It’s Time For Another Operation Wetback



In 1953, Dwight D. Eisenhower overhauled a serious problem that invaded the United States: Over one million Illegal immigrants.

Because illegal immigration is destructive to our economy and national security, Eisenhower took action through Executive Orders: Operation Wetback.

Operation Wetback ordered authorities to round up and deport the over one million illegal aliens and their American-born children in the United States.

Many called the measures harsh and unfair, because police went into areas where illegals lived (the majority were Mexican) and arrested them for deportation back to impoverished countries.

There’s nothing harsh or unfair about upholding laws through law-enforcement, even if means sending people back to dictatorships. The United States has laws created to sustain our national security. Without those laws, the infrastructure weakens and rapists, murderers, violent gangs, and terrorists, easily invade.

As a result of Eisenhower’s order, many illegals left on their own because they feared arrest. And no, none were leg-shackled, beaten, raped, or anything else the Left has shammed you into imagining.

Operation Wetback saved this country from unlawful invasion destroying our economy. The result was jobs back in the earning hands of Americans, specifically jobless WWII veterans.

Eisenhower upheld Constitution laws stipulating people must enter this country legally if they want to work and live here, even if only temporary.

We need another Operation Wetback, but today, if you so much as utter the phrase “wetback,” you’re considered racist.

Calling whites “crackers” is not racist, because white skin and European ancestry is considered a natural evil occurrence that must be controlled.

Well congratulations my darling bleeding hearted worry-warts afraid to insult South-of-the-border illegals (despite the fact many are Muslims entering as Mexicans and South Americans in order to bomb and conquer us): Illegal aliens have overrun this country by tens of millions (we’re told the number’s only 11 million, but even a brain-dead pot-head knows the real number is 50 million plus) since Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act and Reagan’s failed amnesty plan.

Enforcing borders always succeeds because it secures the country and economy.

Had presidents since followed Eisenhower’s Operation Wetback, even with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act, we would not be in the present crisis, because presidents should use Executive Orders to uphold and enforce the Constitution’s laws, never to breach it to legislate personal ideology.

Immigration is in the Constitution, but it’s not being maintained or defended because that might offend illegals, and then where would we be!

President Obama just Executive Ordered Amnesty (in a broad-based bill) and work VISAs to five million (I don’t believe that low number) illegals after six years of admitting (The admission was a clever con-job to impress his “stupid voters”) he did not have the power to grant amnesty:

I am constrained in terms of what I am able to do. … And I cannot ignore those laws [in the Constitution that only Congress has the power to enact and enforce] any more than I could ignore, you know, any of the other laws that are on the books.

In another speech, Obama stated, “I’m the President of the United States, not the Emperor of the United States.”

I wish Obama was the emperor, we might be able to exile him to an Italian island after freezing his ass on a Russian field.

Obama has overridden Congress so often, many Americans, who have never bothered to read the Constitution, are under the assumption presidents are emperors with full power to write and enact laws.

May I suggest a fabulous read with facts on the actual dos and don’ts of the president, Congress and Senate, and the Supreme Court: The Constitution.

Can anything be done to stop Obama and his illegal actions? Yes, if they have the guts and honesty, Congress has full authority to stop this amnesty by defunding the president and the Executive Order.

However, there’s one big “however:” The United States Citizen and Immigration Services office is not federally funded. It’s self-funded! That’s right: Congress cannot defund this office, and that means the USCIS fees can continue issuing VISA permits—even if the Congress shuts down the government!

I’m not counting on Congress, since they haven’t fought amnesty as a whole. Representatives Mike Lee (R-UT) and Matt Salmon (R-AZ) intend to defund Obama, but House Appropriations Committee Chair Hal Rogers (R-KY) and Jeff Flake (R-AZ,) (whose name suits him) are pushing for immigration reform, i.e., amnesty.

Immigrants here legally and awaiting citizenship papers just lost them to millions of law-breakers who won with the phony hardworking, tax-paying immigrant excuse.

Fellow Americans: I don’t care if you’re Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian, I don’t care if your philosophy is leftist, liberal, or conservative, get the memo: The president DOES NOT have the authority to write laws! The president is NOT a legislator! He cannot write or enact laws, he can only sign into law what the Congress has written and voted on, and then the Senate passes by full vote into law.

That’s Constitution Law!

The president has violated the Constitution and Congress. He broke the law. Yes, he can be impeached for this, but, by the time that happened, we would be voting for the 2016 primary candidate.

