Screw Equal Pay! It Kills Success and Prevents Competitive Pay!


Equal pay does not allow anyone to rise up to higher pay; equal pay means one must never be paid more than another because that is unfair to those not being paid more.

Ladies, if any of you are incompetent, you do not deserve to be paid more or to keep your job. You deserve to be fired.

If women lack skills necessary to rise up to higher pay, those women do not deserve to be paid the same as someone with better skills and talent, receiving higher pay. If you want to receive higher pay, you must get on-the-job skills, or other training, and work your way up to that higher pay, if not, shut up and accept your low wages.

No one receiving low wages receives low wages because they have exceptional skills, they receive low wages either because they are working at a minimum wage job that is meant only to be a stepping stone to better jobs with better pay, or, they are receiving low wages because they are at the entry-level where one must work up to a higher position with high pay.

That’s not only life, that is the free market and it is why the free market has worked so well for centuries: It allows for competition between employees who can take what they have naturally and hone their skills and work their way up to more money and a better life. Free markets competition also allows business owners to compete against each other by perfecting services and products. This in turn serves the people with goods they need, as well as want, and the more goods created and sold, the more money for businesses, and that leads to hiring more employees.

Equal pay destroys competition and jobs and that destroys the economy and lessons financial growth overall.

But isn’t that the entire idea behind equal pay? Make everyone the same, don’t allow anyone to rise above another or have more than others. It’s not fair if some get rich while others are do not. It’s not fair if a man earns more than a woman, even if she works part-time at excellent pay because she is raising children. Notice part-time work at excellent pay for mothers is not unequal pay, it’s simply women working fewer hours because they a family to take care of.

If a woman works full-time and receives less than the men at her job, perhaps she should work at gaining more skills to rise up to a hirer paid position. If she has, but still finds she is not getting paid what she wants, then apply to a another company offering better pay—while obtaining more skills to gain more money.

Believe it or not ladies, it’s not a man’s world, because men and women live in this world and both genders were created equal in liberty by God.

Sorry if this fact hurts ladies, but God did create man first, which I don’t see as a problem since God said man needed us women, because “it was not good for man to be alone.”

Wake up women, God did not create us unequal to men, God did not make us subservient slaves to men—evil tyrants men history decided women are inferior, not God. Again: God created all mankind equal in liberty. Yes, men were created physically stronger and are be the protectors of women (even feminists run to men when they need help against rapists and other violent criminals), but notice in Genesis that God said men need us women to help them, to take care of them!

Notice the word “needed.” Men need us. Instead of whining, why not use that to our advantages and work harder at being needed in the workforce, by the company we’re in or want to be in. Then use that helping know-how God gave us women as a bargaining tool to show we are fabulous helpers.

Hey, men do it all the time with their skills, and they do it without running to the federal government, crying like sissies for help.

Furthermore, women have an advantage over men and it’s the reason men say “I don’t understand women:” We women are the missing link of all men. We were created out of the man’s rib, and men, poor darlings, they never got it back! Men are missing what God gave us women! We understand men, but they can’t understand us, because we have their rib!

Get the Memo whining feminists who claim you’re being treated oh so unfair in the so-called man’s world you insist on working in while demanding equal pay to men: Stop whining like little girls and learn how to compete without demanding the federal government get involved in all of our private lives and hindering us by passing laws that force men to comply with men-hating women or face criminal charges that involve everything and anything to do with sex.

Grow up and start seeing yourselves as the great helpers in the workforce instead of behaving like trampled little weaklings, and maybe, just maybe, those horrid, brutish men you poor, weakened feminists claim are picking on you will respect you and invite you to compete.

Work hard and your hard work and gained skills will pay off. Either that or put up and shut up so the rest of us can get on with our work!

