What Part of “Slay All The Infidels Where You Find Them” Do You Not Understand or Refuse to Accept As The Reality Of Islam?

Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, the 24-year-old Kuwait-born terrorist who massacred five military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is the personification of Islam, of course uttering such truthful insensitivities causes the self-loathing brainwashed faint of heart to pass out.

Abdulazeez was a practicing Muslim, he followed Islam, his family adhere to the religion of war, murder, death, rape, and did exactly what Islam and its holy book the Koran commands all Muslims to do: “Slay all the infidels where you find them.”

Terror is what all Muslims are commanded by Mohammad to commit:

And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers. (Sura 2, verse 191).

What part of Islam is evil and not peace do we not understand?  Why do we continue tolerating these people and opening our immigration doors to Muslims versus rejecting them? Because we refuse to admit the truth. Actually we have been commanded to never admit the truth, but accept and tolerate the lies perpetrated by the Left that agrees with Islam.

That stupidity enabled the latest terrorist to call Muslims to act through his Facebook page, while the FBI ignored his rhetoric as harmless:

Brothers and sisters don’t be fooled by your desires, this life is short and bitter and the opportunity to submit to Allah may pass you by

If you make the intention to follow allahs way 100 % and put your desires to the side, allah will guide you to what is right.

Following Allah means waging jihad against all, infidels, not hanging out with us and talking about Bruce Jenner’s sex change.

Every Muslim is a potential terrorist, not some idiot-termed “lone wolf” with emotional problems caused by too much education and money. If Muslims do not leave the religion of Islam and become ex-Muslims, they are either terrorists or terror enablers, because a bad Muslim is a Muslim who renounces Islam and leaves that religion because they reject its evil.

Islam requires slaughtering human beings like cattle, burning gays alive, terrorizing humanity into submission and slavery.

All Muslims are commanded to wage jihad against all non-Muslims, 9/11 was the act of obedience to Islam. After 9/11 Muslims should have been deported and banned from the United States. Instead, we were told to tolerate Islam, because to think negatively toward Muslims is bigoted. Say that “B” word and Christians will crucify themselves so they are never called bigot by terrorists or bleeding-hearted useless idiots.

We accept and tolerate Muslims because we have been brainwashed and indoctrinated by the Left (that sides with Islam because the Left despises life and liberty) to foolishly assume Islam is peace.

We are afraid to admit the truth.

Islam has been attacking the world non-stop for 1400 years, Christians have been preaching peace, love and Christ’s redemption for all for 2000 years, but Christians are condemned as vicious and Muslims are depicted as the most peaceful people since Hitler was considered a jolly good chap!

Islam is not peace or Muslims would not be torturing and murdering gays all over the Middle East, taking away rights of human beings to live by slaughtering innocent men because they chose a lifestyle Islam hates.

Christians don’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle, but we never murder gays, nor do we allow such a heinous crime. We forbid murder, because God calls murder evil, and to kill (beyond self-defense or accidental killing) anyone because you dislike their lifestyle or beliefs or who they are in general is vile. Islam does exactly that on a daily basis and gets away with it on the grounds of religion.

It is lawful in Islam to rape victims of rape, because Muslim rape victims are considered adulteresses. It is lawful for Muslim men to rape women if they feel sexual urges, because rape in Islam is equal to sex.

Christians do not commit those heinous acts, Christians wont kill gays, Muslims do, but are Christians are condemned as hateful for disagreeing with and not accepting homosexuality.

Islam is permitted to shout “Death To America,” but it’s considered immorally detestable, and just plain bigoted, to say “Death To Islam.”

Why would anyone think it wrong to destroy the movement of death, murder, rape, and war? Why wouldn’t any moral person see that destroying a movement of full-blown evil is just? Why wouldn’t anyone want a movement that slaughters and rapes stopped, ended, snuffed out?

Why would anyone embrace death? Why wouldn’t anyone want destruction brought upon murder? Think about it? If you answer, “but its mean to hate Islam”  you are saying its mean to hate evil and we must embrace it with love in order to change its evil heart and wicked mind.

Why allow that murderous movement to stay in this country founded on Judeo-Christian principles when the followers of Islam are plotting to destroy this country from within through violent attacks? If we allow that we say there is nothing wrong with Muslims attacking us, after all, we deserve it for being American and they deserve to do it to us for our being American.

That’s exactly what we are doing.