Wake up! Deporting illegals is not racism!

Eisenhower had the right to order all illegals deported. They were violating the Constitution and Eisenhower’s job was to uphold the Office of the Presidency that must uphold and adhere to the Constitution. Had he ignored illegals and given them amnesty, Eisenhower would have been in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution’s immigration laws.

Operation Wetback was Constitutionally right and just. We need to do it again and not worry about offending other countries or phony, do-good, blood-soaked hearts.

Hey GOP: If You Don’t Drive A Stake Through The Democrats Policies, They’re Going To Cook Our Goose!


stake 1

The Democrats lost the Senate and many governor seats. They roasted themselves over open borders, stuffed the ballots with illegals not welcomed by most Americans hungry for jobs, and boiled themselves in slick gravy so thick with lies, the people said enough and got even at the polls.

We won, Democrats lost, but don’t put a fork in the Democrats yet: They’re not done cooking our goose.

Beware: Democrats and Obama have engaged in corruption that makes the Corleones like the Waltons.

The Democrats are furious that they lost. Democrats are not like Republicans, who, when we lose we say, “We’ll have to try harder next time around.” Seriously, do any of you think the Democrats are sitting back saying, “Oh well, better luck in two years?” No way! They are plotting revenge.

When Democrats lose they get even and their revenge is always destructive. That’s why Republicans must drive a stake through the heart of Democrat’s policies or we will watch Hillary stand on the Capital Steps and take the oath of Office she has planned all her life.

If you think Obama is bad, Hillary makes Obama’s Marxist destruction really look like ignorant mistakes.

Democrats thought they had enough “stupid [Obamacare] voters” to keep themselves in power, but their lies caught up with them at the polls and they lost.

There’s nothing Democrats hate more than smart voters and losing, and they will do anything to gain back the House and Senate and keep the White House in 2016.

If Democrats have to they’ll force the elderly into voting Democrat in 2016, they’ll  strangle as any old people with their bare hands until they get a “yes, we’ll vote for you!”

If Democrat leaders have to perform gay marriages on the Capital Steps in order to grab every gay vote in 2016, they will.

Democrat Civil Rights pimps already encourage inner city blacks to riot whenever a black American is shot by a white American. If Democrats have to buy riots in every city for votes, don’t think they wouldn’t go that far.

If Democrats can, they’ll federally legalize marijuana via Obama’s Executive Pen to get enough Americans voters stupefied through drugs for 2016 votes.

Obama is going to override Congress and amnesty millions of illegals as punishment to this country he hates. Don’t think he will stop there. He wants all 50 million-plus illegals conquering the United States, destroying us economically and culturally.

And so does Hillary Clinton and the Democrats, because the illegal vote empowers and enriches Democrats.

Obama changed this nation, but this last election showed him and Democrats that Americans want our country back. Do you really think Democrats will allow us to restore the Constitutional Republic without a fight? Democrats are going to fight ruthlessly, so Republicans better do the same.

Republicans, cut off Obama’s funds and shut down the government to stop the Democrats, because they will never give up big government collectivism controlled by elites. They want Americans living in a Haves versus Have-nots society, and they will work harder than they ever have to lie, cheat, and steal that into being if Republicans don’t stop them.

Democrats are furious the people gave Republicans their power. They thought the “stupid voters” would continue voting for big government control of people’s individual lives. But voters said they hate what the Democrat economy has done to them since Nancy Pelosi’s 2006 takeover and Obama’s 2008 election: Escalated poverty and declined jobs and money to an all-time low that has not been seen for over 50 years.

Warning: Democrats may be angry, but they know if their party and Hillary loses in 2016, they’re done and Americans will finally be able to put a fork in the Democrat Party, and that will make a difference to Hillary Clinton, who will be cooked.

Democrats are going to push against everything this country needs while Obama executive pens everything unconstitutional.

The GOP better drive a stake through the heart of the Democrat Party’s policies and do it now.

Use the Power of the Social Media to Force Republicans to Uphold Election Promises

fight for maerica

How many times has the GOP promised to close the “dang [border] fence” and never closed borders, or even bothered to deport the now 50 million plus illegal aliens?

How much of the taxpayer’s money are illegals getting in welfare? 10 years-ago it was $50 billion annually for illegals. There are millions more living in this country and they not only receive welfare, the Democrats have authorized money to be taken from the citizen’s Social Security funds to pay illegals. Are you citizen’s okay with that fraud when we have sick veterans who never receive medical care, but are left in VA hospitals to suffer and die while illegals receive money, medicine, free college educations, housing, and drivers licenses?