If America Elects Another Bush, We Deserve Forty Years In The Progressive Desert

April 7, 2014 1 comment

Look out conservative Republican voters, Jeb Bush is not only propping himself up as the next GOP presidential candidate, but I guarantee the GOP will tell voters to vote Jeb because, “Jeb Bush is the only qualified candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton in 2016!”

If conservatives and Republican voters fall for that constantly failing bogus line again, we deserve to wander 40 years in a progressive desert.

In all seriousness, Jeb Bush is nothing more than a Democrat masquerading in cheap elephant skin. He’s not a conservative or constitutionalist by any means. He’s a big government progressive who panders to open borders and illegal immigration, and he proved he does with his latest statements supporting illegals crashing our borders and stealing American jobs and welfare:

The way I look at this is someone who comes to our country because they couldn’t come legally, they come to our country because their family’s dad who loves their children was worried that their children didn’t have food on the table, and they wanted to make sure their family was intact. And they crossed the border because they had no other means to work to be able to provide for their family. Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony. It’s kind of, it’s an act of love. It’s an act of commitment to your family. I honestly think that’s a different kind of crime that should be, there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.

The way I look at is Governor Bush is committed to the love of spreading bull sh**.

First: It is a felony to enter any country illegally. Try entering Mexico illegally  and you’ll wind up in prison, beaten, starved, and Mexican prison stay is not short: 

Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

Second: It is hypocrisy to claim it’s impossible for illegal immigrants to enter the United States legally when the   Department of Homeland Security is pro-amnesty!   Eric Holder will give illegals a free hall pass!

Third: Every country has an immigration process for leaving one place in order to enter another. The process includes something called a line you get in and wait your turn.

Bush has a problem with illegals waiting on line for immigration papers: They shouldn’t have to, they should be able to break U.S. laws so Bush and other pro-amnesty charlatans can get elected to the presidency.

Let’s not forget that millions of illegals don’t need to enter U.S. borders legally because American leaders tell them they don’t have to. Leaders in both parties offer welfare benefits to everyone entering the U.S.  illegally. All our leaders ask from these undocumented Democrat felons is their vote. Who cares that the American people are getting screwed over with excessive taxes to pay the way of felons.

Furthermore, Jeb Bush’s claim that  illegals are forced to break laws in order to put food on the table and keep their family intact is left-wing propaganda. I might agree with that phony excuse if those illegal numbers were only in the several thousand instead of  50 million invaders destroying America’s economy with low job skills driving down wages, while demolishing our culture and heritage with the invasion of foreign cultures illegals refuse to give up, but demand America assimilate to.

The problem is Bush is not alone in his progressive thinking. Sen. Rand Paul, the so-called constitutionalist is just as bad a Bush with his recent leftist claims about immigration and deportation laws:

We got to get beyond deportation to get to the rest of the issues. The bottom line is that the Hispanic community, the Latino community, is not going to hear us until we get beyond that issue. They’re not going to care whether we go to the same church or have the same values or believe in the same kind of future of the country until we get beyond that.

If we move beyond this issue we will lose our Constitutional Republic. We’ll become a borderless place known only as North America.

Then there’s Governor Rick Perry’s defense of the Texas DREAM Act for children of illegals:

If you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they have been brought there by no fault of their own, I don’t think you have a heart.

Readers will have to excuse me, but I have a heart condition when it comes to anyone entering and living in our country illegally: I don’t have a heart!

Kids whose parents are here illegally receive state-funded educations while poor American children of poor parents overload themselves with Federal Student Loans that are not free, but must be paid back whether or not the student is on welfare or not. Children of illegals don’t have to repay, they get a free pass.

Michele Bachmann was right when she said:

Their parents are the ones who brought them [children] here…they did not have the legal right to come to the United State. We do  not owe people, who broke our laws to come into the country. We don’t owe them anything.

Bachmann said if elected president she would pass a law barring citizenship to the children of illegal aliens, even if born on U.S. soil.  Bleeding-hearted Republicans considered Bachmann too hateful and racist to defend and protect the Constitution.

