Ebola Nurse Threatens Lawsuit Against Quarantine Because She Has Rights To Infect Us!

ebola nurse

Yes, that title is true. Kaci Hickox, the  nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa and was quarantined in New Jersey upon returning from Ebola-infected West Africa, has threatened to sue the State of New Jersey for their quarantine actions she insists were a violation of her rights. Hickox claims New Jersey had no right to quarantine her against her will.

But she never volunteered herself into quarantine after arriving from West Africa where she was treating Ebola.

I thought “do no harm” was something nurses and doctors took seriously? Not these Ebola nurses and doctors who keep returning home and going out among us with Ebola!

Hickox is now symptom-free of Ebola, proving quarantine is good for you if you have caught a deadly virus, but she will be transported home to Maine by special carrier because of her illness and this has Hickox up in arms and threatening to sue her home state Maine, because it has 21-day quarantine restriction laws like New Jersey.

Gee, I wonder why? Your people don’t want to catch what you treat and brought home and did not willingly ask for treatment to kill that virus! You had to be forced into care!

Hickox says she was quarantined in New Jersey against her will after returning from West Africa where she was treating Ebola patients.


Excuse me, but if you treat a deadly disease and show symptoms of that disease,  you must be quarantined in order to protect others while doctors treat you in order to save your life. But apparently that’s too much to ask of a self-centered careless medic.

What oath did she take? “Do no harm to others as you see fit, so long as it does no harm to your whimsy rights.”

The fact that this selfish nurse did not willingly quarantine herself, or go willingly, and is screaming that her rights have been violated, says a lot about her mentality.

Hickox talked to “Good Morning America from Skype: “I will go to court to attain my freedom.  I have been completely asymptomatic since I’ve been here. I feel absolutely great.”

Great! You feel fine, but you were quarantined for Ebola because you treat Ebola victims. So what right was violated?

Ebola is life-threatening, it kills people! Suppose you had Ebola on the level of the man that died Miss Hickox, and you touched people and they contracted Ebola and died? That would make you a murderer.

If you carry any deadly contagion and spend time around others, you violate their rights!

And you a nurse want to sue New Jersey for holding you “against your will” to make sure you couldn’t infect anyone? And you want to sue  Maine for it’s quarantine laws set up to keep human beings safe from deadly contagions?

Hickox has done nothing but complain about her so-called trampled rights. Never mind she flew back to the States, landing at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport, from West Africa on a commercial airliner full of people whose rights she did not care about violating.

I agree with Governor Chris Christie, whose job is to protect his state from all threats: “Whatever. Get in line. I’ve been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I’m happy to take it on.” Christie further said,  “when she has time to reflect, she’ll understand” why she had to be quarantined.

Somehow I doubt it.

Hickox should have understood immediately without being forced into quarantine: If you doctors and nurses treat deadly viruses in foreign countries and return to the United States, you should 1. NOT fly home on a commercial airliner where you can infect hundreds of people, who will come into contact with others, and 2. you should immediately admit yourself to quarantine at the nearest facility in order to protect human lives.

Miss Hickox is a selfish person who doesn’t give a flying fart in space about human life she took an oath to “do no harm” to, because she cares more about herself and her self-centered narcissistic Rights Card!

What a nurse!










Enough with The Lone Wolf Rubbish! Call The Terrorists What They Are: It’s Islam, They’re Muslims!


lone wolf


If a Muslim commits terrorism all by his lonesome, we are not to call the violence terrorism or the Muslim an Islamist. That’s too accurate a description of the leading organization of world-wide terrorism and the people who commit terror. No, we’re to call all acts of terror violence, and when it’s committed by one person, that person must be referred to as a lone wolf.

Now, doesn’t that make terrorists sound more like furry cuddly canines committing random acts of violence?

That Discovery Chanel-lingo applied to terror makes it sound like nothing more than wildlife on the loose outside of its habitat. Oh look, they’re solitary monsters. How cute!

terror wolf

When Muslims go it alone, blowing up city streets, lining their underwear and sneakers with bombs, beheading your co-workers, or putting hatchets through a cop’s heads in the name of Allah and the commands of the Koran, let’s not be honest and admit Islam’s violence is wholly Islam. Let’s be politically correct and make everyone believe that Muslims who behave evil are nothing more than a disgruntled religious lunatics.

You know, Branch Davidians with turbans and machetes and bombs, and bombs made out of anything that can be made into a bomb, and swords and explosive backpacks, while they scream “Allah Akbar” and murder every non-Muslim they can…wolfishly in the name of Allah.