How often do our leaders promise to fix the immigration mess by telling us immigration needs reform when that phrase “reform” is nothing more than political term for amnesty to illegals who will votes for Democrats who hand out free stuff.

Republicans have foolishly been trying to win the Hispanic vote they will never get, because Hispanic immigrants–legal and illegal–do not share our American values. Didn’t Rand Paul recently tell us that illegals share our values and we need to create a path to citizenship? Why make that unconstitutional comment unless you’re whoring for the illegal and legal Hispanic vote? Hispanics come from socialist countries and have socialist mentalities, that’s why the Democrats are able to grab the Hispanic vote–free stuff.

Republicans who go along with that game are stabbing their American constituents in the back. We Republican and conservative voters cannot allow them to do that.

Aren’t you sick and tired of hearing the political vote-grab rubbish while illegals stampede our border and our country goes from being a melting pot straight into the chamber pot?

Don’t you think we should publicly hold the GOP accountable to their promises?

How often has the GOP promised to cut taxes and end regulations that drove American businesses overseas? How many times has the GOP NOT done anything to prevent that destruction of America’s economy?

Shouldn’t we embarrass them publicly versus whining about it to each other?

The GOP turned on us by working with Democrats who demanded the debt ceiling hike, because you know, $1o trillion in debt was not enough debt, we needed $18 trillion, half the country out of work, and millions more illegals robbing our society of jobs, education and everything else they can steal from us that Republicans have the opportunity to stop, now, with both the House and Senate, in its tracks.

Shouldn’t we publicly force the GOP to uphold their promises, versus crying about it to each other?

Republicans went along with giving the president unlimited funds, but now it’s time to cut off from the Executive Branch funds completely and uphold all those shrink the government promises that got squeezed by the obese and expanding government.

I’ll give Republican Lawmakers credit for not going along with Obamacare and voting NO. But now they have to repeal.

I’ll also spit curses on Chief Justice John Roberts’ balding head for his giving a high-five YEA to an unconstitutional bill that never should have become law. I wish we could repeal Roberts. Unfortunately, he’ll die in office…hopefully completely bald.

What about banning God? Obama ran God so far out of America, God is wandering in the desert! It’s time we make our leaders repeal all bans on Christianity in the United States.

Actually, it’s time we ban Islam and Muslims from America, but we have to all stand up as one nation against that in order to accomplish that. That’s another post.

Republicans didn’t fight hard against many things Obama has done, like his Executive Ordering laws on demand via his pen he threatens us with like a Muslim with a sword. Wake up people, he’s not allowed to make laws, only Congress has that power.

I think we need to publicly remind Congress of their actual power.

We the People have the power to force leader’s hands, to hold them accountable, to embarrass them by throwing their own words, lies, promises, back in their faces. We need to start doing just that, but we must take courage by the horns and stand strong and fight back and fight hard…with the Social Media as our weapon.

“The pen is mightier than the sword!”

No, Republicans can’t end everything tyrannical done to this nation all at once, but you they begin by repealing and stopping a good portion of the damage to make a difference.

You are thinking, “How can I possibly make a difference and make my leaders uphold their promises, I’m only one person and most people don’t even give a d@mn about the condition of the country, because they’re too obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s fat ass and the rest are busy praying Dr. Phil will save Honey Boo-Boo from her obese mother’s pedophile boyfriend.”

You individuals who care about America and not loser narcissistic idiots who need a Richard Simmons fat farm class (as soon as Dr. Phil helps Simmons get over the death of his 17 year-old dog), must step outside the box and take Republican leaders on, forcing them to right wrongs or get fired. And you do it publicly on Twitter and Facebook.

“The pen is mightier than the sword!”

It’s really that simple. Your anger tweeted on your leader’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

If one person challenges Republicans publicly, and is able to get their followers on the Social Media to do the same, the movement I call “Change America Back To America” will begin and together we can get things accomplished.

The Left does this all the time, so why aren’t we Conservative Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, even fed-up Democrats, taking to the Social Media like the Left does and forcing the change needed to restore?

Because we get angry privately and publicly act nice. And therein lay the problem with Republicans.

