When Democrats Have You Thinking That RINOs Are The Better Choice, You Know Democrats Have To Go

no to dems

I’m eating crow as I write this, because ultra William F. Buckley Conservative me is feeling, thinking, and sadly admitting and knowing, that a RINO Republican is far better than a Democrat, because the Democrat Party has committed so much destruction against the American people, the Constitution and our liberties in general, that it’s time to make this Halloween the precursor to a Democrat graveyard.

No, this conservative Buckley/Reagan girl is not committing to RINOs. I said I’m eating crow over the idea and the act, but I’m not removing my brain!

I’m still fighting for authentic conservatives, and will continue that fight to restore this country and get conservatives into office every election cycle by speaking out for just that, but, I won’t sit out this election (nor have I ever sat out an election, because that’s c rime worse than murder in my family) just because there’s a RINO on one of the tickets. I’ll go with the RINO over the pro-Obama, pro-Obamacare, pro-Common Core, anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment, pro-big government, tax-hiking, welfare-growing, economy-busting Democrats on every ticket in my state to save my state.

no socialism

And, if Mitt Romney is the ticket for 2016 (I prefer Allen West and Sarah Palin), I, the anti-Romney girl at every Romney election who wanted Herman Cain on 2012’s ticket, will vote Romney, because Hillary makes the Marxist Obama look like he really is the Messiah!

I know what my regular readers are thinking, as well as my Libertarian friends: She’s lost her mind! She’s secretly a big government crony capitalist RINO! No, not even near that, and so, so far from it, and never will be that.

I don’t want RINOs in office, I want all authentic conservatives, but too many Republicans voters caved for the most popular name over the best candidates in the past. Those votes gave us Obama and his Marxist/Communist administration that has destroyed this country to the point that Russia looks free.

Bad voting enabled Eric Holder to control our justice system with running illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels and helped Hillary Clinton ignore four men getting slaughtered in Libya, because “what difference does it make at this point; they’re dead!”

Bad voting elected so many destructive Democrats like Elizabeth Warpath Warren to win offices and enlarge the government,and convince Americans “you didn’t build” your business, government did, because the government paved roads to towns, so that means the public worked for your business success via patronizing you. You did nothing but take the money and run.

liz warren

Destructive Democrats control the U.S. because Americans did not want to elect authentic conservatives: “They can’t possibly win on their lack of experience,” “Who’s going to vote for a black conservative?” MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will! I did! Where was everyone else!

Authentic conservatives could have won in 2010 and 2011 if the naysayers voted for them rather than listening to Karl Rove’s insistence that Romney and John McCain were the most electable—actually McCain was the most electable with Sarah Palin on the ticket, but too many believed the lies told by Katie Couric and other left-wing mouthpieces working to destroy conservative Republicans for the Democrat Party win: A two-time mayor and governor had no experience against a barley-in-office Senator who’s only job was a title: Community Organizer.

obama toast

Oh wait… he taught a couple college classes on the real professors week off.

No, I never liked McCain. I still don’t, but he planned on being a one term president, which meant we could have had an authentic conservative Republican female president, but Sarah Palin talks straight, and worse, she speaks with a western accent. and she’s a Christian feminist!

Unless you are a Democrat, accents are considered white trash and stupid. Christianity…Well kill that!

no God dems

This November, each state has candidates and I’m going with the GOP on all—right across the board. Actually, I’ve looked at their records and they’re not bad. I have also noticed that in this day and age, in order to get on a ticket in my state of Connecticut, a Republican has to either talk RINO or register as a “Democrat.”

Just two reasons all of you should thoroughly check your candidate’s backgrounds and records and find out if they are RINO-ing it up, or, suiting-up Democrat in order to save this country from the Democrat Party and the Left Wing.

If that is the only way to save this nation (I’m not saying that all RINOs are actually trustworthy or even authentic Republicans, because they’re not) I have to say no to the write-in ballot and vote Republican across the board to help move us away from the destructive, Islam-loving, illegal Alien-whoring Democrats, and into the direction to save the Constitutional Republic.

I have to do whatever it takes to save my country, and my vote counts, so does yours.

Our U.S. Military Is The Best in the World, That’s Why We’re Going To Kill Them Off With Ebola


Our president is sending United States Military troops to West African countries to fight the Ebola virus instead of placing troops on the American borders to prevent and fight off the invasion from South America and Mexico and Islam.