It’s a religion of peace with a few lone wolves acting downright weird!

It’s very unusual for any Muslim to slaughter people single-handedly. In fact, I read somewhere in a patronizing left-wing magazine that the Koran teaches that all Muslims must act violently in groups, never unaccompanied or unaided.

Now the terror sounds more like a 7-Eleven heist and we’re all ignorantly blind to losing our heads.

Heaven forbid we call Muslims and Islam what they are—violent extremists who follow an extremely violent movement of terror. Let’s call all recent acts of Islamic terror “Lone Wolf” acts, that way they seem to be nothing more than isolated incidents and not Islam.

Psychologically, it sounds more like naughty puppies peed on expensive carpets. It’s not the fault the puppies peed where they were not supposed to pee, those puppies acted alone! Their mother didn’t teach them not to pee on carpets while she was nursing the pack, and neglectful owners didn’t teach their puppies to pee on newspapers.

Give me a break! Calling Muslims who commit terror alone “lone wolves” sounds like we’re talking about introverted crazies who spent too much time in basements wearing tinfoil turbans!

The “Lone Wolves’ excuse takes the heat is off Islam and Muslims so they can continue slaughtering the world while we PC morons apologize to Islam for their 1400 years of violence against the world they hate and want annihilated.

lone wolf terror

Let’s all believe the Koran does not teach Muslims to kill all non-Muslims unless they are acting in groups with hijacked planes or under a really kool 1970s Saturday morning TV show name.

Lone Wolf Muslim extremist…it’s nothing more than a naughty puppy peeing where it shouldn’t, because it wasn’t taught the rules of authentic Koran violence.

That’s how pathetic this Lone Wolf crap excuse sounds.

What is the next excuse we’ll use to describe Islam’s violent beliefs and actions? Cat fighting?

Is This The United States Or Ancient Rome? Because Modern-Day Anti-Christianity Sure Looks Like Rome!

Ban God

The last time I checked, I lived in the United states of America, a Constitutional Republic with a First Amendment that clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….”

Cornell University School of Law confirms, with citations listed here, that,

The Free Exercise Clause reserves the right of American citizens to accept any religious belief and engage in religious rituals. The wording in the free-exercise clauses of state constitutions that religious “[o]pinion, expression of opinion, and practice were all expressly protected” by the Free Exercise Clause. The clause protects not just religious beliefs but actions made on behalf of those beliefs. More importantly, the wording of state constitutions suggest that “free exercise envisions religiously compelled exemptions from at least some generally applicable laws.” The Free Exercise Clause not only protects religious belief and expression; it also seems to allow for violation of laws, as long as that violation is made for religious reasons. In the terms of economic theory, the Free Exercise Clause promotes a free religious market by precluding taxation of religious activities by minority sects.

In other words, the United States Constitution upholds the right of religious expression. It’s “Freedom of religion,” not freedom from religion.

You wouldn’t know that nowadays with the anti-Christian hate of all things Jesus and the Bible in the United States.  We’ve become ancient Rome!

Are Christians free to talk about Jesus and the Bible without being made fun of or shunned? Christianity in America used to be the cornerstone, the backbone of this nation. With it we had less crime, less teen and out-of-wedlock pregnancies, very little poverty, less divorce, and more educated and working people. Now we have the complete opposite.

Our leaders act like Roman Caesars and too many people bow down to government like its God and let government make God illegal.

jesus wanted

Those who go against government and progressive leaders, proclaiming Christ, are threatened, fired, expelled from school, and viewed as hateful bigots trying to destroy people’s rights. That would be homosexual rights, pedophile rights, murderers and rapists rights, and rights to everything you want for free.

I’ve been re-reading the Book of Acts and I see too many similarities to ancient Rome’s horrid treatment of the Apostles and today’s Christians in America, who are forbidden to say the name Jesus, wear crosses and carry Bibles in schools, put up Nativity scenes and Christmas trees, and sing Christmas songs in public.

no God dems

Christians today are despised for being Jesus followers, while Muslims are admired for beheading all who refuse to convert to Islam, and accepted even though Islam commands the persecution and murder of women and gays.

In Ancient Rome, the Pharisees, Sadducees, Herod, Sanhedrin, Pagans, all persecuted Christ followers. Preaching the Gospel was illegal, a death sentence:

Peter and John before the Sanhedrin. The priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up to Peter and John while they were speaking to the people. They were greatly disturbed because the apostles were teaching the people, proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead. They seized Peter and John and, because it was evening, they put them in jail until the next day. But many who heard the message believed; so the number of men who believed grew to about five thousand (Acts 4: 1-4).