Imagine what will happen if millions of us take to our leader’s Twitter and Facebook pages with our feelings, our demands, our anger with the way they have mishandled the Constitution and their jobs that serve us, not us serving them!  Washington leaders will be forced to either do the right thing and fix the wrongs, or lose their jobs.

We people have a powerful weapon to publicly humiliate leaders: Twitter and Facebook, and we should take advantage of that in a new American Revolution, a new War of Independence, and take back our country from the Left-Wing, Democrat progressivism!

Good grief people: If brainless morons like the Kardashians can use social networking to empower their nobody names, we can use the SM to go after our leaders, daily, using their own quotes against them, and force them to do their job and take our country back!

The Democrat’s True Opinion of American Blacks: “Because A Waste Is A Terrible Thing To Give A Mind!”

black vote

Let’s go over a few reason the Republicans should never work with the Democrats and black Americans should refuse to vote Democrat. Democrats and the Left view black Americans as second class citizens only useful when it comes to electing Democrats to power. Beyond that, Democrats hold blacks down in illiteracy and poverty and modern-day slavery and segregation called the ghetto that never seems to become luxurious or wealthy.

That’s because “A Waste is a Terrible Thing to Give A Mind!”

Democrats have done everything possible to destroy black Americans by hurling them headlong into life-long poverty, because Democrats work against prosperity and liberty for black Americans. Why; because Democrats lost the battle against keeping blacks plantations in slavery, and Democrats further lost the battle to keep blacks segregated–even though they have found a way to make blacks the permanent underclass in this country through minimum wage and welfare and modern-day plantations–Housing Projects.

Republicans; that alone is a first-class and noble reason why Republicans should never work with Democrats: They are the party of racism, slavery and segregation.

Let’s look at the so-called party of Civil Rights that has undermined black Americans for centuries.

1. Abraham Lincoln was the man who emancipated blacks and destroyed slavery with the Emancipation Proclamation. 2. Frederick Douglas, a close friend of Lincoln was a life-long Republican who detested the Democrat Party.

3. The KKK was started by the Democrats and the Southern Democrats known as Dixiecrats were your cross-burning lynch mobs.

4. Franklin Roosevelt held so much disdain for blacks that he created the government dependency that has created black poverty in America. The New Deal stopped black achievement right in its tracks and has destroyed generations of Americans who once were a large portion of the Middle Class.

When have the Democrats ever helped black Americans? Well, they helped them into segregation after Democrats fought against the Emancipation Proclamation being singed, and Democrats fought against the 1965 Civil Rights Act that Republicans had to force President Lyndon Johnson to sign against his segregationist will.

5. Democrats (especially the Southern Democrat leaders known as Dixiecrats) were against the Voting Rights Act that allowed blacks to vote. Lyndon Johnson pretended he was all for voting rights to blacks, but if that’s true, he never would have been forced to sign the Civil Rights Act. Johnson was a typical Democrat who knew how to talk the talk that would keep Democrats looking like the champions of blacks, despite always being the opposite.

Just a side note to all you gays who assume the Democrats adore you: Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats did not want homosexuals working in the government. Johnson had his Special Assistant Bill Moyers ask “the FBI to investigate two additional administration figures thought to have homosexual tendencies.” Republicans like me, who do not support same-sex-marriage, will be the first to admit that it’s none of our business if someone is gay or straight, and no one should be fired for that reason. Nor do politicians have the right to deny jobs because someone is homosexual. But Johnson and Democrat cronies like Bill Moyers hated gays and wanted them removed from the workplace.

Johnson and Moyers also went after black American Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.:

[Moyers’] part in Lyndon Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover’s bugging of Martin Luther King’s private life, the leaks to the press and diplomatic corps, the surveillance of civil rights groups at the 1964 Democratic Convention, and his request for damaging information from Hoover on members of the Goldwater campaign suggest he was not only a good soldier but a gleeful retainer feeding the appetites of Lyndon Johnson.

In other words, keep those blacks at the back of the bus, and don’t let them off to vote!

6. When it came to blacks voting and the Civil Rights Act, Johnson said:

These Negroes, they’re getting uppity these days. That’s a problem for us, since they got something now they never had before. The political pull to back up their upityness. Now, we’ve got to do something about this. We’ve got to give them a little something. Just enough to quiet them down, but not enough make a difference. If we don’t move at all, their allies will line up against us. And there’ll be no way to stop them. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.

If Democrats were pro- Civil Rights for blacks, they never would have committed this violation of the Constitution against black Americans. But they did, and they still do.