The U.S. Government has decided fighting Ebola in Africa is better than fighting the threats inside the United States, as well as bombing Islam, which seeks death, into annihilation.

I suppose killing our military by-way-of infectious diseases is one way to demilitarize the United States. That’s really just another way for a left wing, anti-war/anti-military/anti-American Marxist to say “F” the military and America!


Since when is it the duty of the military to fight global diseases? Isn’t that the job of the World Health Organization and scientists who specialize in vaccines and antibiotics for deadly infections?

Yes, the military gets involved in many crisis in order to maintain order and prevent panicked people from rioting or from leaving contagious areas. Are people panicking in West Africa and trying to leave? Yes. Do the countries over there need to stop people from leaving? Yes, but that crisis is being heaped on the United States and not Europe. The United State is expected to police Ebola; despite the fact the world demands the United States not police the world.

There is something fishy with the sending of our troops to West Africa when there are organizations set up for disease control. Ebola is not a war, it’s a deadly infectious disease that must be contained by specialized doctors. Sending troops without full HazMat protection is negligent and suspect.

Why is Obama doing this when the World Health Organization and others have the resources and the United States can ship vaccines to contagious nations?

America is at war with Islam and we are being invaded on our Southern borders by violent drug cartels, gangs, human traffickers and Islamists sneaking past Coyotes who are easily paid off by anyone seeking to invade the USA.

This nation has a crisis of its own that is far more deadly than Ebola, but is being ignored for political correctness that is being used to make American’s hearts bleed for West Africa, a region Americans are supposed to feel guilty about since America’s slavery began there when Africans sold their people to white Europeans.

PC is brainwashing us into ignorance concerning threats to the USA.

The United States Military is needed to fight Islam, the movement the world is at war with, but won’t admit it is. The Military is needed to block United States border, as well as going into rioting inner cities where black Americans are calling for the murders of white Americans. If that’s not controlled and stopped before it gets worse, chaos and real race wars will break out and the National Guard will have to go into American cities and towns with force.

When we need our military most—on U.S. borders and bombing the living daylights out of Islam in the Middle East—thousands are being sent to West Africa to fight a disease the WHO and other governmental and non-governmental organizations can fight.

Heritage.org reports

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the West Africa outbreak of the viral hemorrhagic fever Ebola continues to spread geographically and had killed 4,447 people as of October 14, 2014. The WHO expressed concern that national, international, and private organizations providing humanitarian assistance lack sufficient commonality in their plans, coordination of their activities, medical staffing, and geographic reach in light of the geographic spread of the disease.

There’s a problem with sending the United States Military that Heritage did not note: The 101st Airborne will “not receive full protective Hazmat suits,” because President Obola says “they won’t need them:”

On Nashville Public Radio  it was reported that General David Rodriguez told the Pentagon that: “Troops from the 101st Airborne Division leading the military response to Ebola in West Africa will only need gloves and masks to protect themselves from the deadly virus.”

The Commander of U.S. troops in Africa said, “They don’t need the whole suit – as such – because they’re not going to be in contact with any of the people. Soldiers from the 101st Airborne will primarily be building hospitals, ultimately leading what could be a contingent of 4,000 American service members. They’ll be housed either in tent cities at military airfields or in Liberian Ministry of Defense facilities. Soldiers’ health will be monitored through surveys and taking their temperature on their way in and out of camps. If a service member does get sick, Rodriguez said they will be flown home immediately for treatment.

The military does not need HazMat suits when the death toll is rising weekly? Their health will be “monitored through surveys” as unprotected soldiers touch people with deadly contagions?

Fear not, our soldiers will have their temperatures taken to make sure they wont drop dead after touching people dropping dead from a deadly contagion!

Nearly 5,000 died this month alone and our military does not need protective gear, just thermometers? And if any soldier gets Ebola, he or she will be flown home immediately to infect the military hospital doctors and nurses, who will in turn infect their families, and so on.

When did it become Commander and Chief to kill his troops with deadly contagions? I’m surprised Obama Obola doesn’t send our troops to fight Islam with water pistols and spit balls and straws while we’re at it!

Obama: Why not stand up in the Rose Garden with his jihad fist jab and shout, “F” the troops! Drop dead!” Since it’s that obvious.