In Acts 14, Paul and Timothy were flogged, beaten, and imprisoned for preaching the Gospel:

They brought them before the magistrates and said, ‘These men are Jews, and are throwing our city into an uproar by advocating customs unlawful for us Romans to accept or practice.’ The crowd joined in the attack against Paul and Silas, and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten with rods. After they had been severely flogged, they were thrown into prison…

When Stephen preached about Jesus and confronted the religious frauds, and people believed, the religious leaders saw their control slipping away and ordered Stephen stoned to death:

‘You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised. You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit! Was there ever a prophet your ancestors did not persecute? They even killed those who predicted the coming of the Righteous One. And now you have betrayed and murdered him you who have received the law that was given through angels but have not obeyed it.’ When the members of the Sanhedrin heard this, they were furious and gnashed their teeth at him…they all rushed at him, dragged him out of the city and began to stone him… On that day a great persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria (Acts 7:51-57, 8:1).

With so many people following Jesus and not legalism that enriched religious leaders and enslaved over-taxed and impoverished Roman citizens, it signaled an awakening about mankind’s true liberty given at creation by God, not men: People were free in God, whereas men made men slaves to enrich themselves.

Liberty leads to uprisings and ends government abuse.  Roman feared that, as did the Pharisees and Sadducee’s.

Is it any wonder Rome slaughtered Christians in mass numbers?

Jesus means freedom. People who realize kings were not gods, know people have rights from God to govern, to lead, because God gave man the entire earth and everything in it and God equips people to lead,

By me kings reign and rulers issue decrees that are just… (Proverbs 8:15,)  and Romans 13:1, Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God, and Romans 13:2, Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

Those words from put a big crack in the conniving crowns of leaders. It’s the reason progressives do not want God in America. It’s the reason the Left wants all things God and Christianity banned: In order to control people, God and the name of Jesus must be tossed out with the baptismal water, or equality in the name of liberty succeeds.

Leaders cannot have full power with God as supreme ruler. Even if you’re a king. Once people realize they are not government created and mandated with a “Logan’s Run” stamp on their hand, people rise up depose leaders and create new governments that uphold God-given liberty that includes openly believing in God.

obama fiddling

The United States has gone the way of Rome. The only people with rights are those who deny God and take up the government as their life-giver and provider. The rest are being trampled and better rise up or learn how to play fiddle.

Islam Commands Muslims to Slaughter all Non-Muslims, That’s A Good Reason To Reject and Deny Muslims Any Place In America!

burning flag muslims

The United States was founded on religious freedom, not religious persecution, or a religious philosophy of rape, slaughter and conquer, so why are we Americans welcoming that evil philosophy with open arms into this country and allowing it to kill us?

Why are we Americans subjecting ourselves to beheadings of civilians in the workplace, Muslims shooting and beheading their daughters who leave Islam for freedom, axes to the heads of our police officers, and bombing our streets and cities and planes? Because we have been told to tolerate and accept the violent movement of Islam as peace for the pathetic Group Think rubbish called political correctness.

It’s a horrid thought that one might die a bigot toward hated and slaughter.

If we Americans deny and reject Islam, Muslims, who’s religion and philosophy is protected and promoted by the humankind-hating leftists, i.e., progressives, we who actually love peace and liberty, will be deemed racists.

Again; what a horrid thought it is that we might be accused of hating evil!

I keep telling readers this every week, but it seems I have to write weekly posts, constantly speaking out against Islam, because not enough Americans have the courage to stand up and speak out against evil in a turban—Islam/Muslims.


Why are we not rejecting and denying this violent force in the United States, the country our Founders wanted founded on religious freedom, not persecution by violent religious people who slaughter everyone who doesn’t convert to their ways?

Islam teaches its followers to kill all non-believers. The Koran commands Muslims to conquer the world and slaughter all Christians and Jews:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people (Sura 5, verse 51).

Compare the Koran and Islam to the belief and philosophy of America’s Founders and early Americans up to the mid-twentieth century who believed in and followed Christianity and the Bible that teaches its followers to love one another:

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (John 13:34).

Muslims rape and slaughter mankind by command of its pedophile/rapist/war-mongering prophet/founder Mohammad, who commanded all Muslims:

And KILL them (the unbelievers) wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers (Sura 2, verse 191).

