not a Fair Tax guy and he really needs to go that way instead of a flat tax that won’t reform the IRS. Reforming the tax code is nothing more than progressive code speech for “improve the IRS.” Anyone with a working brain cell wants to exterminate that non-governmental branch of the government, along with the other administrative agencies. And the Flat Tax would only add to what needs to be abolished. Will Trump see the light on that? I cant read his mind, its under his hair.

I disagree with Trump that the rich can pay more in taxes because they have more. Taxing the wealthy of their income punishes the rich for getting rich when your income is reward for hard work and smart investments and should not be taxed.

Not taxing the rich creates jobs and earnings for those without who can save and rise up.

That being said, Trump is 100% correct about illegals and getting rid of them and giving the jobs back to the American people. Our economy is bust because of illegals and we have illegals because Washington leaders, as well as State and Local government leaders who want to import cheap labor that sends its money back to foreign lands.

Democrats and RINOs love illegal aliens because they vote for handouts. So we need to first deport our leaders form their political careers that need to be cut off like a thief’s hand and then set out deporting all illegal aliens from the U.S.

Like Trump or not at least he admits this and says it even if it offends your delicate indoctrinated ears overly trained to have compassion for the wrong people.

Tea Party is pro-business, anti-government regulatory that has destroyed businesses big and small, forcing our goods to be made in the super low taxed, unregulated, communist China. The Donald rages against outsourcing and doing business with China because he “knows how to negotiate with them.” Does that make him a Tea Partier? No, but he is fiscally conservative. Is that bad? No, it’s very good if Trump exposes the underhanded stuff he says he knows the Chinese are doing against the U.S. And since many of us Americans despise the Chinese as much as illegals crossing our borders, now would be a good time to expose China’s connections to our enemies and our government’s lying in bed with China while our people are out of work thanks to China and illegals flooding our country like midnight skunks on your dogs.

Now in all honesty, Trump could never run as a Democrat because no anti-illegal candidate can run as a Democrat and get elected, but then again the Republicans haven’t had an anti-illegal president in…okay, forever. Reagan made the mistake of giving 12 million illegals amnesty and that backfired by opening a floodgate that the GOP refused to shut, even when they had both Houses. So like Trump or not, he is 100% correct with everything he’s said about illegals: Their countries send us their worst so those countries, which are entirely communist or socialist, don’t have to pay for them.

Trump says he is evolving, telling us Reagan evolved over time. Yes, Reagan evolved over time, Reagan’s evolution from Democrat to conservative Republican had to do with the government getting bigger and income and property taxes growing and taking a large portion of his paycheck, but I’m not going to attempt to figure out Trump as the TV talking heads do, because I really don’t care as long as he wakes people up.

Trump is a celebrity, a reality TV star, he has been shoring up publicity for himself for over 30 years, that’s what Trump does best next to making money, and publicity makes him more money, so if he can use that publicity know-how to get the people so riled-p angry against illegals and leaders supporting amnesty that is destroying every area of our country from jobs, to business to education, culture, heritage, language an dour safety, do it before more people bury their sons and daughters because of illegal aliens being welcomed into our country that no longer welcomes We the People.

Conservatives Need To Go Back To Reagan’s 1964 Speech

The problem with the GOP is that they do in fact know the conservatives base is angry. They get it, but they just don’t care because the GOP has not been Republicans since Reagan left office and Bush was elected, and only elected because the big government Democrat in elephant skin was the incumbent. We foolishly assumed we would be keeping Reagan conservatism. What we got was Bush Republicanism–progressivism, big government. More Democrats, just with Republican titles.

We Republicans could have found a better guy for the ticket, but we were fooled by that incumbent idiocy that always gives Republicans useless idiots. Dan Quayle was the conservative, but his good looks made him unqualified for anything other than Vice President in the minds of too many, including Republicans. In all honesty Quayle was the better man, but Bush was the incumbent we conservatives forgot was the progressive the GOP tried to force on us in 1979.

How soon we forgot Bush was Reagan’s opponent, the big government socialist William F. Buckley screamed don’t put on the ticket! There was no way we were getting that loser as president. And there he was…the VP.

Don’t blame Buckley for that, he warned us.