Unless The Airlines Provide Us All With HazMat Suits, Why Should I fly?


If Islam and Muslims aren’t a good enough reason for me to say no to flying anywhere (Muslims have a nasty habit of trying to bomb and behead every non-Muslim), the mere thought that boarding a flight that may have been an overseas-connected flight that may possibly have had an Ebola-infected traveler on board wiping their infected hands all over the seat I might sit on, has me saying yes to gassing up my own car and driving versus flying.

That leaves overseas trips off the list since my car does not do well on water.

Not that I really have a problem not hanging around Europeans, they are after all, European. Need I say more?

When the United States has a president, who refuses to close U.S. borders to countries infected with deadly contagions, ban flights in and out of those countries, as well as removing the thousands of illegal immigrants he has invited into the Southern Borders to invade the United States with tuberculosis and human trafficking, why should we Americans feel safe flying anywhere without a HazMat suit?


On that note, why should we feel safe going into public places now that people have been exposed to Ebola in stores and hospitals in America?

Should we panic? No. Thousands of Americans die form the Flu every year, and the Flu is airborne, but Ebola is something we have never had and are not dealing with by shutting our borders and flights to Ebola infect countries.

We’ve been told by the CDC Ebola is not airborne, but many doctors are telling us it is if you are close enough to the infected person.

Sorry airlines, who rely on flights to make money, but unless you provide all flights with HazMat suits to protect from every and any kind of infection—especially the ones that are killing human beings— I’m avoiding all airports and planes that are not 100% private!

Even then…is there a guarantee private planes will not be rented by someone for the purpose of carrying people to and from disease infected countries? And if they do, will they alert the company that owns those planes that pilots and passengers are transporting people carrying deadly viruses back to the United States? Or wait until after someone gets sick and tells authorities where they flew from, on what plane, and to what port.

In other words; if it’s not your privately owned plane, who were the passengers prior to your flying on that plane, and did the company that owns the plane sterilize the entire plane to guarantee no Ebola or tuberculosis, etc, will be contracted by you?

Isn’t it bad enough we easily and often catch the flu and colds whenever we fly? How many of you carry antibiotics when you travel because of that reason? Do you have anything to take to prevent contracting a deadly virus? No, so unless airlines are providing HazMat suits, I’m driving to my destinations.

Besides, the foliage of the North East’s Mohawk Trail and New England’s mountains and valleys and glorious coastlines outdo any European country in my opinion. And the food is far superior! And no snails!

Ketchup That!

I’m sure the entire continent of Europe will be overjoyed upon hearing the news that they do not have to listen to an American capitalist complain about how obnoxious she thinks the French behave and smell.

And lest we not forget another fabulous reason to travel inside the United States: We Americans not only allow pets in public places, we cater to pets!

I’ll stick with driving inside the U.S.A.

Dear B&B’s: My dogs like their Pet beds fluffed.

Islam Want to Destroy and Conquer America While We Apologists Pick Our Noses, PT.2


Yesterday I asked readers, which poses the greatest threat to the future of the United States and her people: Restoring the United States back to a Constitutional Republic or inviting South–of-the-border illegals who bring diseases and violent crime to the United States.

Now I’ll ask you which poses the greatest threat to the United States, gays not being allowed to marry, women not getting free birth control pills (despite years of demanding men should be in charge of birth control), and equal pay to women and low-skilled illiterates whose excelling talent is scanning your store items for the computer to ad up the sum, or head-lopping Muslims?

What has become more important to Americans is not national security, but phony rights to everything and anything that can be twisted into a right by misusing the Constitution.

My darling Americans, get your eyes of the Kardashian’s gigantic rear-ends for two minutes and understand this: None of you will have any rights left when Muslims start beheading Americans. Oh wait, they already have, and Americans, for the most part, don’t consider Islam a threat, because you know, that violent movement that commands rape, torture, war on non-Muslims, beheading of every non-Muslim under Islamic law—Sharia, along with raping and torturing Muslim women and gays who speak out and try to leave Islam, is really a religion of peace. So we Americans should not be worrying about violent head-loppers invading us when gays need something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!