Muslims want all non-Muslims to become slaves:

Surely We have prepared for the unbelievers chains and shackles and a burning fire (Sura 76, verse 4).

Christians believe what Jesus gave all human beings: freedom and salvation, not slavery:

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:17),” and “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed (John 8:36).

Then there’s this Bible verse on freedom and loving one another:

You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. The entire law is summed up in a single command: “Love your neighbor as yourself (Galatians 5:13-14).

Muslims are on a mission to murder; Christians are on a mission to save and give kindness to the world: Christians feed, cloth, and doctor the poor, while praying for all of mankind so all will have the peace and hope of God.

The Bible teaches Christians to spread the Gospel of Jesus (love, redemption, grace, and salvation) throughout the world. The Koran teaches the opposite, and, you will never find Muslims going throughout the world tending to the sick and poor, while spreading love, liberty and friendship.

Which one would you trust to feed, cloth, and doctor you?

Which one would you trust to defend your rights? Which one allows you rights?

Which one murders homosexuals and which one, despite not agreeing with or believing in homosexuality, believes in praying for homosexuals, showing love to the person, and never persecuting homosexuals for any reason?

Which one do you think can be trusted to love this country and protect it and defend the liberty and freedom of all Americans?

Which one would you trust to not kill you?

There is no place in America for anyone who wants to remove the rights and liberties of human beings?

There is no place in this country for anyone who believes in slaughtering anyone in the name of a god and movement of death.

There is no place in America for anyone that seeks the destruction of this nation for the conquering and enslavement of everyone, of whom, Islam commands must be forced into submission to its violent movement of rape, torture, murder and war.

The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave should never become the Land of the Enslaved by the Sword-wielding Brutes.

But that’s exactly what we Americans will become if we do not stop tolerating and accepting Islam and start denying and rejecting it off our shores.

When Democrats Have You Thinking That RINOs Are The Better Choice, You Know Democrats Have To Go

no to dems

I’m eating crow as I write this, because ultra William F. Buckley Conservative me is feeling, thinking, and sadly admitting and knowing, that a RINO Republican is far better than a Democrat, because the Democrat Party has committed so much destruction against the American people, the Constitution and our liberties in general, that it’s time to make this Halloween the precursor to a Democrat graveyard.

No, this conservative Buckley/Reagan girl is not committing to RINOs. I said I’m eating crow over the idea and the act, but I’m not removing my brain!

I’m still fighting for authentic conservatives, and will continue that fight to restore this country and get conservatives into office every election cycle by speaking out for just that, but, I won’t sit out this election (nor have I ever sat out an election, because that’s c rime worse than murder in my family) just because there’s a RINO on one of the tickets. I’ll go with the RINO over the pro-Obama, pro-Obamacare, pro-Common Core, anti-gun/anti-Second Amendment, pro-big government, tax-hiking, welfare-growing, economy-busting Democrats on every ticket in my state to save my state.

no socialism

And, if Mitt Romney is the ticket for 2016 (I prefer Allen West and Sarah Palin), I, the anti-Romney girl at every Romney election who wanted Herman Cain on 2012’s ticket, will vote Romney, because Hillary makes the Marxist Obama look like he really is the Messiah!

I know what my regular readers are thinking, as well as my Libertarian friends: She’s lost her mind! She’s secretly a big government crony capitalist RINO! No, not even near that, and so, so far from it, and never will be that.

I don’t want RINOs in office, I want all authentic conservatives, but too many Republicans voters caved for the most popular name over the best candidates in the past. Those votes gave us Obama and his Marxist/Communist administration that has destroyed this country to the point that Russia looks free.

Bad voting enabled Eric Holder to control our justice system with running illegal guns to Mexican drug cartels and helped Hillary Clinton ignore four men getting slaughtered in Libya, because “what difference does it make at this point; they’re dead!”

Bad voting elected so many destructive Democrats like Elizabeth Warpath Warren to win offices and enlarge the government,and convince Americans “you didn’t build” your business, government did, because the government paved roads to towns, so that means the public worked for your business success via patronizing you. You did nothing but take the money and run.

liz warren

Destructive Democrats control the U.S. because Americans did not want to elect authentic conservatives: “They can’t possibly win on their lack of experience,” “Who’s going to vote for a black conservative?” MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I will! I did! Where was everyone else!