That’s okay, Jeb Bush insists entering the United States unlawfully is not a felon—even though breaking the law is a felon—it’s “an act of love.”

I’m sure the majority of illegal immigrants filling American prisons on rape and murder convictions lovingly committed those acts.

Not in Jeb Bush’s dead brain:

I honestly think that’s a different kind of crime [when people enter America illegally from south of the border] that should be, there should be a price paid, but it shouldn’t be — it shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to this country to provide for their families.

Hey Jeb, if we Americans don’t get riled up we will continue watching our country erode into a third world chamber pot.

It’s not an act of love to enter a country illegally, it’s breaking the law. If you truly want your family together, go through the immigration process legally, the way immigrants used to do before Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 Immigration Acts   decided America was too white and should be invaded by third world countries. 

Europeans who could read and write and had excellent talents and skills, and loved America and wanted to be American in every sense of the word, were prohibited entrance to the United States by Kennedy and Johnson. That included Kennedy’s grandmother’s birth land of Ireland.

By 2007, “85 percent of our immigrants hail from the Third World and Asia,” and “unprecedented Third World immigration has reduced America’s European-heritage population from almost 90 percent to about 66 percent in just a little more than four decades,” and the Zogby poll found that “58 percent of Mexicans believe California and the Southwest rightly belong to them.”

If this continues, English will become secondary and America’s culture and heritage will cease in favor of whatever appeases Mexicans, South Americans, Muslims building terror cells inside the U.S., and Chinese.

We Americans are expected to assimilate to foreigners who hate us.

How far do readers think you would get in south-of-the-border countries or Europe or Islamic or Asian countries if you tried to pull the stunts illegals pull in this country? I’ll give you two words: Prison, then deportation. And don’t expect to be welcomed back in those countries ever again. In Islamic countries  you receive prison, torture and death.

Bush’s last comments make it clear that if elected president he would destroy our borders and make the U.S. and Mexico a confederacy:

And the idea that we’re not going to fix this but with comprehensive reform ends up trapping these people, when they could make a great contribution for their own their families but also for us.

Translation: Don’t shut borders, don’t deport, don’t make illegals go through immigration paperwork, let them enter at will, because illegal immigrants and their low skills, lack of education and English speaking, and demands America belongs to them,  is what made America great, not us Americans and our hard-working European ancestors who built this country.

The problem: Bush’s immigration excuses have been ingrained into the thinking of Americans to the point that too many roll over and accept illegal immigration.

If we continue accepting illegal immigration–and voting for their supporters–this promised land that once was the shining city on the hill will become a lost dream and Americans will wind up wandering in a progressive desert for decades to come.

It’s Nazi Germany and Czarist Russia All Over Again, Just Bare-Chested Atop a Horse

Vladimir Putin is the biggest threat to the U.S. next to Islam, that has been invading America for one, sole purpose: conquer us infidels.

Putin, like Islam, wants to conquer the world and he has no problem breaking any international law and invading another country he wants belonging to him. And fear not, Barack Obama, who views the world in a Marxist intellectual view—peace through strength is weakness— could care less unless Putin invades golf courses.

Notice Obama’s response to Putin’s aggression:

Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbours, not out of strength but out of weakness

A moron named Neville Chamberlain held those views toward Hitler, Great Britain had a blast when Hitler expressed his philosophy.

Never underestimate power-hungry maniacs who will wage war on every country they want to conquer in order to build a world empire.

Putin wants the Ukraine’s Crimea and he sent troops into Crimea and Obama shook the invasion off as weakness. In the group-thinking minds of intellectual elites, armed force has no power. Sitting and talking philosophically over dinner is how one shows enemies who has the greater strength.

Putin considers Obama weak, because Obama’s philosophy is weak: Strength through do-nothing.