Two weeks-ago an Oklahoma woman was beheaded in the workplace by a Muslim co-worker (the media calls beheading co-workers “workplace violence”) because the non-Muslim woman refused to convert to Islam and she disagreed with stoning women. The Muslim did what all Muslims are trained to do according to Islam:

“inveterate enemies (Sura 4:101),” “arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere (Sura 9:5),” “seize them [infidels] and put them to death wherever you find them, kill them wherever you find them, seek out the enemies of Islam relentlessly (Sura 4:90),” “Fight them until Islam reigns supreme (Sura 2:193),” and “Cut off their heads, and cut off the tips of their fingers (Sura 8:12).”

Wow! Islam is so peaceful…after you’re dead, without your head!

Do you readers still think rights to everything under the sun is as vital as preventing Islam’s intent—jihad and slaughter for conquering the United States and slaughtering all non-Muslims?

According to Islam and the Koran, Muslims must wage war against every non-Muslim (Sura 9:123). If all Muslims do not go to war against infidels, Allah will kill them (Sura 9:39). Muslims are commanded by the Koran and their imams that “the heat of war is fierce, but more fierce is the heat of Hell-fire (Sura 9:81).”

How about some quotes straight from the goat’s mouth!

On August 26, 2014, jihadi cleric Hussein bin Mahmoud told Memri magazine that: “Islam is a religion of power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed,” and that “Chopping off the heads of infidels is an act whose permissibility the [Muslim] ummah agrees on. Beheading a harbi infidel is a blessed act for which a Muslim is rewarded,” going on to state “How many hadiths [commanded by] the Prophet’s Companions have we read in which they demanded that he strike the necks of certain men, and the Prophet did not condemn the striking of necks… Striking necks was a well-known matter that did not elicit any condemnation in the eras of the Prophet, the rightly-guided caliphs and their successors.”

Bin Mahmoud told Memri that Islam and the Koran commands beheading as a way to enforce terror in all infidels, further admitting that Islam is not a religion of peaceful religion, “Islam is a religion of beheading” because Islam’s true meaning is jihad and martyrdom.



Bin Mahmoud further stated that”

The truth is that what distorts the image of Islam is not the beheading and terrorizing of infidels, but rather those who want [prefer following] Mandela or Ghandi, with no killing, fighting, brutality, bloodshed or the striking of heads or necks. That is not the religion of Muhammad son of ‘Abdallah who was sent [against the world] with the sword [for] Judgment Day. The only Koranic surah that is named after him, Surah Muhammad, is called ‘The Surah of Fighting’…


Do readers think this Muslim jihadists quotes are not a problem for America:

Islam is a religion of power, fighting, jihad, beheading and bloodshed, not a religion of turning the left cheek to whoever slapped you on the right cheek.

Does that sound like Christianity or Judaism? Does it even sound like Atheism?

Does Islam and its followers sound like they believe in Freedom of Religion?

Does Islam’s Sharia sound anything like the Constitutional and any of the Bill of Rights Amendments? How about basic human rights?

Do you still feel equal pay, gay marriage rights, free birth control, more welfare and food stamps doled out, more gun bans and harsher penalties against gun owners, and government controlled education is more important than preventing the growth of a movement and people who believe they have full rights to kill any person they want if the Koran and Islam consider it a “just cause (Sura 6:152),” because Allah loves all Muslims who “fight for his cause (Sura 61:3)” and he hates anyone who refuses to fight, or fights against Allah, or renounces Islam in favor of another religion, those Muslims must be “put to death or crucified or have their hands and feet cut off alternative sides (Sura 5:34).”

islam will dominate

We Americans better reject Islam, stop assuming Muslims are nice cuddly people and start banning all Islamic immigration, deporting all non-citizens–I prefer we deport ALL Muslims period!– and those connected to and suspected of terror, because if we do not reject Islam, bring to an end the building of mosques and Islamic centers in America (which is not about practicing religion, rather conquering America by-way-of land, neighborhood and town takeovers) Islam will further attack us all on U.S. soil and we will all find ourselves in a literal, physical war to protect ourselves from being slaughtered by people who believe they must do to all what was done to that innocent Oklahoma woman:

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush (Koran 9:5).

Islam is already in the United States and Muslims have bombed our streets, beheaded a woman, they have executed their own daughters for leaving Islam, and are calling for our American, Western infidel destruction.