7. President John F. Kennedy was against the Civil Rights Act and voted against it when he was Senator. Kennedy opposed the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington and was no fan or friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy were so against King and the Civil Rights Movement, they had King wiretapped and falsely accused Dr. King of being a communist in order to destroy King’s reputation and legacy.

How many kids in the 1970s grew up believing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a communist? We all did thanks to JFK!

8. It was not Kennedy who came to the aid of King when he was imprisoned in Birmingham, and Richard Nixon tried, but had his hands tied, because the Dixiecrat Democrat ran roughshod over Republicans, so Kennedy’s Civil Rights Advisor Harris Wofford went behind Kennedy’s back and secretly got King released from prison. Kennedy was furious, but rather than admit to his disdain of King, Kennedy and the Democrats took false credit for freeing King.

7. It should be noted that Martin Luther King was in fact a Republican and Democrats hated his guts. Now they take credit for his life and legacy as if it is a Democrat legacy, when it the Democrats who tried to destroy King.

8. Richard Nixon was not an anti-black segregationist, nor was Barry Goldwater, rather, both were pro-Civil Rights, but up against heavy aggression from Democrats whose power controlled the South.

9. It must also be noted that Southern whites in general were against segregation, but had no power over Democrat controlled leadership that included the KKK–the lynching arm of the Democrat Party. Southern whites fought against segregation because segregation was economically bad for all, especially in a region that was economically broke and poor after the Civil War. Look what Thomas Sowell says of segregation and white Southerners:

The incentives of the economic system and the incentives of the political system were not only different [in the South], they clashed. Private owners of streetcar, bus, and railroad companies in the South lobbied against the Jim Crow laws while these laws were being written, challenged them in the courts after the laws were passed, and then dragged their feet in enforcing those laws after they were upheld by the courts. These tactics delayed the enforcement of Jim Crow seating laws for years in some places. Then company employees began to be arrested for not enforcing such [segregation] laws and at least one president of a streetcar company was threatened with jail if he didn’t comply [with segregation]. None of this resistance was based on a desire for civil rights for blacks. It was based on a fear of losing money if racial segregation caused black customers to use public transportation less often than they would have in the absence of this affront…

In other words, Civil Rights was never fought against by white Southerners, it was the Democrat leaders who fought against Civil Rights. The people understood that whether or not you liked blacks or blacks liked whites, you destroy an economy by not allowing Americans to interact economically.

Not allowing part of the population to interact on an economical and educational level only served to hold the South down in poverty for decades to come. The South can thank the Democrats for that.

10. The Republican Party has always believed black Americans have the same Second Amendment rights as whites, but Democrats are the party that have always banned blacks from gun ownership.

11. It was the NRA that armed Southern Blacks and the Deacons For Defense during the segregation era tostop the KKK from murdering blacks.

Black Americans can thank Democrats for nearly a century now of modern slavery–Public Housing– that has segregated and held blacks down in poverty and illiteracy and convinced blacks that minimum wage is a great thing despite the fact it was set up to create a permanent underclass that cannot compete on the skills level.

It’s time the Republicans start shoving these truths in the faces of every America while slamming the Democrat Party for its racist disdain of black Americans they continue to hold down economically.


Note: I’ve given readers a short list of the democrat Party’s crimes against black Americans, but for the entire history of what democrats have done to blacks and why blacks should never vote democrat, go to the National Black Republicans at for in depth scholarly research on the true history of the Democrat Party’s long and continued legacy of racism against black Americans .

If You Dont Vote Tomorrow, Or You Vote Democrat, You Don’t Deserve To Eat, You Deserve To Starve!

Let me just say this straightforward: If you voters do not get and vote tomorrow, you do not deserve to eat! And, if you voters elect, or reelect Democrats, you deserve to starve!

Here are just a few reasons to NEVER vote Democrat.

The Democrats are the party of slavery and fought to stop Lincoln from ending slavery. Democrats were divided on slavery from the beginning, but the power in the party kept slavery alive and made it difficult for those against it to abolish slavery without bloodshed.

As Brian Preston of PJ Media points out:

Their party officially supported slavery in its six platforms from 1840 to 1860. They opposed the constitutional amendments that wiped out slavery and set the freed slaves on the path to full voting citizenship. They repealed a Republican-passed civil rights law in 1892.

Republicans are the party of abolition: Republican Party leader Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation and ended slavery in the United States once and for all.