Obama doesn’t care that he looks the complete fool in the eyes of the world, nor does Obama care that America has fallen economically, militarily, morally, and our super power stand has been taken by Russia. It’s part of the fundamental change or Obama would have threatened Putin the first time he threatened Obama.

Why bother when Obama is a Marxist and wants America destroyed? And Vladimir Putin is happy to help Obama further destroy America’s power and standing in the world in order that a Putin-controlled Russia will become a new-style Soviet Union—EuRussia.

Americans have a president and intellectual Marxist leaders who want the enemies—Islam and Russia and China—to win and America taken down.

If you have not been paying attention, or never paid much attention to Russia or the former Soviet Union, you won’t notice Putin’s blatant move to expand Russia’s 6000 mile land mass: It’s to create an empire ruled by him that will have forceful control over the world.

This is why Putin want Crimea: It’s rich in natural gas and oil that will further enrich Russia and Putin’s bargaining power—and control— in the world that depends upon energy.

And don’t believe Putin has Russian Crimean’s best interests in mind by wanting them back. That’s as paltry an excuse as Hitler’s justification to save Germans in Sudetenland. As if Hitler cared about anything other than his 1000 year Reich reign of terror and perfecting people into blonde, blue-eyed slaves who birthed Nazi children for a Nazi raced-world.

Putin cares about Crimean’s as much as Hitler cared about German-born Jews!

Who does Putin hate the most? America. What does the world consider us? Weak.

America is viewed as weak because Obama has made us weak. He has taken us back to the 1920 and 30s Peace Movement that demilitarized the U.S. military (as did Great Britain with their military) while Germany and Japan beefed up and attacked both countries. America’s naval force was nearly obliterated thanks to demilitarization! Now Obama has castrated the United States Military once again by eliminating Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles. And that’s just the beginning.

The Marxist intellectual, who swore to fundamentally transform the face of America, has, but many Americans, including Republicans, don’t want to admit that Obama wants America to collapse or that he has what writer Paul Schnee  describes as an “American president who conveniently suffers from historical amnesia, has led them into the realm of lawfare, where if you torture the facts long enough eventually the facts will tell you anything you wish to hear.”

Obama does want America to fall and he has no problem with Putin gaining the upper hand in the world or Obama would never have destroyed America’s space program. Now Putin is becoming the leader in space and America will have to beg Russia to hitch a ride in space!

And what about America’s vast natural resources: They are money for an economic industry that once boomed and supplied the world, not to mention power that made America great.

Putin wants that power for world control and he is getting it because Obama is an environmentalist who has as further restrained drilling for oil, coal and natural gas on and off U.S. soil, as well as building new nuclear plans and oil refiners.

Putin drills, Obama prefers we beg our enemies for oil, not to mention our enemies manufacture everything we use and used to make and sell to the world.

Let’s face it: Whoever produces the most things and exports those things to the world, wins!

The only thing Obama loves is his presidential power: It affords him a life of luxury befitting a king. He doesn’t care about protecting the United States or our best interests, or producing through our natural resources for economic gain. Putin, on the other hand, does care about doing these things, which is why he is beefing up militarily.

We won World War II because America’s leaders and the people believed that peace in a world where evil exists can only be accomplished by destroying the evil with deadly, brute force before evil has a chance to destroy and conquers the world.

To think another world war will never happen is foolish. We have a mad man in Russia on the loose, he’s a professional assassin, a murderer by trade, who rules Russia. Putin goes from Prime Minister to President every cycle. And no one dares challenge him. Those who question have bullets in their skulls.

Are we not seeing the correlation: Russia, Islam, the KGB? Islam and the KGB helped fund Hitler and vice versa.

Look at the continuous cycle of two forces intent on conquering the world, and they have always been are in cahoots. But too many want to believe the 1930s and 40s are over. America saved the world from evil and evil went away, because we are far more intellectual, and no one would dare attack such smart, educated, well-spoken and well-traveled people!