The result is more attacks: Fort Hood (that was just workplace violence, so stop being a bigot!) Times Square (that terror attempt may have been simply traffic road rage, so stop being a racist bigot!)  The Shoe-Bomber (hey, it was a long flight and he’s French, so he has a really good excuse to be nasty, but you don’t!)  Boston Marathon Bombing (they were refugees and you bigoted Americans have no idea what its like for a terrorist to have to go through our easy immigration process that welcomes anyone interested in destroying the United states!)  Oklahoma beheading (workplace violence. Besides, that woman offended that Muslims freak by telling him she did not want to convert to his violent religion! How dare she!), the list goes on but I would hate to sound like an anti-Islam bigot.

If you believe leftist indoctrination then I wonder if 9/11 bothered you. I wonder if massacring thousands of innocent lives really matters to you, unless they are violent black thugs killing cops for killing violent criminals. Oh yes, then lives matter!

Give me one, good reason why evil can and should remain in the United states? Give me one, good reason why all Muslims should not be deported. Tell me why the U.S. should not have been deported all Muslims after 9/11 and banned Islamic immigration in the USA forever?

And do not tell me all Muslims are decent people and a small handful of radicals hijacked a peaceful religion, and Muslims are not bothering anyone, they come here for a better life, because that thinking ingrained in Americans is getting this country attacked. Not to mention its a load of bull manure that could fertilize the Sahara!

America rejected God, but embraces Islam. Americans have been retrained to hate peace and embrace evil. We have been trained to rejected Christianity that preaches peace and love and accept violence by calling it peace. We are forbidden to say the name of Jesus in public because it offends Muslims, taught from birth to murder all non-Muslims, but we tolerate Muslims and their violent religion.

That makes as much sense as Bruce Jenner’s makeover that looks like Sandra Bullock morphed into Betty Davis’s “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

Don’t Americans want peace instead of death to America? Why wouldn’t we say death to that evil?

I hate murder, I hate rape, I hate torture of human beings, I hate that which massacres human life in order to conquer life and force it into slavery. Doesn’t that sound right to feel, think and believe that way? No, it’s socially just to embrace an evil that commits unthinkable horrors upon human beings, and is on our American soil plotting and committing jihad here in the U.S.

When are we going to reject Islamic immigration?

When will we Americans stop embracing evil?  How many more attacks will we endure? How many more Americans have to die at the hands of Muslims before we reject them and their religion? How much more will we Americans put up with before we push Islam off our shores, out of our country, deport them all so they know they are not welcome in the United States, because we will not allow our country to be overtaken by violence?

To tolerate Islam and its followers is to say we embrace war, murder, rape, death. What part of “slay all the infidels” don’t we understand?

Save The Lions…Unless it’s the Lion of Judah!

I’ve never cared less about a lion than I do now and I’m an animal lover, but the fact we are consumed to hysteria with the life and death of Cecil the Zimbabwe lion when our nation is in economic decline and we are threatened by mass illegal immigration brining violent criminals, Islamic terror is attacking us on our soil, and Iran becoming worse than the Soviet threat, is beyond idiocy. It’s disgraceful.

We will obsess over a lion killed by a big game hunter (unless of course it’s the Lion of Judah—Jesus—then we just ban his name and slaughter Christians like big game) but shrug our shoulders at the fact that President Obama is set to nuke up Iran, a nation that has chanted “Death to America” ever since the Ayatollah Khomeini coined that phrase during the inception of the Iranian Revolution in 1979 when he referred to United States as the “Great Satan.”

How soon we forget that in 2010, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood before the UN Council and warned President Obama that the Iranian régime was on the verge of full nuclear capability and Iran would attack the United States. Ahmadinejad declared the United States unprepared to face the consequences of a war “that has no boundaries,” because, “war is not just bombs.” Everyone has forgotten that speech that subtly declared Islam will attack from inside the U.S. as it has been doing since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Just ignore it all and what is sure to become another Nazi Germany on atomic steroids and go along with whatever the left wing media and progressive politicians tell you to accept as true, because thinking might cause you to wake up and question our dangerous president who is setting us on a collision course echoing WWII on American soil.

Fixate on a lion while 50 million illegals are robbing Americans of jobs Americans used to do at top wages until illegals drove wages down in order to seize those jobs from Americans. Don’t think about hundreds of billions per year in tax dollars funding just illegal aliens, who are also hiking murder and rape in the USA, save the lions!

The Middle East is a despicable mess with Islam massacring Christians by the tens of thousands thanks to our Marxist president who would have Hitler in awe regarding his achievements, but we’re weeping over a lion.

The United States is nearly 20 trillion in debt, by 2011 49.2 percent of the total population was on food stamps, today “110 million Americans – more than one-third of the country” Americans are struggling on welfare and food stamps and the healthcare system is going to hell and our veterans are treated like they are the illegal aliens.