Pro-slavery Southern Democrats  were so angry with Republicans and Lincoln, they decided to get even with freed blacks, despite the fact that most Southern whites were not slave-holders and many Southerners were against slavery and wanted the South to rise economically. Black Americans being part of the economy was a good thing for the South and most Southerners knew this. Democrats did as well, but they’ve always hated blacks.

Democrats found a way to re-enslave blacks: The Democrats became Dixicrats and enacted segregation in the South in order to keep blacks from rising up independently and economically and create Southern black poverty.

Under segregation, black Southerners were forbidden to enter public places and dine, sit in the same train box car as whites, in the same movie theater section as whites, blacks had to dress in storage rooms in clothing stores, and blacks could not drink from public water fountains or sit in the front seats of buses, nor could they attend the same schools as whites, thus the reason for black illiteracy remaining in the South until after 1965 when the Republicans forced President Johnson, a pro-segregationist, to sign the 1965 Civil Rights Act:

During that time, up until 1964, Democrats opposed civil rights and were far more likely to stand on the side of segregation, if not outright population control among races that certain Democrat elites deemed “undesirable.” Republicans were more likely to vote for the 1964 act than Democrats, and it would not have passed without GOP support.

Democrats invented abortion: Black Americans are oblivious to abortion and the Democrat Party’s support and promotion of it.

Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood–the Negro Project–to exterminate all unborn black babies in the United States, because she and Democrats considered blacks an unfit breed.

Millions of black babies have been aborted with the funding of taxpayers dollars extracted by force via the Democrat Party that wants abortion on demand. In 2012, 50% of abortions were black babies.    Over 70% of Mississippi abortions are black babies and Mississippi blacks vote Democrat, the party of abortion.

Democrats claim to be pro-women, but Democrats and their feminists are anti-marriage and anti-family, because married women vote Republican and that has a tendency to lower the abortion rate, as well as the rate of lesbians trying to convince today’s young women to experiment sexually and find their inner gay self and not get married or have kids unless its with a lesbian partner.

Republicans support life, they support the right to life for every, single person.

The only time Democrats support the right to life is for violent murderers and rapist/pedophiles Democrats want free and living among society where they can rape and kill again.

Democrats never rally against Islam’s violence against women. Democrat women rally for free birth control and gay marriage rights, while ignoring Islam’s horrid mass brutality against Muslim women who are raped and beheaded according to Islam’s law.

Democrats want government in control of everyone’s life. Republicans want each individual to take control of their own life, work, earn money and own private property and achieve independent wealth. Democrats only want government elites controlling all wealth and doling out what they believe people deserve financially, medically, what people should and should not eat, how they can and cannot live, what kind of education everyone should have–government indoctrination.

Republicans believe every person can make their own decisions in all areas and have God-given rights upheld in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights that no one has a right to trample. Democrats disagree and want the Constitution and Bill of Rights rewritten to give Democrats and government full control over everyone.

Republicans support limited government controlled by the people. Democrats want unlimited power given to the government to control the people.

Republicans support gun rights, Democrats are anti-gun and believe all women can defend themselves with rape whistles.

Republicans want the Fair Tax because it would end the IRS and all Americans would keep 100% of their income and never pay income and property tax again. Democrats enacted the IRS in order to confiscate everyone’s paychecks and private land for government ownership and enrichment.

Republicans are anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-fascist, pro-Israel. Democrats are 100% the opposite.

Republicans are pro-God and pro-Christian, Democrats have removed God and everything Christian and pertaining to the Bible from public places, and continue to dismantle the First Amendment’s right to religious freedom.

Republicans want to drill for oil and gas on USA soil and end buying cheap Middle Eastern oil from terrorists who want the USA annihilated. Democrats are against that, as well as anyone heating their home with anything other than the sun and a Chinese-made solar panel.

Republicans want American goods made in America, Democrats want everything regulated and overtaxed so all American good must be Chinese-made.

Democrats also support and fund Islam and its terrorists.

The voting choice for House, Senate, and Governor is simple: You either vote for liberty (Republican) or tyranny (Democrat).

If you vote Democrat, or you refuse to vote, you do not deserve to eat, you deserve to starve!

If You Don’t Vote Tuesday and Vote For America and The Constitution Above Your Own Selfish Interests, You Deserve Every Crappy Thing The Government Does to Your Selfish Life


Are you voting Tuesday or are you one of those oh-woe-is-me whiny excuse-makers who uses that worn out justification, “my vote doesn’t count and all the candidates are losers.”