Sadly, too many want to believe that people today do not act the way Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviets and Mussolini’s Fascists acted and believed. But that ideology of exterminating Jews and controlling the world with a super race never went away. It has grown worse and is spreading like a cancer through the EU and lying low and breeding quietly in the U.S. with the infiltration of Islam in America.

The 1930s evil never ended, it simply became quiet, soft communism, lulling us into complacency with masked Marxism disguised as liberalism that is now rearing its ugly head as we focus too much on rights gays rights, birth control, ethnicity and race understanding, and obsessions with conspiracy theories about a missing plane.

Do we really believe Putin will never launch an attack on America? If we believe that, Arab Spring is nothing more than a Middle Eastern deodorant soap!

The fact is, Putin is another Hitler—just bare-chested versus mustache. Like Hitler, Putin is a killer, but a professionally trained killer, a KGB assassin who spent most of his life murdering people for the KGB, before becoming Russia’s dictator. Sorry to break it to all who want to think those bad guys went away, but the KGB never went away and neither did its brutal punishment against anyone who dares speak out against Putin: Poison soup for opposing leaders and bullets to the heads of Russian reporters who dare expose Putin in the papers.

In the meantime, Americans have a president who is not complacent, he’s slick. Obama does what he does, not because he’s ignorant or innocent of mind, Obama planned it all and is happy to let Putin, as well as China, succeed in world control, as much as Obama wants Islam to succeed in conquering Israel and destroying Jews and Christians in the Middle East while America falls.

Readers can poo-poo my statements, but the sad fact is Putin is amassing great power, and not for the good.

As noted above: Russia is 6000 miles long, 3000 miles wide, it’s extremely wealthy in natural resources from gas, oil, soil, the caviar industry, furs, diamonds and other highly valued gems imported everywhere. Is Russia interested in its people making fortunes in these areas as Americans have over the past 400 years through exportation of natural resources and products? No. Russia is what writer Paul Schnee refers to as “national claustrophobia.” Putin and past leaders never cared about the people, it’s all about power to takeover or it would allow its people to capitalize on the rich resources.

Putin wants it all for himself Russia’s power, but not the people of Russia.

Not many see the correlation between Putin and Czar Peter. Why war with Ukraine? Crimea holds vast wealth in natural resources. It will also enlarge Russia for Putin’s goal: EuRussia.

Putin cannot bring back the Soviet Union, but he’s certainly trying to recreate old Mother Russia’s power by seizing (even if done through votes and referendums via the people of Crimea) old Soviet land or states he can get on his side.

And Obama refers to Putin’s aggression as weak while weakening the United States forces and economy.

Enemies know weakness lies in intellectual elites who assume strength through power is weakness. Obama knows this, but he wants America weak.

If America had not destroyed Germany, what would the Reich be today with modern technology? If we don’t get strong leadership in 2016, Putin will show the world exactly what a modern Reich is with modern technology.

Never underestimate an enemy that wants to control the world, not offer freedom.

Contemporary Christian Music Is Not About Praise and Worship, It’s About Secularizing God with Entertainment

April 4, 2014 3 comments

I’m  going to offend many readers, especially Christians, with my criticism of contemporary Christian music in America’s churches, and I don’t care.

When it comes to God, I care more about worshiping God than being entertained, but secularizing God in order to cater to younger generations and basket-fillers, who might, heaven forbid, become bored by God, is far more preferable. And profitable.

If I want to be entertained by rock music, which I love and listen to, I’ll go to rock concerts or listen to my stereo. Church and worship is just for that: Glorifying God, not entertaining a church “audience.”

But the majority of  Contemporary Christian Music is about entertainment, not God.

Seriously people, “Christian Rap,” “Christian Hip-Hop,” and Christian Rock?” That’s the biggest oxymoron since the phrase “soft porn” was invented to legitimize the porn and sex trafficking industry.