Reagan would have won the 1980 election with his horse on the ticket, he didn’t need George H. W. Bush, Reagan’s 1964 speech, as well as his record as governor of California, was not forgotten by any of us! We conservatives wanted Reagan and a party that “was morally right,” and to hell with the GOP, they could shove it and George H. W. Bush where the sun never shines!

I learned quickly that my fellow conservatives, who really were conservative back then, could be easily conned by party lies and vote party line for the sake of the Party and not the country.

Back then we conservatives were were all Buckley/Reagan/Goldwater conservatives who hated communism so much we wore “Kill A Commie For Mommie” T-shirts to high school and considered socialism worse than any social disease and would rather have contracted herpes everywhere on our bodies then contract socialism.

And we despised Muslims and Islam because they kidnapped our people in 1979 and we believed no deal should be made with Iran except the same deal we gave Japan in 1945.

Didn’t we learn when we all choked over Reagan’s huge debacle giving amnesty to 12 million thugs we felt should be Wet-Backed the Ike way?

Yes. But today’s Republican either forgot or wasn’t born until the Clinton era and believes the whitewashed version of history.

We took Bush because he was better than Dukakis, whose name was akin to the bull Democrats have been heaping on so long, we nearly gave up hope for a resurgence of conservative America. Bush didn’t keep us conservative, he did everything Reagan said about progressivism and the enemies of American we conservatives hate and should not compromise ourselves to in his 1964 speech.

Back then conservatives understood what many today are waking up to: Certain things should be taken down hard and mean and with sheer force: Illegals, who were 12 million too many for us then and needed to be run out.  Illegals were invaders and we conservatives saw the future and what these tribally violent illiterate foreigners would do to us. Reagan realized his mistake too late. Even then things like that could be reversed and should have given the high crime rate South of the Border Hispanics bring with them, citizenship does not better one’s morals and values, it only legalizes their chances to commit violence.

There were moderates then, those Democrat Republicans–Reagan Democrat voters, still liberals, and then in the 90s came RINOs–inbred Reagan Democrats.

Clinton won and the GOP Machine decided it was time to move left and be all inclusive.

Since when do conservatives become all-inclusive? All-inclusive means means selling one’s soul.

That brings me to Donald Trump. He’s no conservatives, he would probably sell his soul for the right deal, but he’s widely popular because, whether or not he’s a RINO or a Democrat, Trump is saying exactly what the people think, versus telling the people what they want to hear. Americans hate that, politicians tell you what you want to hear, not what you really think.  So even if Trump is a phony, his tone and remarks about illegals, Mexico, Mexicans, China, Russia, jobs and business, are true.

Trump has also made some serious political remarks against people trying to save this country from deadly threats within that have been allowed to immigrate and bring a violent culture to this society. I’m talking about Pamela Geller and Bosch Fawstin and their brave exercise of free speech: The “Draw Mohammad” contest. Trump said Geller never should never have held the contest, that she invited the attack. Trump is wrong, Islam has been here for too long and has been attacking the United States from within since 1993’s World Trade Center attack, so Geller did not invite anything that was not already attacking and killing our people in the name of its religious movement of war and death and conquer. Geller and Fawstin do what Trump is doing and is being trashed for right now:  Free speech, and Trump is loved for it right now because he’s saying the truth about illegals.

Trump needs a serious wake-up call on Islam and Muslims, because they are part of the immigration problem he is coming out against. I would suggest Trump meet with Geller and Fawstin to truly understand Islam, because Trump’s outspoken mouth might be able to shake enough people awake to see how evil Islam and Muslims are and get people screaming to remove Muslims and Islam from America.

When it comes to the GOP versus the DNC, Republicans should be like the most private country club: Exclusive only to those who share a conservative, constitutional philosophy. Ted Cruz is that philosophy and is being trashed like rotten food down a garbage disposal for his Reagan conservative stance.

Notice Democrats are highly exclusive to the point that no black American is allowed in the Democrat Party if they so much as think for themselves! Yet the GOP is excluding aa Texas Hispanic, not because he’s half Irish, but because he is 100% conservative and the GOP wants left of center and Cruz does not and will not lock-step to socialist policies.

If anything I hope Trump’s big mouth wakes up enough to see Cruz is a conservative guy who wants illegals deported and government crushed into pea size piddle controlled by the people.