Now, which do you think is vital to America’s security: Phony, self-centered rights, or shutting the borders, deporting all illegals and their attempt to take over the United States, and banning all Muslim immigration and stopping Islam in America?

Illegals Want to Destroy and Conquer America While We Apologists Pick Our Noses, PT.1

usa mex



Which poses the greatest threat to the future of the United States: Restoring the United States back to a Constitutional Republic where all Americans are working and building their goals to fruition or allowing  South–of-the-border illegals, who bring diseases and violent crime into the United States and steal jobs that once belonged to the middle class, to stay and destroy the nation?

For today’s reading, we’ll start with Illegals, tomorrow; we’ll discuss the threat of Islam.

Most Americans consider it a horrid idea to deport all illegals because it might make us appear racist. Heaven forbid!

Never mind we were founded by white Europeans, not South Americans or Mexicans and Americans are not culturally South American or Mexican: Our language is English, our culture and heritage is that of our forefather founders and what they set up. That culture and heritage built a very American country where once, all who came here became American and not the country they left.

Because of  illegal immigration the middle class sunk.

The Left, the Democrats, do not want a middle class rising back to the pre-1965 era where most Americans worked and saved—that included black Americans, who prior to Lyndon Johnson, were mostly not on welfare and belonged to intact families–because work, money and private property free you from leader’s control.

Too many of you are brainwashed and believe a Constitutional Republic is a bad idea: It would end all government programs and administrative agencies like the IRS. Those of you who think this way do not realize that abolishing those things means all Americans would have available work, earn and keep 100% of their earnings, never handing over 50% or more of their paycheck and property taxes to the government.

Reverting back to the Constitution means Article I, Section. 8: All Americans pay a one time only, across-the-board, upon purchasing something new, Consumption Tax. Constitution restoration and adherence also means deportation of all illegals.

Reverting back to our Constitution would save this country. Allowing foreign invaders has put us in grave danger.

But too many refuse to believe illegal aliens are a threat to the United States, because after all, “aren’t they doing the jobs no American will do?” Illegals are doing those jobs because our government wants illegals only doing low-skilled jobs like landscaping and house cleaning. The government makes false claims that Americans won’t do the work illegals do so illegals can take over.

Before the 1965 Immigration Acts, The U.S. was a well-paid middle class country where everyone was of one society, language, and culture no matter ancestry, and everyone was able to earn, save, and buy a home. Many rose up to the upper echelons, because work was available to Americans.

The United States Government made sure Americans lost middle class jobs at real wages and purposely opened borders to third world immigration to destroy this nation.

Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act along with the Hart-Seller 1965 Act, made sure millions of illegal third world immigrants from the Eastern and Western hemisphere flooded U.S. borders on the phony grounds of “family reunification and employment preferences.”

The 1965 Immigration Bill destroyed the vital 1920a quota system that protected this nation’s existence and economic growth.

Placing quotas was considered racist by the Left; it was unfair to have an unequal percentage of Hispanics in America, we needed an equal cut, an equal mix of color and race in this awful WASPy country!

hating usa

The so-called color-blinding of America was the erroneous product of cultural Marxism that demanded a fair share Crayola society by Democrats who sought to right non-existent wrongs in a country where the only wrong needing fixing was segregated Americans.

The government promised that Middle Eastern and Far Eastern immigration would be limited. It was South America and Mexico the Left wanted flooding U.S. borders.

1965 Immigration was all about racial equality: End America’s whiteness.   Get rid of  well-skilled immigrants, ignore disease infected countries and threats to national security, and let all immigrating hold onto their old culture. Destroy assimilation, become multicultural!

illegal rights

1965 Immigration was called “reunification,” but it has had the most negative effect on this country: It destroyed our heritage, culture, and English language.

We were sold a bill of goods that opened U.S. borders to security threats: Diseases and terror and violent crime:

The unexpected result has been one of the greatest waves of immigration in the nation’s history—more than 18 million legal immigrants since the law’s passage, over triple the number admitted during the previous 30 years, as well as uncountable millions of illegal immigrants. And the new immigrants are more likely to stay (rather than return home after a time) than those who came around the turn of the century. Moreover, this new, enlarged immigration flow came from countries in Asia and Latin America which heretofore had sent few of their sons and daughters to the United States. And finally, although the average level of education of immigrants has increased somewhat over the past 30 years, the negative gap between their education and that of native-born Americans has increased significantly, creating a mismatch between newcomers and the needs of a modern, high-tech economy.