I am not saying, and never would, that Christians and churches do not have First Amendment rights, they do, we all do. I’m giving my opinion, and in my opinion Christian rock bands screaming at the top of their lungs to heavy metal Judas Priest-style music and rap music is not praising God, it’s all about entertaining this modern-day generation that finds God too harsh–He killed off humanity with a flood because the entire world was comprised of  murderous, child-sacrificing thugs who were having homosexual and incestuous  sex with each other and children and animals? How homophobic can God get!

Then there’s that Christian music that is just too stodgy and old-fashioned for hip young ears who shouldn’t be bored–or offended: Traditional hymns and Negro spirituals that glorify and praise God, while lifting people’s hearts from depression and hurt and healing the soul.

Why would we want broken hearts and minds mended when warming benches with attractive and kool people who fill baskets is far more important than soul saving?

The modern-day American church has gone the way of left-wing politics in its “let’s not offend anyone” preaching and part of that is the modern church music that is is no different than modern-day, watered-down progressive preaching in America’s churches.

No matter how music companies try to package and sell rap and hip-hop as worship music, it’s not about glorifying God with song as God’s Word tells us in the Psalms. The Contemporary Christian music industry is a mega music industry.  Music companies  don’t give a flip about God, they’re selling this style of music in Christian genre as a way to further destroy God in America.

If you don’t think so, listen to most of the contemporary Christian music:  It is loaded with loud banging drums and blaring guitars that override praise words to God that are shouted at you no different than secular music. Why? So Your mind is not focused on God and praising Him; your mind is only focused on the sound of rock instruments that get your body moving instead of your spirit.

Nothing’s worse than so-called church praise and worship leaders and bands who go off into voodoo-like frenzies, shaking and convulsing crazily to drum beating you hear on Caribbean islands and in Voodoo churches, or rap music stations, not to mention those wanna’ be rock stars who use the pulpit to shake their rear-ends like Mick Jagger.

Nothing’s worse than standing in church and watching praise bands perform for you. Excuse me if I so foolishly assumed Sunday church music time was meant to worship God, not be entertained by “American Idol: The Pulpit.”

If I want to watch Voodoo shaking (I’m not talking about spirit-filled, joyful dancing to Godly music) I’ll turn on the Discovery Channel and watch documentaries on Voodoo churches.

Sadly that is becoming intermingled in the modern-day church because of the contemporary music industry that mixes everything to appeal to everyone—except God.

Sorry all ye offended, but its modern-day Baal worship wrapped nicely in the phrase “Contemporary Christian Music.”

Entertainment has been used for years to pull people away from God, and over the last 20 years, the contemporary Christian music industry has been using rock, rap and hip hop to invade kid’s minds with a message that is not God.

Churches that cater to their young flock with this music are not interested in kids knowing God any more than record companies: Again, they are only interested in filling benches and baskets.

Yes, there are modern-day Christian songs out there that truly glorify God with contemporary and old-style hymns and spirituals. Think Phil Wickham’s “You’re Beautiful,” opera tenor Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up,”  Gaither Vocal Band’s Guy Penrod’s “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor,” and Mark Lowry’s “Mary Did You Know,” to name just a few.

Are these four men selling and making millions on their albums? Of course, and they should. God did not give them their talents to use in order that they would starve in the streets, but if people want to be in God’s ministry, ministering to people through music or books, etc, don’t secularize it to sell it or it’s not Christian ministry, it’s just Hollywood.

Sadly many pastors today do not care that their churches have become entertainment theaters. If they are questioned about the praise and worship not being just that, these pastors reply, “if you don’t like the music, just leave, go somewhere else.” These are the same pastors who allow “the money-changers” in their churches, selling books, CD’s, etc. Never mind Jesus violently overturned the money changer’s tables, condemning anyone who does that, because the House of Worship is not about being a shopping center, it’s a place only for worship.