If veterans were lions they would have healthcare benefits that make political leaders envious.

If this doesn’t show us how debauched our morals, values, and basic everyday thinking has fallen, I don’t know what will.

I don’t recognized my country, nor do I recognize this nihilistic secular humanism that has taken us over and placed the life of animals above human beings. It is the same philosophy and leftist progressive thinking that has convinced Americans they should avoid uttering anything negative about things they disagree with, under no circumstance offend anyone or anything that certain groups (gays, blacks, Hispanics, feminists) dislike. That’s intolerant, bigoted, because nothing in life should ever be unfair or unacceptable to anyone (except Christians and conservatives), because only certain groups of people and animals must have protected rights above the individual rights.

Save The Lions…Unless it’s the Lion of Judah and those intolerable people with His values!

Is Planned Parenthood Selling Gay Baby Parts?

Ban the Confederate Flag, It’s Causing Black Genocide by the Millions in Its Flag Abortion Mill


The Confederate Flag must be pulled down in every southern state because the very sight of it is causing black Americans to drop dead by-way-of allergic visual reaction.

The Confederate Flag has been controversial over the years, but not to the mass hysteria level it is now that a mentally insane white guy, who looks like Elizabeth Warren, held the Rebel Flag in a picture of himself, found after he shot up a nine black Charleston churchgoers.

Ironically Dylann Roof photographed himself burning the American Flag, and he wore South African flags that stood for white South Africa. Roof did not wear any pride for the USA, but don’t worry, the Left wants our official American flag banned as well, but first the Confederate Battle Flag must be removed as hastily as possible so no American will know its authentic history:  “The original flag of the Confederacy,” according to Washington College columnist Ian Briggs,

was not what we know as the Confederate flag today. It was the Stars and Bars, a flag that looked extremely similar to the U.S. flag. While Southerners did want to abandon the Union, they were reluctant to abandon their flag. The only problem was that in a battle they could not tell which flag was U.S. and which was Confederate, leading to some obvious problems.  The solution was the creation of two flags, one as the battle flag, and one the parade flag. The battle flag that was adopted is what we now know as the Confederate flag, the only difference being that it was square, not rectangle. The battle flag gained widespread popularity and was later incorporated into a new national Confederate parade flag

That bit of truth is an obvious problem so just allow yourself to assume the Confederate Flag kills black people. It’s sort of like Planned Parenthood and unborn black babies: It kills black people: When this flag flies and waves it is actually signally the mass execution of blacks in the South.

Despite those crazy stories you’ve heard about Planned Parenthood aborting black babies and PPH being the Negro Project in order to exterminate the Black race, because, as Margaret Sanger said, “they are…human weeds,’ ‘reckless breeders,’ ’spawning… human beings who never should have been born,” and further told Dr. Clarence Gamble that,

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. And the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members,

it’s really the Confederate Flag that is murdering black Americans, not abortion doctors or a lunatic on psych meds who should have been locked up in a mental institution.

In the same way mentally disabled guns force their owners to storm schools, movie theaters, and churches, shooting everyone in sight, the Confederate Flag has the ability to murder blacks at will, because that flag is emotionally racist.

Somewhere I suspect Confederate Flags are lying in wait to attack unsuspecting black southerners the way violent black thugs lie in wait to attack and murder unsuspecting whites.

Given the fact 42% of New York City abortions alone are unborn black babies and the total in the entire United States as of 2008 was 30% unborn black babies ( roughly 1,300 black babies are aborted daily in the US) who wound up in garbage cans or dissected and tested in petri dishes, it’s ridiculous to put so much effort into banning a flag when the selling of children in the womb, which is illegal under federal law, should instigate mass protest by blacks.

Don’t look for those protests, however, it’s the Confederate Flag, like guns, that murders.

What If Unborn Children Were Found to be Homosexual? Abort or Save?



I want to pose a theoretical question to those of you who support abortion, who view abortion as a “noble sacrifice” and a woman’s right to keep her body and life unhindered: Since homosexuals insist “they were born that way,” what if doctors claimed that when looking at sonograms, some brain activity in unborn children’s sonograms exhibited homosexual predisposition. How do you think homosexuals would react to abortion and the selling of unborn aborted babies whose bodies are dissected and sold for profit by Planned Parenthood? 