Authentic conservatives could have won in 2010 and 2011 if the naysayers voted for them rather than listening to Karl Rove’s insistence that Romney and John McCain were the most electable—actually McCain was the most electable with Sarah Palin on the ticket, but too many believed the lies told by Katie Couric and other left-wing mouthpieces working to destroy conservative Republicans for the Democrat Party win: A two-time mayor and governor had no experience against a barley-in-office Senator who’s only job was a title: Community Organizer.

obama toast

Oh wait… he taught a couple college classes on the real professors week off.

No, I never liked McCain. I still don’t, but he planned on being a one term president, which meant we could have had an authentic conservative Republican female president, but Sarah Palin talks straight, and worse, she speaks with a western accent. and she’s a Christian feminist!

Unless you are a Democrat, accents are considered white trash and stupid. Christianity…Well kill that!

no God dems

This November, each state has candidates and I’m going with the GOP on all—right across the board. Actually, I’ve looked at their records and they’re not bad. I have also noticed that in this day and age, in order to get on a ticket in my state of Connecticut, a Republican has to either talk RINO or register as a “Democrat.”

Just two reasons all of you should thoroughly check your candidate’s backgrounds and records and find out if they are RINO-ing it up, or, suiting-up Democrat in order to save this country from the Democrat Party and the Left Wing.

If that is the only way to save this nation (I’m not saying that all RINOs are actually trustworthy or even authentic Republicans, because they’re not) I have to say no to the write-in ballot and vote Republican across the board to help move us away from the destructive, Islam-loving, illegal Alien-whoring Democrats, and into the direction to save the Constitutional Republic.

I have to do whatever it takes to save my country, and my vote counts, so does yours.

Our U.S. Military Is The Best in the World, That’s Why We’re Going To Kill Them Off With Ebola


Our president is sending United States Military troops to West African countries to fight the Ebola virus instead of placing troops on the American borders to prevent and fight off the invasion from South America and Mexico and Islam.

The U.S. Government has decided fighting Ebola in Africa is better than fighting the threats inside the United States, as well as bombing Islam, which seeks death, into annihilation.

I suppose killing our military by-way-of infectious diseases is one way to demilitarize the United States. That’s really just another way for a left wing, anti-war/anti-military/anti-American Marxist to say “F” the military and America!


Since when is it the duty of the military to fight global diseases? Isn’t that the job of the World Health Organization and scientists who specialize in vaccines and antibiotics for deadly infections?

Yes, the military gets involved in many crisis in order to maintain order and prevent panicked people from rioting or from leaving contagious areas. Are people panicking in West Africa and trying to leave? Yes. Do the countries over there need to stop people from leaving? Yes, but that crisis is being heaped on the United States and not Europe. The United State is expected to police Ebola; despite the fact the world demands the United States not police the world.

There is something fishy with the sending of our troops to West Africa when there are organizations set up for disease control. Ebola is not a war, it’s a deadly infectious disease that must be contained by specialized doctors. Sending troops without full HazMat protection is negligent and suspect.

Why is Obama doing this when the World Health Organization and others have the resources and the United States can ship vaccines to contagious nations?

America is at war with Islam and we are being invaded on our Southern borders by violent drug cartels, gangs, human traffickers and Islamists sneaking past Coyotes who are easily paid off by anyone seeking to invade the USA.

This nation has a crisis of its own that is far more deadly than Ebola, but is being ignored for political correctness that is being used to make American’s hearts bleed for West Africa, a region Americans are supposed to feel guilty about since America’s slavery began there when Africans sold their people to white Europeans.

PC is brainwashing us into ignorance concerning threats to the USA.

The United States Military is needed to fight Islam, the movement the world is at war with, but won’t admit it is. The Military is needed to block United States border, as well as going into rioting inner cities where black Americans are calling for the murders of white Americans. If that’s not controlled and stopped before it gets worse, chaos and real race wars will break out and the National Guard will have to go into American cities and towns with force.

When we need our military most—on U.S. borders and bombing the living daylights out of Islam in the Middle East—thousands are being sent to West Africa to fight a disease the WHO and other governmental and non-governmental organizations can fight.

Heritage.org reports

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the West Africa outbreak of the viral hemorrhagic fever Ebola continues to spread geographically and had killed 4,447 people as of October 14, 2014. The WHO expressed concern that national, international, and private organizations providing humanitarian assistance lack sufficient commonality in their plans, coordination of their activities, medical staffing, and geographic reach in light of the geographic spread of the disease.