Oh I know, readers who listen to my radio show Rock N Roll Politics are saying, “Hey Lisa, you’re a hypocrite and a phony! You open your political shows with music by rock groups like “The Sex Pistols” and you call yourself Christian?” Yes, I’m a proud, out-spoken Born Again follower of Jesus Christ.  And yes, I listen to rock, punk, country and opera, however, my radio show, blog site, as well as I, are not Christian ministries.  I’m a political commentator and writer and my radio show uses music as the backdrop, because much of music is political.

Despite what some readers are no doubt thinking, I’m far from legalistic. Legalism is not Jesus, legalism is man using God to control man. But I know there is a time and place for all things, and church is neither the time nor place to be entertained. You go to church to worship God, not be entertained by wanna’ be rock stars.

Progressives have been slowly pulling Americans away from God and they have found a weapon to destroy God in America through secular-style music that has invaded the church.

Make church entertaining with hip music and the younger generation will become more and more secular, opening up to accepting homosexuality and gay marriage, teen sex and drugs, and rejecting God’s Word and laws Jesus “did not come to abolish,” and that we “are to meditate on day and night.”

Contemporary Christian music is not about praising God; it’s about making sure this generation  will never know God or His Word and society will go the way of the Canaanites.


Rock N Roll Politics Radio

March 24, 2014 1 comment

Dear Rock n Roll Politics Radio Listeners,

The show has been off air temporarily due to technical problems with Blog Talk that have caused the show to go silent too often.That does not mean the show is over or canceled, just moving to another place.

The show will be back on as soon as possible in another format and when that happens it will be announced here on Rock and Roll Politics where you will still find weekly blog post commentaries and articles on politics, religion, God, culture, economics, Progressives and their Marxist philosophies draining used to purposely tear this country down.

Rock and Roll Politics Radio will return, in the mean time, enjoy the weekly posts and don’t forget to tune in to the Jennifer Meadows Grit and Grace Show where I am a regular guest every Tuesday night 10 PM EST on Conservative Nation Radio

Thank you for your support,

God Bless,

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Lisa Richards Rock N Roll Politics With PJ Media Editor David Swindle Talk About the Late Barry Ruben. Also: Which President Would You Dine With If Given The Choice

February 18, 2014 Leave a comment

Dear Readers and Listeners:

Here are the latest discussions with PJ Media Editor David Swindle  (@Daveswindle) about the writings and books by the late Barry Ruben, as well as our American culture becoming more pagan in our worship of celebrities rather than God, our loss of religion in favor of false spirituality.

What is Obama’s real goal for America? Marxism. What is the Left pushing? Marxism. What is Hollywood pushing? Cultural Marxism. while America keeps a blind eye and the American church is asleep, the Left is slowly destroying our country and culture and Judeo-Chriastian heritage, but we can take it back and restore all of we choose to.

This Monday’s Show discusses which president would you dine with if given the choice, plus the worship of celebrities versus God and studying the Bible:If we choose God, religion and the Bible, we will stand a better chance of not self-destructing and destroying our society and civilization:

Monday February 3rd! Celebrating the life of the late Professor Barry Ruben who taught us the truth about Middle Eastern politics and foreign policy and why there can NEVER be peace between Israel and Arabs/Palestinians/Islam–Because Arabs, Palestinians, Islam, hate Jews and want Israel and Jews extinct:

These are must listen-to shows that are focused on here at Rock N Roll Politics.

Thank you for your support,

Lisa Richards

We Legalized Abortion, So Why Not Legalize Child Sacrifice?

February 12, 2014 Leave a comment



America legalized abortion because many Americans believe that a child is not an authentic child until the child is born and kicking and screaming their way to the school bus on the first day of kindergarten.

Abortion is putting an unborn child to death so the mother doesn’t have to sacrifice her life-style. In that case, why not legalize child sacrifice so over-tired, over-wrought mothers can decide whether or not being a mother was worth it? Shouldn’t stressed mothers have a choice?

It sounds shocking doesn’t it? But what is the difference between killing the child in the womb and killing the child born?