Back to blacks and voting: No fiscally conservative black American is allowed to enter the Democrat Party, they will be politically lynched. Black voters who dare move right are ostracized, not only by fellow blacks, but Aunt Pity Pat feigning whites who scream, “But you’re black, you cannot possibly consider making your own money, owning your own home! You’re not allowed to, why are you acting like an Uncle Tom, aren’t all you blacks supposed to hate liberty and ‘be comfortable in your poverty’?”

Remember when the GOP was all inclusive to anyone of any race, skin color and gender who was constitutional? All that mattered was keeping the Constitution intact, not letting go of private property rights, keeping 100% of you earnings and not giving it to the government by force through the IRS, keeping God in government and government out of God and personal beliefs, you know, because that’s our First Amendment right, it’s not a government right or decree. That’s not just a Tea Party movement, that was the Reagan Revolution and we did restore this country.

Remember when the GOP was against abortion? We knew Roe v Wade is law, but it should be a 10th amendment state right, not a federal government demand funded through taxes. Everyone knows Roe v wade can be overturned back to the states, but too many dim wits think it should not be an issue. If that’s the case, nothing should ever be an issue unless its demanded by gays, blacks, illegals, and Muslims. The rest of us can accept being controlled by 1%, 13%, 50 million invaders and about 1 million or so terrorists by religious edict.

Boy we didn’t think that way when we wanted to kill a commie for mommie!

Women will get abortions if they want, you can’t stop someone from finding a way, but abortion should not be funded by taxpayers. Let the Soros people who want it funded, fund it, not the people.

Also, the GOP has been in favor of over-the-counter contraception birth control pills for years. OBGYNs and scientists said estrogen is safe to be sold over-the-counter. Never mind that. Democrats are against women obtaining birth control this way, despite the costs being low for everyone. Democrats want women to get something proven safe to sell cheaply over the counter through a prescription instead. This after leftists screamed the Pill costs too much. Does that make sense GOP?

Want to prevent a large percent of abortion, sell BC pills over the counter, but Democrats say no, while demanding it be handed out to all women for free.

It’s not about the Pill or Democrats would demand the bill pass making the Pill an over-the-counter sale right now. And with the supposed high demand for the Pill, all pharmacy chains would compete like the Olympics with prices just as they do on all products.

The real fight is abut abortion and the Abortion Pill, not birth control and the Pill.

The GOP refuses to point out one cannot get pregnant on the pill (some have, but that is a fluke, pardon the pun), the Pill is contraception, it prevents pregnancy, the Abortion Pill and abortion surgery are not contraception because one must become pregnant to have an abortion. Abortion pills and abortion surgery are the removal of, termination of pregnancy, not prevention.

Conservatives need to shout: If Democrats are for women’s health and not risking women to unwanted or unsafe pregnancies, they would support the bill to make the Pill over-the-counter and available at competitive prices everywhere.

What would that do? Cut abortion in half….but then where would progressives, who are in the business of harvesting human being’s body parts by killing them in or out of the womb for profit, be? Broke!

We now know the reason the Left wants abortion: They harvest human beings. Sort of like the Nazis did with Lebensborn, only instead of Nazi children being harvested through pregnancies to be raised as a super race, the majority of aborted babies being harvested like cotton on a plantation for human body parts sales are chopped up black babies.

I doubt any RINO can stomach that unless they’ve been going along with this atrocity all along, otherwise, any person with the slightest amount of decency can see this is not healthcare, this is Frankenstein.

But its also DC politics and all politicians in both parties care about is reelection, not the Country and the Constitution. And certainly not the people except when they need your vote to empower them further. Look at Reagan’s speech above, he hated that. So did Buckley.

How about guns?

We Reagan/Buckley/Goldwater conservatives didn’t have the anti-gun fight we have today. Reagan was shot in 1981, but Mrs. Brady and her Bunch had not gone after Americans Second Amendment rights yet.  Sure her husband suffered horribly, but it was not the gun, it was the psychotic lunatic whose parents warned doctors to lock him up before he killed someone.

Had psychiatrists listened to the Hinckleys that tragic day never would have happened and the Brady Bill would not exist. But it does and has become far worse as anti-gunners gun for people’s rights to not only defend against physical attacks on themselves and loved ones, but to defend against a tyrannical government that knows it cannot control or enslave armed citizens.

