10 Rules for Victory I Leanred from General Patton and Cruella De Vil

Dear Readers,

My latest piece is up at PJ Media.com where my conservative manifesto for defeating the counter culture, leftist progressives tears into them like a dog on a bone, the reason my editor nicknamed me “The General Patton-Meets-Cruella De Vil of the Internet.”

I believe in fighting back to win. Remember, “No one ever won a war by dying for their country. They won by making the other dumb poor bastard die for his country!” So if you want to win, destroy your opposition and don’t apologize or play nice.

Check out the piece and let PJ know what you think in the comments section  below the column: http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2015/04/20/10-rules-for-victory-i-learned-from-general-george-s-patton-cruella-de-vil/

Gender Neutral Public Restrooms? Not If I’m In the Ladies Room!

The so-called sexually confused about their birth have been demanding “Gender Neutral Restrooms” for all public restrooms. The poor darlings, puzzled into psychological disorder over being born the gender opposite the gender they want to be, demand rights to expose (what is and always should be private between the sexes) their three “S’s” with everyone.

Not if I’m in that public restroom! I’ll show you the full meaning of privacy rights as a real woman!

Congrats brats! Obama has gender neutralized restrooms at the White House:

For the first time in history, the White House has designated a gender-neutral restroom for visitors and staffers—the latest in a series of steps the administration has taken to protect the rights of members of the LGBT community.

This is a political propagandist push to force everyone into excepting sexual intrusiveness despite the Left’s demands Americans have personal rights–abortion comes to mind. The latest sexual rights demand is about sodomizing traditional America’s privacy all together. The Left doesn’t believe in personal beliefs or rights (other than theirs) or the privilege to keep certain things about our bodies exclusive to ourselves.

Concerning public restrooms, states like Florida have legislature prohibiting men from entering opposite sex restrooms for good reason:

Single-Sex Public Facilities: Provides purpose & legislative findings; requires that use of single-sex public facilities be restricted to persons of sex for which facility is designated; prohibits knowingly & willfully entering single-sex public facility designated for or restricted to persons of other sex; provides criminal penalties; provides private cause of action against violators; provides exemptions; provides applicability with respect to other laws; provides for preemption (CS/CS/HB 583).

Note: People cannot “knowingly & willfully” enter a “single-sex public facility.” Doing so is considered a crime, because men entering women’s restrooms might be doing so to commit a sexual crimes.

The Single-Sex Public Facilities is setup to prevent sexual attacks and acts of perversion:

Single-sex public facilities are places of increased vulnerability and present the potential for crimes against individuals using those facilities, including, but not limited to, assault, battery, molestation, rape, voyeurism, and exhibitionism.

Without such laws, sex offenders can use the gender neutral excuse to enter the ladies room and attack women or young girls. Don’t think something that despicable will never happen with enforced gender neutral laws.

Gender-Neutral laws are advocated and pressed on society by the same people who believe pedophilia is a sexual lifestyle and the age of sexual consent should be lowered. These cultural envelope-pushers also aid and abet military traitors with rights to undergo sex-change operations as reward for treasonous actions against the United States.

The transgender, cross dressing, sex-changed, homosexual, and the latest sexuality title– Intersex person–are a bunch of left wing want-it-all brats, trampling everyone else’s rights for their self-gain. And their carnal wants are heavily funded by billionaire George Soros’s “Open Societies Foundation”  and “New Beginning Initiative” that is assisting President Obama’s policy changes on behalf of homosexuals hell-bent on tearing down the bridges of nature and creation.

Society better not question that dangers of going beyond the sexual norm. As the Gay Movement says: Accept, give in, tolerate, or lose.

Everything immoral has become norm.

Consider Time Magazine promoting homosexuality as part of God’s intention for human sexuality with its kissing gay couple cover,

The picture of a nation of immovable factions dug into ideological trenches is belied by this increasingly uncontroversial controversy. Yesterday’s impossible now looks like tomorrow’s inevitable.

Time even insinuates that Kind David’s love for his best friend Jonathan (King’s Saul’s son) was homosexual, otherwise why would David say he “loved Jonathan.” In other words, people can’t love someone of the same gender as a friend without it being sexual.