We legalized abortion because left-wing feminists and the Supreme Court believe women should have full control over their bodies to decide whether or not they want to be mothers. I agree women have the right to decide whether or not they want to get pregnant, but if you don’t want to get pregnant single girls, don’t have sex, that’s the best birth control..

Married couples who cannot afford children should use the birth control choices. 

As to women who become pregnant because of rape, that is never their fault, but it is not the child’s fault either, the child deserves to live, and, if the mother cannot cope with raising the child, adoption is the best option.

America legalized abortion because we believe woman have rights to destroy their unborn children’s lives, yet we’re mortified when mothers drown their children because they said motherhood is too stressful. 

We call that murder a cruel and evil deed. Of course there are some who say women who murdered their born children would have been better off had they had abortions.That’s because the unborn murder is far less murderous since the mother only has to look at a kid’s face on a sonogram…or not really see the baby because you’re only looking at a pee strip.

Murder is murder, so why not make all child murder legal? Why not hold child sacrifices for distraught mothers who want less stressful lives?

If you think there’s no difference between abortion and child sacrifice, then why not sacrifice your born children?

Those who believe abortion is a noble sacrifice need to give me a very good reason why it’s not noble to sacrifice children who are born? In some African countries women sacrifice their born children and it’s considered noble.

Better yet: If abortion is such a noble sacrifice, why don’t those of you who believe in abortion sacrifice yourselves by taking your own lives and prove to those of us who believe life is sacred that murder is noble.

Pro-abortion readers are reeling with indignation right now, coming up with every excuse for why abortion is justifiable and sacrificing born children is murderous and vile. So is vacuuming unborn children from the womb and tossing them into the trash like they are nothing more than rotten tomatoes.


I consider abortion sacrificing the life of children for one’s selfish want: You don’t want the pregnancy but you wanted the sex that leads to pregnancy.

Again: I do not say this to rape victims, they did not ask to be brutalized.

The sad fact is we are a society that views human life the same way we view old, worn out shoes: Worthless. The only time we view life as valuable is when the life is that of a violent criminal who raped and murdered and is sentenced to death. Then people run to the defense of the criminal who violently destroyed life as if the murderer is worth more than the brutally raped and murdered victim.

Is the violent criminal’s life worth more than their victims? In the minds of many who protest their death sentence, sadly yes. Does God view anyone’s life as more valuable than another? No, God loves every person. God died for all, but choosing God and His righteous ways are just that: A choice. Can criminals choose God and not crime? Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should never be punished for their actions. Yet we do not punish murderers, we let them live well-fed and kept on death row for 20 years while their victims are either dead or suffering for life.

Don’t we do the same by accepting abortion? We suffer unborn children as something we can pick and choose like Door Number One.

Here’s another thing concerning murder: We never see protest marches for rape and murder victims. Protest marches are always in defense of the murderers on death row or violent terrorists. That’s because we view life as something to toss away if we get sick and tired of it.

Our society views unborn children as something to get rid of if it hinders our lives. How does that make us any better than violent criminals? Not much different, because abortion is a conscious decision to take the life of an unborn child.

Do all women want abortion? No. Many are forced by family members and those women suffer emotionally in silence. Some women have been forced into abortions by doctors like Kermit Gosnell who performed illegal abortions on impoverished black women to rid society of poor black children.  Those women suffer emotionally and physically because others saw their unborn children as hindrances to society.

Again: How is that different from woman who drowned their children or people who sacrifice children to gods? How is abortion different than cold blooded murderers who murder men, women, and children they pick at random to commit violent crimes?

It’s not. But people will say it is to defend abortion. There are Christians who will defend abortion, claiming it’s nothing like child sacrifice (even though one is sacrificing the life of their unborn child) or violent criminals committing cold-blooded murder.

Perhaps we should make all murder legal and call murder a noble sacrifice of hindering lives.


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