The 1965 Act demanded an end to origin quotas: Democratic California Representative Philip Burton stated before Congress that:

Just as we sought to eliminate discrimination in our land through the Civil Rights Act, today we seek by phasing out the national origins quota system to eliminate discrimination in immigration to this nation composed of the descendants of immigrants (Congressional Record, Aug. 25, 1965, p. 21783).

Burton’s words are clever, but the real meaning behind this so-called end to justified and needed discrimination toward immigrants was about flooding the United States with South Americans and Mexicans, third world countries, in order to end white European immigration.

President Truman and Eisenhower were of the same belief that we end the isolation quotas and the 1952 McCarran-Walter Act that upheld the national origins quota system:

These are only a few examples of the absurdity, the cruelty of carrying over into this year of 1952 the isolationist limitations of our 1924 law. In no other realm of our national life are we so hampered and stultified by the dead hand of the past, as we are in this field of immigration (Truman, Harry S., Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1961, pp. 443-444).

In 1960, President Dwight D. Eisenhower demanded of Congress:

I again urge the liberalization of some of our restrictions upon immigration…we should double the 154,000 quota immigrants … we should make special provisions for the absorption of many thousands of persons who are refugees (Eisenhower, Dwight D., Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1961, pp. 308-310).

On July 23, 1963, President Kennedy, who never signed a Civil Rights Act, said of the quota system:

It neither satisfies a national need nor accomplishes an international purpose. In an age of interdependence among nations, such a system is an anachronism for it discriminates among applicants for admission into the United States on the basis of the accident of birth (Kennedy, John F., Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1964, pp. 594-597).

Everything promised backfired. Our American national origins have been trampled by illegal immigrants  invading with diseases, trafficking humans and drugs, filling our prison system with raping murderers, and robbing Americans of jobs Americans would do at normal American wages versus third world wages created to destroy the U.S. economy.

The limitations on Middle Eastern countries also backfired as Islamic immigration has increased. With Muslim immigration comes terror against the United States in order to conquer this nation.

And Americans keep falling for the Democrat propaganda that created a society with two generations of self-loathing, brainwashed, guilt-fed whites who refuse to believe the 1920s immigration quotas saved this nation from terror, diseases–Ebola and Tuberculosis just to name two, and economical destruction caused by low skills, illiteracy and crime.

By-the-way: If you catch tuberculosis, thank your neighbor who hires Spanish-speaking, south-of-the-border foreigners to landscape and clean their house.

Democrats considered the 1920s quotas bigotry and prehistoric, yet those quotas did not prevent black Americans beyond the South from working. It was segregation enforced by Democrats that was antediluvian,  not immigration quotas.

The Left purposely went overboard fighting discrimination, making it an immigration problem. In doing so, they opened the borders to people seeking freedom to destroy this nation.

Now we are facing the threat of losing everything the Constitutional Republic was founded on because too many Americans sit by complacent—usually watching “Dancing With The Stars”—rather than taking to the streets the way legal and illegal Hispanics do against Americans: Protesting!

Americans should demand deportation and the end of government handouts to non-citizens.

Which do you consider the real threat: Ending government programs and taxation beyond the 17 Powers, or over 50 million illegals aliens stealing this nation through invasion for conquer?

Let America’s Poor and Homeless Go To Hell, Illegals Crashing Our Border Are More Important!

free shit


Thousands of illegals from Mexico to South America are crashing United States borders daily. They are welcomed with open arms by the Obama Administration that wants the third world invading the United States.

Never mind most invaders are violent, gang-banging drug and sex traffickers, never mind many so-called illegal teens are over 20 years of age, who cares that illegals hate Americans and are here to purposely destroy this country, or many illegals are in fact Muslim terrorists using our borders to attack the United states they intend to conquer, we Americans are to accept this razing without complaint, because Americans owe third world nations and their people everything!

terror invaders

We are to apologize for our existence, we are supposed to right the wrongs of third world nations that are the way they are because of their own people. That means take the third world in and hand over everything you have to them and it.

We Americans are natural born immoral slugs who don’t deserve anything we earned and fought for when other countries do not have what we earned and fought so hard for.