I’ll tell you how homosexuals would react: The Gay Movement would rise up in righteous indignation that makes the Black Lives Matter group look like stupefied love-in and rush every Planned Parenthood clinic in the United States, demanding the organization be stopped or they would burn every clinic to the ground for murdering unborn gays and selling their little gay body parts that might be implanted into a heterosexual baby, thus removing the sexual orientation birth right of that unborn and murdered gay child.

If you think I’m joking, look how the Gay Movement reacts when a bakery that in fact serves gays, never turns anyone homosexual away, but only refuses to cater a homosexual wedding is treated: The business owners are sued into bankruptcy and complete loss of everything they own.

So imagine if the Gay Movement theory that some people are born gay were actually true and could be proven through a sonogram, the Gay Movement would become pro-life overnight and Planned Parenthood would lose its rights in massive lawsuits until the Supreme Court was forced to overturn Roe v Wade.

Black Lives Don’t Matter Unless Blacks Are White-Hating Leftist Democrats


If the title to this post seems harsh that’s because the Black Lives Matter left wing activists only decided black lives matter, except blacks who happen to be Conservative Republicans. If you’re black and one of those conservatives, the Black Lives Matters group will write off your life as treasonous Uncle Tom.

Black lives only matter when they blacks lockstep to modern-day civil rights activists and the  Democrats. This means believing whites are the enemy of all mankind. Blacks who dare believe all lives matter are considered crazies, but blacks who dare view southern Civil War history as important are considered traitors to the black race, because it exposes the fact the southern black men fought in the Civil War. These horrid free-thinkers are forbidden rights and have become the targets of harassment and worse if they dare promote the idea that authentic history matters and must be kept alive and never rewritten or destroyed.

If you have not paid attention to the Confederate Flag battle since 2000 and 2003 you don’t know who Anthony Hervey was. If you’re following the Confederate Flag takedown you’ve no doubt seen some coverage of a southern black man who regularly dressed in a Confederate uniform, carrying the Confederate Battle Flag as he walked through his hometown of Oxford, Mississippi.

Yes, Black Confederates do exist!

Anthony Hervey, the author of Why I Wave The Confederate Flag, Written By A Black Man: The End Of Niggerism And The Welfare State, was a staunch activist for his southern heritage that included the Confederacy: Hervey’s black ancestors wore the Confederate uniform and fought to protect their state’s rights as black Americans in a time of slavery.

Hervey wrote in the opening to this book that,

 I show that the Civil War was not fought over slavery and that the demise of my race in America is not of the White man, but rather of our own making. In this book I show how Blacks in America ran away from physical bondage to one far worse—mental bondage.

Last Sunday, July 19th, 49 year-old Anthony Hervey attended a rally in Birmingham, AL to protest the removal the city’s Linn Park Confederate Monument. Hervey and his friend, retired military officer Arlene Barnum, a black woman from Oklahoma, were guest speakers defending their Southern heritage, a heritage that is not all slavery, and a flag that was in actuality a battle flag and nothing whatsoever to do with slavery since the flag was not created until the War Between the States had broken out.

During the rally Barnum exercised her First Amendment rights by publicly burning her NAACP membership cards in protest against the organization not helping to advance blacks, but rather, hold black Americans down.

The night of demonstrating rights to something many hate became deadly: Barnum’s SUV was driven by Hervey that evening. Barnum told police that a silver car full of five angry black men chased Barnum and Hervey at high speed. The men shouted violently, taunting Hervey, who refused to give in to their provocation. Barnum says Hervey tried to outrun the silver car chasing them, but the car caught up to the SUV and Barnum says she heard Hervey say, “‘Hell no!’ as he sped up and this car came up on the passenger side to run him off the road.”

Barnum says Hervey tried to control the SUV before it swerved off the highway and flipped over multiple times, landing upside-down. The five men sped off, leaving Barnum injured and Hervey dead. Barnum quickly posted to Facebook, pleading for friends to help them:

“HELP.. They after us. My vehicle inside down.’ ‘Anthony Hervy pinned in ., gas leaking.”

After Barnum was rescued and taken to a hospital, she told the press that like Hervey she had ancestors who fought as Confederate soldiers:

I don’t like it when black people attack me on this, I think it’s an attack on my Southern heritage.

Sadly, many do not view all constitutional rights as just that unless its suits their view of what rights should be allowed and which banned.

Anthony Hervey and Arlene Barnum had every right to express personal views about the Confederate Flag, their confederate ancestry, and exercise their First Amendment rights publicly, even if it offended others. Neither Barnum or Hervey caused harm to anyone, they never rioted or burned a cities or towns, they simply wanted confederate memorials and southern history to remain intact. After all, their families are the South’s history.