Trump has been anti-gun, so I don’t know where he stands at the moment on his stance to support Bloomberg’s gun-grab. But I haven’t forgotten.

Democrats are the same party that tell rape victims to use rape whistles when attacked by rapists. Are we conservatives going to continue letting the GOP go along with that or make them whistle “hi-ho, hi-ho, I’m off to work in a minimum wage that’s low?”

There is a war on women female conservatives should scream to the GOP about: “Democrats are against rape, but don’t want women armed with anything other than whistles. Expose this!”

The GOP should point out that raped women can become pregnant and “shouldn’t they have been able to prevent rape with guns? Shouldn’t women have rights to kill rapists who will kill women after the rape?” If the Democrats say no, point out that they hate women and worry more about rapists running free among us because of leftist laws that protect rapists instead of women.

What about energy: Conservatives have always been for energy–American energy: Coal, oil, gas, and we’re not against solar and wind if people want it, we’re for this country harvesting it all (instead of babies) so we can use it all, make money on it, up the American energy economy to an all-time high. Democrats killed our refinery industry, they prevented the Keystone Pipeline and all those jobs, they want Saudi oil, but so do Republicans, so does J.E.B. Bush. Those RINOs and leftists have their money invested  enemy. Trump is right about taking the Middle East’s oil and making the enemy poor.

What about money? Democrats love to refer to the 1980s as “80s Excess” as if everyone having the chance to make it, jobs being abundant, money flowing to spend, and the economy up as being a bad thing. Well it is if the poor make money and don’t need government to take care of them.

Conservatives like money, we’re not ashamed to say it. We know Trump’s not whether or not he’s conservative, but he says what the GOP should say about money–Conservatives appreciate the value of money, but our money has no value because two parties borrow trillions from China and spend it to enrich our enemies while handing out trillions in invisible dollars to the people now stuck with debt they don’t have jobs to repay their debt.

The two parties do not appreciate money, they love money—for themselves- while loathing the people having it. Conservatives believe people should make money, lots of it, and believe how individuals spend money is their business and no one else’s. Conservatives know people have constitutional rights to own as big or as small a home and land as they want and can afford and its no one else’s business.

Conservatives believe people and God know what’s best for them and their families, not government. Reagan believed that. Listen to the speech.

Democrats believe they should control everyone else’s income, decide how much people can and cannot have, own, and what they can and cannot do. One thing would be birthing and raising children.  And the GOP has fallen in line with this way of thinking, because its made them super wealthy through taxpayer’s funding leader’s paychecks.

The GOP is the Democrat’s cheap sister who sleeps around with low-lifes for money.

The GOP is a progressive think tank conservatives need to stop reelecting and kick out of the family.

Republicans are no longer an inclusive party of values and morals fighting for our constitutional heritage, they inbred themselves with Democrats, like Roosevelt’s marrying each other to keep the money in one place and the family wealthier.

The GOP will never articulate any of this until its destroyed by the people and the Grand Ole’ Party restored. but we must all stand up and fight together.

So what about it conservatives? Are we going to continue being too afraid to insult the Democrats and Republicans, or the Left and their radical rights whores for fear of being called racists (Black Lives Matters and Black Panthers are the racists), homophobe (how anyone can be afraid of a bunch of men who dress up as women and decorate your living room in pastels, or a bunch of women who love to look like UPS drivers–well that is scary) anti-women (Telling women to use a rape whistle instead of a gun is anti-women), bigoted (I am and I don’t care!), mean (I am and I don’t care). Insult for heavens’ sake! Don’t just let Trump say what we people are thinking, all conservatives need to act like real Americans and not the French! Good grief, I’m part French and I know better!

When are conservatives going to get really angry and let the GOP have where it counts–the polls.

We the People are thinking pretty mean right now, so say it and say it publicly even if you cause mass shock!

Get down and dirty about illegals invading, stealing jobs, raping and murdering Americans, Islam and Muslims invading the U.S. for the goal of terror, China, Iran, Obama, Hillary, RINOs, and more. If we conservative would, since the GOP won’t, we could change America back to America.

Trump is no conservative, but despite this he is saying exactly what the American people think and feel about illegal aliens invading the U.S. like fleas on Chinese ships carrying the Plague!

Good grief! My dogs scratch far superior beings, and those fleas can be removed by my groomer.