What birthright do Americans and this nation have to exist in wealth, liberty, and freedom if other nations do not?

What privilege do we Americans have to live the way we do if others do not have the same advantages? How dare we Americans assume we have license to all we have when others do not!

get out

Just because we fought against tyrants in order to achieve everything we are and have doesn’t mean we are entitled to what is lawfully and morally ours.

Give up the notion that America belongs to Americans and hand her over to the world to seize and destroy!

stealing America

That hateful thinking was created by the Left, those adorable progressives, who despise this nation and want America shattered and remade into a socialized Marxist state. Leftists have indoctrinated most of your minds to believe anti-American, anti-wealth lies, to feel sorry for illegals crashing U.S. borders, because they are poor and not white.

If things look worse since 2008, it’s because Obama promised to “fundamentally change this nation.” Foolish little you assumed he meant get rid of that war-mongering Bush, not make us into a third world chamber pot. Too many of you refuse to believe that and you ignore the fact this nation has gone from the United States to a North American union of lawless South-of-the-Border thugs coming here to march against us while living off us.

RINO Republicans, who never bother building the “dang fence,” because vote-grabbing is more important, are equally to blame. So are voters who continue reelecting the enablers of the destruction of our American heritage, culture and English language.

illegal dems

Allow me to say what many of you think and are too afraid to say, because oh my, you might offend people and then where will we be: Multiculturalism is offensive, it destroys the English language, it dissolves our American culture and heritage and our very lives by forcing us to accept third world life-styles that do not belong here. Immigrants only belong here if they legally immigrate and give up everything from the country they left behind. They are not supposed to bring their former country with them if they truly want to leave it. If immigrants bring their old culture and heritage, it’s because they want to remake us into them.

hating usa

Our motto is not “Out of one many,” our official motto is E Pluribus Unum, “Out of many one.” We are one nation, one people, one language, one culture, and one heritage.

Maybe if you admit this and start saying it out loud, others without courage would stand up against despotism and we could put a stop to illegal immigration and multiculturalism hell-bent on the destruction of the United States.

Americans have sat by and allowed so-called leaders, who threw our borders wide open to people coming to the United States, to take our country, to destroy our country without a knock-down, drag-out fight!

How about putting your so-called caring to work by actually showing compassion toward America’s truly poor, homeless, and suffering versus illegals, who do not deserve to fed, clothed, or doctored with our money or time when this country has so many Americans in need, who are going without medical care—U.S. veterans— while illegals rob everything by-way-of bleeding-hearted, Social Justice guilt-fed Christians who will rush to the aid of invaders, but never lift a hand to rally round and assist their fellow Americans.

Helping Americans is simply not glamorous; it doesn’t achieve those self-serving pats on the back that catering to illegals bequeaths.

How many of you brainwashed, fraidy cats just grasped your collar in shocked offense, thinking, “Oh my! What racism!”

Allow me to further rub your phony or conned senses the wrong way: I don’t care if illegals are poor and hungry, I don’t care that they come from poor countries run by dictators, they are not America’s problem. America and our people should be our concern. Our country, our people, are our destiny, that’s what we must take care of and not throw it away out of guilt for other countries and their people who hate our American guts.

Furthermore, The United States should not apologize to the world for existing and being a better country with a greater standard of living, because Americans worked hard, and earned, and fought for everything this country has had for the last 400 years, without stealing from other countries!

And no, early settlers did not steal American tribal land, those tribes sold land and did so because tribal Americans were astute business people who realized the land’s worth and made money off it. If land was acquired through wars or deals, that too was business, not theft, even though bleeding-hearted leftists want everyone to ignorantly assume whites and America spells theft and racism.

How many of you, who assume multiculturalism is so wonderful, realize South-of-the-Border cultures are kidnapping and selling American women into sex slavery, creating violent gangs, selling drugs to your children? That’s what illegal aliens do, that is why they come here, and yet many of you feel sorry for them and think they deserve to be united with families who are already here—illegally.

And as noted above, many crossing are Muslim terrorists coming to a town near you to behead all non-Muslims.

No one deserves to be here unless they came legally. Muslims don’t deserve to be here period! Immigrants who come here legally and refuse to shed off their former culture, heritage and language, do not deserve to live on this soil: Not giving up the life they left behind for America says they only came here to change us to them.