Activist John Arovosis says,

The kiss has been quite a powerful political weapon in the gay arsenal for a while now. And checking our archives, it’s rather amazing how important the ‘gay kiss’ has been to our political struggle over the years.

Time’s “gay kiss” is a “powerful political weapon,” in the “gay arsenal?” In other words, ammunition against us nasty heterosexuals who believe in God’s creation of man and woman, not other sexual life-styles.

Let’s pacify every sexual desire and life-style to the point we rid America of gender. Just pee on traditional values, compel people to accept any and all sexuality or deem them hate-filled bigots.

Homosexuality is everywhere—TV, movies, books, magazines, advertisements, HGTV home buyers and decorators, magazine layouts, because you know, every other person on the planet is gay even though only 1% of the American population is homosexual. Next stop, Sweden!

I don’t care if the supposedly sexually confused feel they were born the wrong gender, I don’t give a flip if you sexuality pushers assume rights to use opposite sex restrooms or changing rooms, the ladies room is for women and the men’s room is for men.

Boys and men over the age of needing mommy’s help to use the privy or trying on clothing, stay the hell out of the ladies rooms! Especially if I’m in there, unless you want to come face-to-bag with my super heavy Italian handbag I know how to wield like a battlefield Roman warrior.

As far as women go, we better stand up and assert those women’s privacy rights the feminists claim we have or urinals and perverts will become fixtures in our turf where our young daughters will be effected negatively, or trained to think men and women should not have boundaries and discretion. When that happens, everything dangerous will overrun this society already trashed with perversion.

Hillary, Your Phony Campaign Ad Left Out Oliver Twist Begging Those Nasty Rich People (like your super rich daughter Chelsea) for “More”

Hillary kicked off her second presidential campaign with an ad phonier than her claim she and her philandering husband were “flat broke” after leaving the White House.

Hillary declared, “I’m running for president!”  because,

Americans have fought their way back from tough economic times. But the deck is still stacked in favor of those at the top. Everyday Americans need a champion and I want to be that champion.


That ad is was one step shy of dragging out the thread-bare Oliver Twist, begging America’s nasty rich people, “Please sir, I want some more.” After all, we are a Tale of Two America’s and the Clintons represent everything they want lower income Americans to loath and abandon while keeping the powerful Clintons what they are: Wealthy!


By-the-way, “those at the top” are Hillary and her multi-thousand-dollar attired daughter Chelsea, gracing the cover of the latest Elle Magazine, to discuss equality from the play-actor elitist point of view. What Chelsea considers truly difficult is just about as idiotic as her mother’s Oliver Twist struggles declaration: Chelsea told Elle Magazine:

it is challenging to me that women comprising 20 percent of Congress is treated as a real success. Since when did 20 percent become the definition of equality? And so when you ask about the importance of having a woman president, absolutely it’s important, for, yes, symbolic reasons—symbols are important; it is important who and what we choose to elevate, and to celebrate.

Give me a break! Americans, If Hillary should be president because she’s a woman, then Roman Polanski is qualified to escort your daughters to their junior proms and Bill should be in charge of a sorority house.

As to Hillary being a woman, the jury is still out on whether or not Hillary actually qualifies to be a woman.

Hillary (as well as her daughter) panders to those who work hard for a living by insinuating she has done the same. The exact opposite is true. While I never condemn anyone who has it easy, or those who do not had to work as hard as others for what they have, or anyone who inherits (because the Constitution says we are equal only in liberty), I do have a problem with Democrats and Republicans who pretend they have struggled financially to the point of being “flat broke” when the opposite is true.

The scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton never struggled at anything other than looking like a woman, nor has she been flat broke. Roughing it for Hillary is being asked to answer questions concerning her corruption. Roughing it for Chelsea would be flying coach and having to sit next to those her mother pretends to care about.

For the politically correct who thrive on self-loathing, Hillary’s pretentious ad was chock full of skin color, single parenting, and gay couples for those who claim America’s too white and too traditional. Yes, you get gay couples (because you should believe 50% of America is gay), the single Hispanic mom, the pregnant couple (shouldn’t they be birthing the head for a Democrat-funded scissor-stabbing?) one Asian (we don’t want “them” getting “too uppity”), enough blacks to prove the First Black President’s wife feels their minority pain, a couple playing with their dog they are oh-so concerned with teaching the naughty darling not to eat the trash (did Hillary make them register that dog to vote Democrat?), an elderly woman gardening (that’s really all the elderly are good for until progressives convince Americans we need to die at age 65), enough footage of cities, chain-link, cement, factories and smokestacks, and smidge of farmland, to prove that America is not the country for property owners, but government caregivers, and just the right amount of white, blue collar workers having coffee and chatting like friends with Hillary, to appease to unionized Democrats.