Really? There have been authentic conservatives on the ballots throughout this country whom you could have elected in the past rather than letting the same old power-hungry House of Lord politicians continue their reign of big government abuse.

Don‘t waste your sorry excuses on me and the rest who spend time researching candidates, going to town hall meetings, listening to debates, and then getting out to vote every election, even if it’s electing a dog catcher!

Every vote counts, however, the right votes save the country and uphold the Constitution and liberty.

Not voting and voting wrong wrecks the country and dismantles the Constitution and Republic that is not, nor has it ever been, a Democracy, but has become one thanks to horrendous voting and stay-at-home voters.

The government is grown so big that the Federalists would be anti-Federalist.

We’ve gotten to a point where voters no longer question the role of federal Government: Are the issues about us individually, or should government have the power to decide the lives and liberty of the people?

We’ve had chances and we blew it. We handed all decision-making over to the government we have allowed to become unlimited in size and power.

In 2008, Christians and conservatives refused to elect John McCain (I can’t stand that illegal butt-kissing liar, but he had an authentic conservative Christian on the ballot who might have been president if Christians refused to play the guilty race-card for Obama) because he had Sarah Palin on the ballot, “What if McCain dies in office! Governor Palin will be president and she has no experience even though she’s been a mayor and governor! I have to vote Obama, because he’s been in the Senate for a few years and never held a job in his life.”

Libertarian voters never help. They insist everyone has rights to marriage, illegal drug use, abortion, and anything socially unconstitutional. When their candidate never makes the primary election (despite the fact Ron Paul never would have made it anywhere because he isn’t an authentic conservative and slams Israel and America as aggressors of Islam), Libertarians sit the vote out and let Democrats win and expand what they claim they want shrunk.

2012 had authentic conservatives up against Democrats leaders and President Obama: Mia Love, Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Rick Perry, to name a few. Voters had the chance of keeping Allen West in his Florida district, but too many conservatives and Christians voted for the pro-abortion, anti-Israel, pro-Islam, Muslim Brotherhood-supporting Obama. The rest voted for the most electable loser because Karl Rove told you to.

Had the habitually contrary voted for conservatives, Obama and progressive Democrats and Republicans might have retired two years-ago and the country would be in far better shape.

Thank you spoiled whinies for not voting in 2012, because you want what you want rather than voting for the Constitutional Republic. You helped reelect Obama.

Concerning Christian conservatives, I have to wonder if you really believe in God or just yourselves.

So many Christians voted for Obama because he’s black and didn’t want to look like intolerant racists.

When it comes to intolerance, Jesus was pretty narrow-minded toward the Pharisees and money changers using the Temple as a shopping mall to get rich, versus raising money for the ignored poor starving in the streets. Those Pharisees would never have gotten Jesus’ vote. They did, however, get an eternity in hell for their actions and denial of Him.

Sometime intolerance is a really good thing, especially when it is standing up against tyranny.

But you won’t notice tyranny if you don’t pay attention to politics, because your minds are too focused on Bruce Jenner’s new face.

Had conservative Christians stood for liberty and the Constitutional Republic, they stood for Christian values Christians push aside during elections by assuming politics has nothing to do with the Bible and God, we would not be fighting to restore our rights to the First Amendment.

How’s your lack of rights to God in public, in school, banning saying the name Jesus in public? You allowed secularists to remove your First Amendment rights to Religion and God.

Houston has a lesbian mayor demanding pastors hand over sermons for her and the Gay Movement to examine and determine if those sermons are gay friendly or too God/Bible-based.

Then we have low-information voters: You people have let this country slip further into big government control because you refuse to get involved in politics in any, way, shape, or form. You prefer keeping up with Bruce Jenner’s facelifts versus watching the news and reading papers to know what’s going on around you.

You “I don’t want to discuss politics” people gave us Obama and $18 trillion in debt, higher taxes and regulations that has caused more outsourcing to China, banned drilling for oil and gas on U.S. soil and off shore, and Obamacare and its hidden laws overriding Congress and hurling our nation head-long into full-blown Marxism by giving Obama the power of a king over a monarchy.

How is not owning private property, because income and property taxes, that are not constitutional (the 16th Amendment violates Article I, Sect 8.), but astronomical, working out for you?