Stop letting the United States go to hell and fight to take this nation back.

But We Can’t Ban Flights and Immigration From African Nations, We Might All Die as Ebola-ed Racists!

ebola v



West African nations are riddled with Ebola, but we Americans are supposed to shut up and allow Africans to visit and immigrate to the United States and infect us with deadly diseases. If we don’t, we might become infected and dead racists, and then where would we be!

By-the-way, if you are black American, you’re not African, you’re American, and you should be pretty ticked off over the fact that Washington leaders are content in their highly paid leadership to hurl black Americans into government ghetto-ed housing to struggle in a life of welfare-ed, fatherless poverty, while the government spends hundreds of billions to take care of African countries the United Nations and left wing D.C. leaders wants kept impoverished for their personal wealth.

It pays big to kill of Africans!

So, to black Americans, imagine if the billions spent in Africa was spent in the United States to rebuild inner cities with business and jobs?

Of course, it’s very racist for me to even suggest we should stop all African immigration and flights into this country from Africa, stop sending money to Africa and take care of our own American people.

Too bad! I think we should ban all Americans from flying to Africa for all our safety!

Race that!


ebola dr

Ebola this: Thanks to a traveler, not an immigrant or visitor (we need to start banning them if we want our country safe in the midst of Islam rising and illegal invading), we have an Ebola case in Texas via an idiot named Thomas Eric Duncan, who went to Africa, caught the disease, and boarded a plane bound for the United States by-way-of Brussels. Hey, if you’re going to spread a disease, do it with gusto and attack the socialist chocolate-makers on the way home!

According to Texas Governor Rick Perry, Duncan came into contact with 12 to 18 people during his return home from Africa: This includes children: “Today we learned that some school-aged children have been identified as having had some contact with the patient and are now being monitored at home.”

Wonderful! The parents of those children must feel thrilled knowing their children were touched by an infectious American who went to infectious Liberia, West Africa and came back to the United States to infect everyone else’s loved ones!

Do any of you people who insist upon traveling to African countries riddled with infectious diseases even consider the fact that, even if you’ve had vaccinations to prevent certain diseases, you can still contract something deadly and bring it home to the United States and possibly kill innocent people?

Mr. Duncan had no idea he was carrying the disease and interacted with adults and children who now have to be closely monitored to make sure their bodies do not develop any symptoms that could place their lives in jeopardy.

I should note that the United States is the one country fully equipped to combat this disease and stop it from spreading. We have isolation centers in specific hospitals, doctors who are trained in every infectious disease, not to mention the CDC is highly equipped for outbreaks of all sorts, and so fear should not cause panic.

Also note: Ebola cannot be spread through the air. You must have direct contact with someone carrying the disease by touching them or contact with bodily fluids.

Further note: Ebola can by killed with soap. Perhaps a strong reason Americans have been so keen, for many years, about washing hands constantly with hot water and soap whenever we have contact with people or touch things in public. African nations do not practice American hygiene. Perhaps the United Nations should have considered teaching Africans that versus hurling mosquito nets over Africans after forbidding DDT from being sprayed to kill infectious malaria-carrying mosquitoes that infect and kill Africans.

ebola spray

At least Mr. Duncan had the smarts to go to a hospital when he developed flu-like symptoms, which is systematic with Ebola. Of course Duncan did not have the brains to stay out of Africa where every disease imaginable occurs and spreads like wildfire.

But this does not have to occur if Americans would stop traipsing about infectious disease-filled countries because they want to see Africa or tend to the poor, whom European nations wouldn’t be caught dead helping.

And now, President Obama wants to send our United State Military to West Africa and put them in Ebola’s way!

And please, to all you darling bleeding hearts: I don’t want to hear anything about how we Christians must go to Africa and save all the Africans when African nations have Christian Africans who can do that work. We need our missionaries here in the United States ministering to poor, the drug addicted, the teen mothers, and inner city kids killing each other, because they have been left hopeless by thug fathers in prison. And we need our missionaries to go to our prisons and minister to inmates, who need Christ, not Islam, that’s all too happy to do the job Christians should be doing in America.

On that note of soon-to-accused-of-racism by sissy whinnies: Just once I would love to see Europe get involved and send their people to these disease infested countries that America has to always be the patron saints of.


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