All that was missing from this glorified leftist two-America’s ad was Roman Polanski accepting Babysitter of the Century award and Bill Clinton’s “Husband of the Year” acceptance speech. After all, isn’t America tolerant of rapists and pedophiles?

The ad did forget the American tribes and the Twelve Tribes (despite Hillary pretending to be Jewish during her 2000 Senate run). God and authentic feather-bearers (Native Americans, claim your feathers are an act of homosexual religious rites and you’re in!) were null and void in this supposedly all-American ad. Never mind that Madame Clinton’s son-in-law, or  Hillary 2000 Senate run claims she is half Jewish (because her grandmother’s second marriage was to a Jewish man who was not Hillary’s mother’s father), that large portion of Democrat voters were ignored in the ad. Hey, this is the woman who sided with Yaser Arafat and the Palestinians against Israel. All that matters is pandering to the right people at the right time.

I predict Hillary’s next ad will pander to wives, mothers, and grandmothers, since Hillary is all of those, despite her once trashing those women (with a faux Southern accent) as, “Look, I’m not some Tammy Wynette standing by my man baking cookies, here,” and the fact she has stood by that lying, cheating, country music description, Hillary, like her phony ad and arrogant daughter, will stand by anything that gets Hillary elected president, and she is counting on voters to beg, “Please Ma’am, we want some more.”

Manners Have Been Replaced By Tolerance, And It’s Giving the Enemy the Upper Hand

I spent the weekend watching one of my favorite movie series: Die Hard. I love Bruce Willis’s John McClane. McClane is a well-mannered, good guy/tough guy New York City cop, who doesn’t tolerate anything unacceptable, especially terrorists who want to destroy America.

McClane’s good manners allow him to move within any circle of people and talk to anyone on any level, but common sense always prevents McClane from being the victim of those who wish to coerce him and others to give in and bow down to evil.

Manners are completely different than tolerance. For one thing, tolerance means you accept and put up with anything and everything, even when you do not agree or like those things. Sinus infections come to mind. I’ll use that example since millions of Americans suffer from sinus trouble and must tolerate their nasal allergies in order to go about their daily lives. Manners, however, demand we display certain behavior given situations and circumstance. Good manners stipulate we never accept bad behavior. Manners stipulate we address anything wrong and stop it, because poor behavior is simply intolerable.

Common sense is part of good manners, but common sense never tolerates anything wrong. We have gone from a society of good manners and common sense to tolerating wrongs so we are not deemed bigoted, or heaven forbid, wealthy! Wealthy is a new “F” word used to shame anyone with the audacity to have more than others, who should not have to do without while others have, or to steal what others have—think ‘Die Hard” nemesis Hans Gruber.

Once, good manners said that the poor-man’s attitude was not only rude, it was jealousy that had no place in a society where people are able to work and earn and own without class restrictions. Now, we hate the rich and aspire to poverty. We despise America and tolerate illegals crashing our borders and stealing American jobs and driving down once higher wages that helped move Americans up the financial ladder. Achieving is considered wrong, begging is more sensible.

Common sense says never tolerate anyone invading our country. Now we remain silent about illegal aliens, even though they are violating the laws of the United States, and Islamic terror, despite its violent attacks on the United States, because it is intolerant to openly show disdain for criminals and terrorists.

We tossed common sense and manners for idiocy and appeasement.

We used to view the world from the John McClane common sense point of view. We used to be patriotic and nationalistic toward this country we believed must be defended and protected. As civilians, we believed it a moral duty to speak out and defend our country while men and women in uniform protected us on the battlefield. We civilians saw ourselves as soldiers on the home front who must fight the good fight. We used to be John McClanes. Now we despise American patriotism because it offends other countries and people who hate us, and we don’t want to insult our detractors.