What about the lack of work in the U.S.?  Obamacare regulations are so expensive, employers can only hire part-time workers in low numbers?

How’s that working out for you?

Are you more interested in receiving free stuff, getting gay marriage enacted in every state and forced into everyone’s life and home?

What about women’s rights? I hear all women in America are barefoot and pregnant and in chains.

Are you happy the government has control over your child’s education and  schools graduate 18 year-old ignorants  under the assumption that cursive writing is spelling the “F” word? Of course today’s kids can only spell in text lingo and think they’re entitled to everything they want because the government said so.

Are you happy that the government assumes the role of parenting your child? Do you believe your children belong to you or the government? Remember that when you vote.

You get what you vote for and you deserve being raked over the coals if you vote against the constitution, because you screwed over the rest of us by not putting this country above your selfish wants that won’t last long, because government decides what you can and cannot have when it is given control of you and everything not limited under the three Branches.

Tuesday will decide whether or not big government Obama supporters fully control the Senate and House or Republicans gain more House seats and regain control of the Senate and tie Obama’s Congressional-trampling hands behind his scaly back.

If you don’t vote for America and The Constitution above your own selfish interests, you deserve every crappy thing the government does to your selfish life!

Ebola Nurse Threatens Lawsuit Against Quarantine Because She Has Rights To Infect Us!

ebola nurse

Yes, that title is true. Kaci Hickox, the  nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and was quarantined in New Jersey upon returning from Ebola-infected West Africa, has threatened to sue the State of New Jersey for their quarantine actions she insists were a violation of her rights. Hickox claims New Jersey had no right to quarantine her against her will.

But she never volunteered herself into quarantine after arriving from West Africa where she was treating Ebola.

I thought “do no harm” was something nurses and doctors took seriously? Not these Ebola nurses and doctors who keep returning home and going out among us with Ebola!

Hickox is now symptom-free of Ebola, proving quarantine is good for you if you have caught a deadly virus, but she will be transported home to Maine by special carrier because of her illness and this has Hickox up in arms and threatening to sue her home state Maine, because it has 21-day quarantine restriction laws like New Jersey.

Gee, I wonder why? Your people don’t want to catch what you treat and brought home and did not willingly ask for treatment to kill that virus! You had to be forced into care!

Hickox says she was quarantined in New Jersey against her will after returning from West Africa where she was treating Ebola patients.


Excuse me, but if you treat a deadly disease and show symptoms of that disease,  you must be quarantined in order to protect others while doctors treat you in order to save your life. But apparently that’s too much to ask of a self-centered careless medic.

What oath did she take? “Do no harm to others as you see fit, so long as it does no harm to your whimsy rights.”

The fact that this selfish nurse did not willingly quarantine herself, or go willingly, and is screaming that her rights have been violated, says a lot about her mentality.

Hickox talked to “Good Morning America from Skype: “I will go to court to attain my freedom.  I have been completely asymptomatic since I’ve been here. I feel absolutely great.”

Great! You feel fine, but you were quarantined for Ebola because you treat Ebola victims. So what right was violated?

Ebola is life-threatening, it kills people! Suppose you had Ebola on the level of the man that died Miss Hickox, and you touched people and they contracted Ebola and died? That would make you a murderer.

If you carry any deadly contagion and spend time around others, you violate their rights!

And you a nurse want to sue New Jersey for holding you “against your will” to make sure you couldn’t infect anyone? And you want to sue  Maine for it’s quarantine laws set up to keep human beings safe from deadly contagions?

Hickox has done nothing but complain about her so-called trampled rights. Never mind she flew back to the States, landing at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport, from West Africa on a commercial airliner full of people whose rights she did not care about violating.

I agree with Governor Chris Christie, whose job is to protect his state from all threats: “Whatever. Get in line. I’ve been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I’m happy to take it on.” Christie further said,  “when she has time to reflect, she’ll understand” why she had to be quarantined.

Somehow I doubt it.

Hickox should have understood immediately without being forced into quarantine: If you doctors and nurses treat deadly viruses in foreign countries and return to the United States, you should 1. NOT fly home on a commercial airliner where you can infect hundreds of people, who will come into contact with others, and 2. you should immediately admit yourself to quarantine at the nearest facility in order to protect human lives.

Miss Hickox is a selfish person who doesn’t give a flying fart in space about human life she took an oath to “do no harm” to, because she cares more about herself and her self-centered narcissistic Rights Card!

What a nurse!











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