There’s a problem with sending the United States Military that Heritage did not note: The 101st Airborne will “not receive full protective Hazmat suits,” because President Obola says “they won’t need them:”

On Nashville Public Radio  it was reported that General David Rodriguez told the Pentagon that: “Troops from the 101st Airborne Division leading the military response to Ebola in West Africa will only need gloves and masks to protect themselves from the deadly virus.”

The Commander of U.S. troops in Africa said, “They don’t need the whole suit – as such – because they’re not going to be in contact with any of the people. Soldiers from the 101st Airborne will primarily be building hospitals, ultimately leading what could be a contingent of 4,000 American service members. They’ll be housed either in tent cities at military airfields or in Liberian Ministry of Defense facilities. Soldiers’ health will be monitored through surveys and taking their temperature on their way in and out of camps. If a service member does get sick, Rodriguez said they will be flown home immediately for treatment.

The military does not need HazMat suits when the death toll is rising weekly? Their health will be “monitored through surveys” as unprotected soldiers touch people with deadly contagions?

Fear not, our soldiers will have their temperatures taken to make sure they wont drop dead after touching people dropping dead from a deadly contagion!

Nearly 5,000 died this month alone and our military does not need protective gear, just thermometers? And if any soldier gets Ebola, he or she will be flown home immediately to infect the military hospital doctors and nurses, who will in turn infect their families, and so on.

When did it become Commander and Chief to kill his troops with deadly contagions? I’m surprised Obama Obola doesn’t send our troops to fight Islam with water pistols and spit balls and straws while we’re at it!

Obama: Why not stand up in the Rose Garden with his jihad fist jab and shout, “F” the troops! Drop dead!” Since it’s that obvious.

Unless The Airlines Provide Us All With HazMat Suits, Why Should I fly?


If Islam and Muslims aren’t a good enough reason for me to say no to flying anywhere (Muslims have a nasty habit of trying to bomb and behead every non-Muslim), the mere thought that boarding a flight that may have been an overseas-connected flight that may possibly have had an Ebola-infected traveler on board wiping their infected hands all over the seat I might sit on, has me saying yes to gassing up my own car and driving versus flying.

That leaves overseas trips off the list since my car does not do well on water.

Not that I really have a problem not hanging around Europeans, they are after all, European. Need I say more?

When the United States has a president, who refuses to close U.S. borders to countries infected with deadly contagions, ban flights in and out of those countries, as well as removing the thousands of illegal immigrants he has invited into the Southern Borders to invade the United States with tuberculosis and human trafficking, why should we Americans feel safe flying anywhere without a HazMat suit?


On that note, why should we feel safe going into public places now that people have been exposed to Ebola in stores and hospitals in America?

Should we panic? No. Thousands of Americans die form the Flu every year, and the Flu is airborne, but Ebola is something we have never had and are not dealing with by shutting our borders and flights to Ebola infect countries.

We’ve been told by the CDC Ebola is not airborne, but many doctors are telling us it is if you are close enough to the infected person.

Sorry airlines, who rely on flights to make money, but unless you provide all flights with HazMat suits to protect from every and any kind of infection—especially the ones that are killing human beings— I’m avoiding all airports and planes that are not 100% private!

Even then…is there a guarantee private planes will not be rented by someone for the purpose of carrying people to and from disease infected countries? And if they do, will they alert the company that owns those planes that pilots and passengers are transporting people carrying deadly viruses back to the United States? Or wait until after someone gets sick and tells authorities where they flew from, on what plane, and to what port.

In other words; if it’s not your privately owned plane, who were the passengers prior to your flying on that plane, and did the company that owns the plane sterilize the entire plane to guarantee no Ebola or tuberculosis, etc, will be contracted by you?

Isn’t it bad enough we easily and often catch the flu and colds whenever we fly? How many of you carry antibiotics when you travel because of that reason? Do you have anything to take to prevent contracting a deadly virus? No, so unless airlines are providing HazMat suits, I’m driving to my destinations.

Besides, the foliage of the North East’s Mohawk Trail and New England’s mountains and valleys and glorious coastlines outdo any European country in my opinion. And the food is far superior! And no snails!

Ketchup That!

I’m sure the entire continent of Europe will be overjoyed upon hearing the news that they do not have to listen to an American capitalist complain about how obnoxious she thinks the French behave and smell.

And lest we not forget another fabulous reason to travel inside the United States: We Americans not only allow pets in public places, we cater to pets!

I’ll stick with driving inside the U.S.A.

Dear B&B’s: My dogs like their Pet beds fluffed.


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