Our government does not want to bathe this country and clean out the infestation of illegals and Muslims invading us further since 9/11, when they all should have been rounded up and deported and banned from the USA, because its Islam and its followers we are fighting, not the Southern Baptist branch of the Baptists or Mazel Tov screaming Jews.

The Government–Federal, State, and Local, Democrat and Republican, are not interested in Illegals and Muslims being removed any more than they want to abolish the IRS that pays leaders well by handing them your paychecks and seized property.

And we keep reelecting this scum instead of bleaching it off the surface to uncover the Constitutional Republic hidden underneath.

That’s okay, let Islam seize our country, shoot our bases, behead our people at work, blow up our buildings. But let’s not insult everything wrong invading us, because it might offend our enemies, our leaders, and worse, lame brain voters who think everything is fine. Did Reagan care when he called the USSR and evil empire? No. Did he mince words in his 1964 speech about enemies and making deals with them and how dangerous that was? No.

Conservatives have been talking this GOP nonsense for so long we forgot where we came from. And when we remind people, we are accused of being old-fashioned, out of step (thank God we are), intolerant (proud of it), stodgy (who cares, I’m utterly fabulous, just look at my hair, and don’t even get me started on my wardrobe!), and just too exclusive! Please, I wish we Republicans were when it comes to morals, values, the Constitution, conservatism!

We’ve allowed everything to infiltrate the Party to the point so-called Republican voters think the GOP is supposed to be progressive, not conservative, and if you are a conservative you must be a Nazi, because, weren’t they? No, they were left wing progressives who idolized Margaret Sanger and Woodrow Wilson.

Trump hit that nerve and he’s not even a conservative, but if he can rile enough people to tear Washington apart and restore the GOP back to Buckley and Reagan and the Constitution, I say let him his big obnoxious mouth bellow off louder than my insulting and obnoxious big mouth, even if he is phony.

Most conservatives do in fact know Trump is an ego-maniac, but the fact is we can’t get the GOP to give us the truth if we shoved it down their throats and gave them a politically high colonics, we are going to have to use any means necessary to wake up America, even if its a guy with the biggest comb-over hairdo since Marie Antoinette monstrous wigs.

Right now a RINO is saying exactly what fed-up Americans think about RINOs and government, not what they want to hear. But don’t forget Trump is willing to go third party only out of snottiness. That will only elect Hillary. Let Bernie Sanders split the Democrats, Trump needs to spew what people think and get behind someone like Ted Cruz.

But do not put anything past the GOP who will, no matter what, give us J.E.B., even if Trump or Ted or Carly or Perry won the primary!

When it comes down to it what do you conservative, patriotic Americans who loves this country and want your country back want? How about restoring the country? If it takes Trump, who votes all over the place like a backroom deal to wake up enough to vote for the real conservatives in the field, I say talk.

But We the People must to stand up together, loud, furious, scare the daylights out of Washington, make them fear us, and take them all down and restore this country, not continue reelecting everything we whine and groan and moan about.

The GOP is in bed with the Democrats, so why don’t we conservatives behave like wronged spouses and divorce the GOP leaders and take our party back the way Reagan talked about taking it back in 1964 and then did in 1980.

Its not as if we cant, its about being willing to fight unless we want another Bush Republican d more big government.

Black Lives Matter Way Too Much


A must read by a fabulous and authentic journalist who tells the truth, doesn’t hide facts to make you fell good, but expose the lies you need to wake up from and to. To my readers, please read this post by Donald Joy and sign up for his blog!

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A black criminal resists or attacks a white cop or a mostly non-black watchman, and dies as a result, and the whole country spins wildly into paroxysms of hysteria.

Orgies of non-stop rioting and looting commence.  Police departments and municipal governments enact emergency measures, costing taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  Lawyers, politicians, and officials hustle to the microphones.  Reporters, analysts, and pundits go into hyper-drive.  Businesses burn to the ground.  Entire city blocks explode in flames and mayhem and murder.  The federal government doles out mountains of cash for leftist community agitators to go in and egg on the rioters, even while signing them up to vote.

Lather, douse with more gasoline, repeat.

Obese, loudmouthed black female troublemakers disrupt and completely hijack events where gray-haired, pale-faced Democrat men — candidates for president, no less — are shouted down and shoved aside, unable to give their scheduled speeches.  Last month it was former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley…

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