Why shouldn’t Hervey have celebrated his ancestors if others have that right? Hervey was not celebrating slavery, he was proud southerner and was proud of his family’s contribution to the War Between the States as men who stood up for their state.

Hervey was trying to keep alive a part of history many Americans are ignorant of: Black men fought on the Confederate side of the War Between the States, and did not fight as slaves.

What is wrong with keeping southern history alive? White and black left-wing civil rights Democrats do not want black Americans informed, educated, and knowing authentic black history. That would be the history that demonstrates black American men were Congressmen and Senators in the 1800s and many were slave owners until the end of the Civil War, a war those black men fought to keep the South as it was. If blacks know the truth, they will realize they’ve been lied to since Woodrow Wilson rewrote America’s textbooks and laws, wiping out black history the 1960s left further eradicated in order to retrain black Americans who had the audacity to be part of the American middle class.

Hervey refused to be part of the Left, he preferred to be a free-thinking American man.

Hervey was was further despised by Democrats and black leftist civil rights activists for being a Conservative Republican Tea Partier. For all of that Hervey was chased down and killed and his life ignored by the media, the NAACP, Al Sharpton and race hustling rioters who will burn a city near you because “Black Lives Matter.”

And here we have the hypocrisy of “Black Live Matter.” Black lives don’t matter unless the Left can profit off the death of violent black criminals.

If Anthony Hervey robbed and strong-armed store owners, smashed the skull of a Jewish Puerto Rican, wrestled cops for their guns, resisted arrest after breaking the law, had Hervey murdered, sold drugs, been a drug user, beaten and raped women, if Hervey had committed suicide in a jail cell after being arrested for resisting arrest, he would be the epitome of what Barack Obama’s son would look like if Obama had a son. And Hervey’s life would matter so much to phony civil rights race hustlers that Birmingham, AL and Oxford, MS would be trashed, burned, looted and destroyed, and Obama would be attending Hervey’s funeral with full press coverage.

Anthony Hervey’s life mattered, he was a human being, an American who loved his country, but as I just pointed out, the only thing that matters is whatever profits civil rights pimps and the mainstream media leftist agenda that decides how people think, act, live and die.

What’s the Difference Between Dylan Roof, The Black Panthers, and Islam? Nothing. Evil is Evil


Apparently the acts of evil committed by white psychos are worse than the evils committed by Islam and black racists.

The Black Panthers have been openly, publicly, calling for black Americans to murder all whites in America for years, but many ignore this evil demand, because to speak up against the Panthers is considered racist. Islam has been slaughtering Christians for 1400 years, calling for the mass slaughter of all non-Muslims (infidels), but we are told to never speak out against this evil movement, because to do so is intolerant and Islamophobic. However, when a psychotic white racist thug goes on a shooting spree inside a black church, murdering nine human lives, we pay attention to that and we are horrified by such evil.

What’s the difference! All three mentioned above want to commit mass murder, all three have done just that, but one is considered worse than the other two. Dylan Roof is viewed as the evil one, while the Panthers and Islam are given free passes on the grounds of religious tolerance and race.

You’ll have to excuse me, but I see all evil as just plain evil. I consider calling for the murder of anyone as evil, and I refuse to give any murderous group a free pass or excuse, because the group calling for white murder is black and the other slaughtering Christians in mass numbers across the Middle East is held up as the peaceful religion.

The black Panthers stand in the streets of America shouting, “White people, kill em’ all,”  and demanding that blacks, “we’re going to have to kill white crackers,” and yet these violent thugs are somehow not viewed as being bad as Dylan Roof, because they are black and therefore have an excuse to murder whites.

What about Islam? On the continent of Africa, Islamists are slaughtering black Christians by the thousands and proudly videotaping their atrocities, while the Left, the Black Panthers, our political leaders, all demand we tolerate this evil. I guess those black lives do not matter.

All over the Middle East, Islam is attacking and murdering Christians, burning Christian churches, while the world looks on, knows what is happening, and President Obama habitually and despicably calls such actions protests.  Despite videos, Muslims say Christians are exaggerating the atrocities committed against them and most people take the side of Islam, because they are too afraid to speak out against that evil. But, when a racist white psycho shoots up a black church, murdering people in Bible study, it grabs the media and everyone’s attention and is considered an evil that must be dealt with and stopped.

Too bad we didn’t give equal consideration to all wickedness.

We tend to make one revolting act greater than the others, because political correctness demands we don’t insult any iniquity with black skin or Islamic beliefs.

Question: If Dylan Roof were black or Muslim would that make his violent act less evil?


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