The Left has convinced Americans to be ashamed of themselves, but tolerate those who hate us as penance for our white, Judeo-Christian heritage. The end result of our tolerance is ignorance making us lose all decorum in order to save face.

By now you are asking: Isn’t tolerance another way of being polite? No, tolerance is an inappropriate way to allow the Left and our enemies to subdue us and our nation. John McClane had fabulous manners. He demonstrated respect toward police officers in other cities he warned, even when they laughed at his warnings and demonstrated horrid manners toward him. But that did not pull him to his detractor’s level. He rose up, fought, and won.

A patriot is not a wimp, nor is the patriot rude. Patriotism requires good conduct or the enemy easily gains the upper hand, as seen in the Die Hard movies when other police officers display jealousy and poor manners toward John, rather than respecting his intelligence skills. Who won in the end? Common sense and good manners or negotiating tolerance with the terrorists?

By now you are asking: Isn’t is wrong to make fun of someone or refer to an illegal as illegal? After all, human isn’t illegal. Yes, I have read the propagandist slogans used against us in order to indoctrinate us into one way of thinking—the Left’s way. A criminal action is just that, and human beings who commit illegal actions are criminals.

You’ve been trained not to call Islam a violent religion, despite the so-called religion of peace’s doctrine of slaughtering all non-Muslims being just that.

You believe negativity toward Islam is bigoted intolerance. That’s okay, shut up and tolerate attacks on America and don’t complain during your beheading.

Thank heavens John McClane didn’t worry about hurting the German Hans Gruber’s feelings or that anti-American, anti-capitalist thug would have made off with hundreds of millions in bearer bonds. John beat the snot out of Hans (Hans took John’s wife hostage and good manners dictates a gentleman never allows anyone to harm his wife. For that, the thug must suffer and Die Hard) and then shoved Hans out a high rise window to his death. Bravo for good manners and zero tolerance!

Tolerance and lost manners has cost this nation trillions in debt due to appeasing everything and everyone. Tolerance and lost manners has trashed the American Experiment as a useless dream big government needs to own and control. Good manners used to put a stop to government thievery, common sense used to crush government tyranny, this insane broadmindedness is so close-minded to liberty we have forgotten what liberty is. We’re too busy being patient.

John McClane is a gentleman, but he doesn’t have a single ounce of patience for anything that destroys this country. He kicks the living snot out of evil, without apologies. Apologizing for what is right is pathetic.

Wake up Americans: Stop being so tolerant. Tolerance is giving the enemy the upper hand.

Lisa Richards YouTube Discusses Federalist No. 47

Dear Readers,

Does the government have the right to consolidate power? Does the president have the right to legislate? Can the Supreme Court legislate? How much power does the Constitution allow government, Federal, State and local? I will be discussing this in a new YouTube series with the Founder’s writings, Federalist Papers, Constitution, Declaration, the laws, what they are and what government cannot ever do.

Here is the first in a series discussing our government and our rights that do not come from government, that has no right to control or regulate us in any way beyond that of nature’s laws that insist upon good laws that do not trample human rights: https://youtu.be/yiiwxyYkkHw

Lisa Richards YouTube Message To Starbucks

Dear Readers,

I’ve decided after the last Youtube videos, to stick with that versus radio, since the YouTube reaches more and too many in radio want the truth toned down to sound more moderate. I cannot do that, so I am doing YouTube internet videos, as well as now have begun writing with PJ Media in the Life-Style Section http://www.pjmedia.com, as well as my Rock n Roll Politics blog here.

This latest video is directed at Starbucks phony  #RaceTogether ad that is a phony way to make whites feels guilty about being white. Well here is my take and my take will no doubt cause hysterics, despite most of us, including black Americans, do this:


10 Most Amazing Women of Heavy Metal

Dear Readers,

I have been honored by PJ Media pjmedia.com https://www.pjmedia.com @PJ_Media to write a music critique of today’s modern female heavy Metal voice and why today’s voice has something to offer to a wider audience than before. Check out this piece and please leave your comments at PJ media along with others, who have very strong music opinions about this piece and who they thought I should have included on my list.


We want to know what readers are interested in, what they love listening to, what they think of this list of ten women:  http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2015/03/06/the-10-most-amazing-women-of-heavy-metal/

I look forward to sharing more list pieces on various cultural issues.

Lisa Richards


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